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Newcastle fans may struggle to move Mike Ashley but they can influence the players

7 years ago

Alan Pardew was accused of many things by Newcastle supporters in his time at St James Park but Crystal Palace fans are just a little touchy when it comes to the silver haired fox.

A cult hero as a player, little surprise that Mike Ashley’s former mouthpiece has now been put on a pedestal in South London, after he helped boost the Eagles up the table last season and above Newcastle, from the starting point of a mid-season relegation place.

Whilst earlier today he helped bring about the completion of Yohan Cabaye’s move to Palace.

Last night video footage went up on The Mag showing Pards in all his glory, conducting the Palace fans as they sang in tribute to him on the final day of last season, with not a touch of ego/arrogance…

All very light-hearted of course, but the Crystal Palace fans haven’t taken it lightly after the posting of that video footage/article on The Mag was brought up on the main Crystal Palace message board,

Here are a selection of the views on Newcastle United, our fans, our city…..

‘Seriously, Newcastle are becoming a side I detest. After falling for the toon army myth back in the keegan days I had a soft spot for them but that has changed. Their attitude towards Pardew was a disgrace. The man who worked under Mike Ashley not only kept them up but guided them to fifth one season. Their beloved Alan Shearer took them down!

Roll on seven months. Pardew took over, we were told by Geordies how sh*t he is, he took us to tenth Newcastle stayed up on the last day. Can they get over it, even admit that pards was probably ok? Nope! Latest link shows how obsessed they are! Pathetic deluded imbeciles.’

‘Strange bunch of people. Sad, deluded and obsessed. Completely agree mate, just come across now as sour grapes and very bitter about what idiots they were for letting him go.’

‘I have no respect for them now and hope Cabaye here will be another twist of the dagger, especially if he helps propel us further away from them, the t***s.’

‘The truth, the whole truth & nothing but the truth. They’re going down in May.’

‘I just think that they are in denial and ‘can’t see the wood for the trees’ as the saying goes. And agree they are deluded full stop.

Let’s hope we rub more salt in the wounds this coming season?’

‘Feel sorry for Newcastle fans, Have been up there many times and its true to say that the whole town revolves around the football club. They are very passionate about their club and as an outsider it looks like Ashley does things to wind up the fans. Appointing Carver was a joke and it was by luck that they never got relegated.’

‘I’m all for the fact that they love their club..but so do we; however we’re very much realists as to where we are and what we are capable of…they’re still stuck in the 50’s.’

‘If Newcastle, West Ham and Sherwood’s Villa can share the relegation spots this season I’ll be pleased.’

‘The real pratt and person to blame for thier demise is not the Lord God Our Pards (for he is blessed) but that fat pillock Mick (pikey chancer) Ashley.

Anyway their fans are nearly as bad as the Bin Dippers hope they go down.’

‘Amazing really, that even after he’s gone, they are obsessed with commenting on him.

I love the way AP acts as if he has an “ok” relationship with them, probably to wind them up.

Cabaye to score the winner against them, and Pardew to clap and wave at their fans at the final whistle at St. James’ Park. Can you imagine the hate?’

‘Spent a lot of time near Newcastle over the last few years and the majority of them are a decent bunch.

What really irks me about them is the ‘big club’ thing some of them have. They’ve won sod all in their history, have been in one domestic Cup Semi-Final this century, haven’t played in the Champions League since we had Trevor Francis, have had less success in the Europe League/UEFA Cup than Middlesborough, and have finished in the top 10 of the Premier League twice in the last 9 seasons, one of which saw them relegated.

They’re no ‘bigger’ than Sunderland, West Ham, Villa and I’d put them behind Everton, Tottenham and potentially even Southampton. If some of them would just drop this self-appreciation complex, they’d be alright.’

‘You call Newcastle supporters pathetic imbeciles yet you quite clearly have failed to see the joke so perhaps it’s you that is obsessed’

‘There is no joke. The Mag constantly takes digs at Pardew. Really funny mate, hilarious.’

‘One of my daughters moved to Newcastle and has completely changed my view of the place.

As a child from a working class area of London. I heard of the great poverty and financial distress of the good humoured Geordies. But having been up there a few times to visit and on business all I’ve found are aggressive louts who care for nobody but themselves and prefer to live in run down estates than to really pull themselves up.

They despise anyone not speaking like them and have been taken for fools by several United owners. So much for Northern Nous.’

‘Our record against Newcastle in recent years has been pretty poor. I’m hoping that the forthcoming season will put that to rights and that we can finally give them the dicking they so richly deserve from us.

More than pretty much anyone, we owe them.’


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