Today, 7 May 2015, marks exactly 60 years since Newcastle fans last saw their team pick up a domestic trophy, an FA Cup win over Manchester City.

Yes, 60 years ago today, Milburn and the rest walked out onto the Wembley turf and within seconds of the kick-off, Jackie Milburn had scored that memorable goal to send United on the way to their third FA Cup final success in only four years.

Now of course we have an unbelievable official club policy of not even trying in cup matches and playing weakened teams to ensure the team drop out ASAP, so Mike Ashley can simply try and make sure he secures the Premier League TV riches and free advertising for his retail empire for another season, without the annoyance of trying to win anything.

Of course when it comes to on the pitch and the actual players, it is unheard of for Newcastle to try and actually attack the opposition, instead negativity and clueless behaviour sets the team up regularly for early capitulations such as at Leicester on Saturday.

Maybe at 3pm on this Thursday afternoon we should all stop and observe a minute’s silence, to remember what Newcastle United once was, as well as contemplating in only a similar 60 seconds period those six decades ago, our club went out full of pride at that showcase event and basically won the Cup with a display of ambition.

1955 FA Cup Final: Newcastle United 3 Manchester City 1

Team: Ronnie Simpson, Bobby Cowell, Ron Batty, Jimmy Scoular, Bob Stokoe, Tommy Casey, Len White, Jackie Milburn, Vic Keeble, George Hannah, Bobby Mitchell

Manager: Doug Livingstone

Goals: Milburn 1, Mitchell 52, Hannah 59

  • terriertwo

    Rather see the fans turn their backs on the field for the first minute of Saturdays game then give the players their full backing and the fat man hell.

  • Little Davey

    maybe we should have 90 mins silence on matchday…….
    ……oh wait we already do that don’t we ?

  • Big Hairy Man

    terriertwo We need to give the fat man’s tatty brands hell. That’s where it hurts him.

  • SamBrown3

    Watch us conceede in the first minute just like last week. How about we concentrate on the immediate future of this football club and staying in the league. Anyone who wants relegation to spite Mike Ashley is stupid, so what he loses 20 odd mill or maybe more, who cares the guys a multi billionairre, he doesnt care and he isnt exactly going to sell us on the cheap so we need our stock to be as high as possible so a buyer would be getting more of a fair deal. I cant really see anyone wanting to buy this football club

  • Mal44

    terriertwo  Could be 1 down by the time we turn back around to face the pitch.

  • BillytheFish

    I see we are 10th highest average home gates in Europe!
    World Class Fans……World Class Stadium…….Championship Club.

  • I was lucky enough to see this game as my parents bought our first tv to watch it.Great goal byJackie as he did not score many goals with his head.

  • MackEdwards

    SamBrown3 We want shot of him and if that’s what it takes so be it. There are many, not all who feel that way. Ideally we want to be a club that challenges again, but as long as Cashley is here it wont happen. Even in the championship there is the opportunity to try for the cups / promotion – it just needs to happen with a different owner and a bit of ambition. Not to much to ask for is it!

  • terriertwo

    jimbarb Obviously a rich upbringing. I along with a dozen or so more had to go to my neighbors house to watch it on their pokey little black and white telly. Never forgot it. Pure class.

  • My father worked in down the pit all his life and we lived on a council estate.Working people had started buying TV s and ours was a 12inch bush TV.I used to have a paper round and I used to count the TV aerials as they went up and I think we were number six on the estate.When Jackie scored that goal our roof nearly came off as we had a full house also.

  • terriertwo

    Why don’t all the Wonka wearing fans cut their shirts in half and tie them to the railings on Barrack Road at the entrance to the ground. This will annoy the sponsors and the owner and will surely get a showing on the telly.

  • terriertwo

    jimbarb Surprised you were able to count the aerials with all the smoke coming out of the chimneys in those days. I worked in the pits at Blyth from fifty eight until I joined the forces. Going to watch Newcastle then on to watch the wrestling was classed as the perfect day out.

  • shadsdad

    I had the luck to see Jackie play, usually on mud heaps of pitches, and believe me he was probably the fastest player I’ve ever seen. Loyalty, honesty, humility he had in abundance. Oh for someone like him, and the rest of that side, to show this bunch of losers what the game should be all about.