At his final pre-match press conference of the season, as well as talking about Palace playing Swansea, unsurprisingly Alan Pardew was also asked about Newcastle United’s relegation decider against West Ham.

The former United boss said many of the right things such as he hoped the club would escape relegation and asked the fans to get behind the team.

However, he also made a few pointed comments, including claiming some Newcastle fans had suggested it would have been an ‘easier season’ if he’d stayed, plus maybe surprisingly he actually came out and mildly criticised Mike Ashley for not spending money in the transfer market in January.

However, what especially caught my eye in the coverage of Alan Pardew’s press conference, was a throwaway comment in the Express’ piece.

Their reporter Nigel Clarke wrote this in his introduction:

‘Just before Christmas, Pardew was confronted on the front lawn of his home by angry Newcastle supporters who wanted him out of the club.

At the time they were 10th in the Premier League but Pardew was forced out and took up employment at Selhurst Park when Palace came calling.’

As I say, this was a throwaway line and seemingly not a desperate attempt to grab the headlines, yet this is the first time I have ever heard this claim.

What it does do though is feed into this narrative those outside the north east are desperate to get across, the idea that it is the Newcastle fans who are unreasonable and it’s their actions that damage the club.

In fact Alan Pardew went to great lengths to say that it WASN’T the supporters who forced him out of Newcastle United, more the fact that Palace wanted him (and allegedly trebled his money!). Plus as he is now saying – Mike Ashley wasn’t backing the squad in the transfer market, unlike his new club, where he was backed with half a dozen new signings in January with the best part of £20m spent in his first transfer window at Palace.

So did this confrontation with Newcastle fans on Pardew’s front lawn actually happen?

Anybody out there heard this before? Or maybe you were one of those standing on our manager’s front lawn? That is if this actually happened…

As for Alan Pardew’s press conference, here are a few of the (Newcastle United related) things he had to say:

“Since I have left I have had a few supporters suggesting that it would have been an easier season if I’d stayed. When you know a club from the inside, you understand its soul, Newcastle were very close to my heart. I loved my time there and only four or five games did the fans really show their anger and frustration.

“The fans have to get behind John Carver and his players against West Ham, the Toon’s future is in their own hands.

Transfer market:

“They didn’t capitalise on the position they were in when I left, didn’t involved in the transfer market when perhaps they should have.

“All things considered I believe this season has been a personal triumph for me, and I’ve showed I am a good manager.”

  • LeazesEnder

    Most of the houses in Darras Hall have huge hedges to blank out the local riff raff…. ….where was he living……..St Anthonys?

  • Andrew Johnson

    everyone round to Mikes for a pint!

  • Hez

    Could have happened as people lost their heads(including this blog) with the Pardew thing, he could not do anything without people foaming at the mouth. I doubt they confronted him in the garden though, that’s the press making a story

  • Sickandtiredstill

    Pure journo garbage, just like the 100 managers or players we are going to sign. Christ sake the bloke came out himself and made it very clear he was NEVER threatened here at any time.
    “But away from the pitch there wasn’t one incident or anywhere I couldn’t go. Nobody was nasty to me. Nobody threatened me. Load of old tosh.”
    Daily Mail interview, April 10th.

  • philrenner09

    Would have been better if he had stayed till end of season then left, but the abuse he was taking its not surprising he decided to leave. Some vocal fans got what they wanted a geordie boss ( complete prat). Just hope tomoz we can scrape a win then get a real coach/manager in with some new players who can improve us. Played well first half at QPR then went to sleep – what do they have at half time drugs ?  Strange how every now and then Pardew pulled out unexpected wins and Carver seems to consistently pull out unexpected defeats. Been watching NUFC since 1967 and cant remember a more gutless team. I dont except Ashleys way of running the club but will be here long after hes gone and probably see out the next owners as well UP the TOON.

  • Sickandtiredstill

    philrenner09 You’re doing it as well! The bloke clearly stated he left for his own reason, not because of fans in the ground but rather because of Ashley’s financial stranglehold-
    “For me personally and professionally it was the right time, and the right time for Newcastle. It was my decision.
    “(Palace chairman) Steve Parish met the (buy-out) clause in my contract and I had a decision to make and for me it was the right decision. Four years under that type of monetary situation and the fact (Newcastle) are trying to push (on), and the history, it was difficult for a manager.”

  • Paul Patterson

    Utter rubbish!

    I was never a Pardew fan and by the end, it was time for him to go. However I saw the job he was doing in relation to the restrictions placed on him and he was doing a decent job.

    We had 26 points after his final game against Everton (December 28th)
    We now have 36.
    Palace were certain to be relegated, we were certain to be safe.
    Now . .

  • Wallsendstu

    Spot on. We have witnessed on many occasions this spin put out by Bishop the fat man’s PR guru. It was also stated that Rangers supporters were attacking Lambias in Glasgow hotels. If this had happened we would have been told about it by Pardew at the time after all as said earlier they have suggested this many times since the fat man took to destroying our great club.

  • To repeat the point that all national journalists seem to overlook, I wanted rid of Pardew because he was a ‘Yes Man’.
    Beyond that, he also had a terrible record over his last three years at Newcastle, but his lack of managerial ability wasn’t my primary reason for wanting rid of him. I wanted him to leave because he was a ‘Yes man’, a coward and Ashley’s puppet. The long term view is more important than the short term view, and we would never achieve success with a puppet who was afraid to tell Ashley the necessary truths.
    As it turns out, weve now got another ‘Yes Man’ who’s too cowardly to tell Ashley the truth, and no doubt if Carver leaves then Ashley will be looking to replace him with another ‘Yes man’. That’s how Ashley works. He’s got the personailty of a six year old kid. He can’t take honest criticism so he surrounds himself with sycophants.
    But for the record, I will never respect any manager who acts as Ashley’s puppet. I don’t expect a manager to be as honest as us the fans and constantly criticise Ashley for being the leech he is, but a diplomatic middle ground, such as that demonstrated by Chris Hughton, isn’t too much to ask for.

  • keeganRescueUs

    He lived in Gosforth

  • Chemical Dave

    Why does any Newcastle fan care what fans of other clubs or the press think ? Do people need that reassurance? Stuff them.

  • Chemical Dave

    You don’t think we could’ve gone on a similar run had Pardew still been manager ? Check out our results from January until the end of October bud.

  • LeazesEnder

    keeganRescueUs Did he have a hedge?

  • Big Al 1967

    Nigel Clarke is a standard London based hack whose No 1 sport of choice is Tennis and knows nothing about Newcastle other than what his London based cronies think. Nuff said

  • PittsburghMagpie

    This idea that the fans’ collective passion will somehow keep the team up is ridiculous. It’s poor excuse making by those who don’t want to shoulder the blame they deserve.
    The fans won’t pull on an official kit Sunday, they won’t set a foot on the field again West Ham, and they won’t kick a football on Sunday either. No, the management and players got us all in this position and only the management and players can save us from relegation. 
    Another point that discredits the idea that this mess was created by the fans, and a point no one has brought up yet, is that fact that the fans have been bringing passion for the past many seasons, and almost all of this season. The fans were there supporting the team, singing, chanting, doing this willing on the team the media says the players need -no, must have from the fans now. The fans have already been doing that. Yet despite already doing evrything asked of the fans, the players have still played poor enough to put us in the relegation zone; management has still made enough poor decisions to put us in the relegation zone.  
    The fans are not at fault here. The ownership, management and players bear all the blame for this situation. That is the bottom line.

  • Paul Patterson

    Chemical Dave  But we wouldn’t be fighting relegation. We’d be on 40+ points

  • Toon Magpie

    Why are you here, racing what other people and clubs and other player and bosses and Tec think of us?

  • Toon Magpie

    If this happened it is disgusting.

  • Sickandtiredstill

    Toon Magpie Numb nuts, it never happened. Pardew himself has said that FFS.
    “But away from the pitch there wasn’t one incident or anywhere I couldn’t go. Nobody was nasty to me. Nobody threatened me. Load of old tosh.” –

  • NotFatFreddy

    Probably had a few too many and thought he was confronted by John Carver and a few other garden gnomes.

  • Mister Tee

    I would say that this did not happen.
    As other people have commented Pardew has come out, very publicly, and said he never had any abuse from NUFC fans that could be deemed to be intrusive or violent.
    We shouted at him, some people might have threw tickets towards him, we put banners up, someone set a website up but in the main I think he got away quite easily.
    Most fans knew he had a difficult job but the thing that got me was that he always tried to play the big man. Saying that he wanted to win something or saying he wanted to bring this coach or player into the club when everyone knew the clubs position on things like that.
    He was kidding nobody, least of all himself.
    Where would we be with him still in charge?
    Probably safe but at what sort of cost?
    This charade he was involved in would have continued until, most likely, Pardew would have wanted out. Ashley most certainly wouldnt have sacked him (as was proved by his horrendous run of results towards the back end of 2013/14) so Pardew was stringing the club along as much as Ashley does.
    After being initially angry Hughton was sacked I was behind Pardew once appointed and thought he deserved another chance after nearly getting us relegated in 2012/13 (which he got) and thought he deserved another chance last season (which he got), I thought he should have walked when Kinnear was appointed to “help” him however just purely out of principle. Once he didnt do that my opinion on him, and the reasons he stayed in charge, changed dramatically.
    He covered for Ashley for too long and was prepared to take a lot of flak for things beyond his control. That situation could have continued for who knows how long and how depressing and soulless would that have felt?
    The odd good run of games but then a run of massive embarrassing results after the January sales followed by the same empty promises and excuses?
    No thank you.
    Ashley has the spotlight firmly on his running of the club now. The results have been terrible and the national media are asking questions about how and why this has been allowed to happen to us which wouldnt have had Pardew still managed to get 40 points per season and turn a profit on a few players regardless of performances etc.
    He left when it suited him, as he could have at any time he wanted, lets not kid ourselves he was really doing us any favours at all.
    We know he has shown a tendency to bend the truth to suit his argument and this, sadly for Newcastle fans, looks like another incident of that. I only hope someone pulls him up on his differing quotes and asks him to explain exactly what he means.

  • Toon Magpie

    Idiot, do you not understand the word IF?

  • Sickandtiredstill

    Toon Magpie You really are a complete numpty, aren’t you?

    There can be no IF, when it NEVER [email protected] happened! You suggested that Pardew could have lied about NEVER being threatened, in response to a post which said he had been!

    God love a duck! If you are representative of the support these days then no wonder we get the press we do.

  • Toon Magpie

    NO, if it never happened not when, you don’t know if it happened or not there is absent of evidence. You cannot prove it either way so it is IF. How can you prove something never happened? We do know Pardew has lied in past to protect people.

  • Sickandtiredstill

    Toon Magpie You are a [email protected] space cadet. Why stick to facts when you can invent your own reality. It seems to be serving you well.

  • Toon Magpie

    Murphy’s law. Everything that that can happen does happen. It is science facts based on laws of the universe, you claim it didn’t happen as a matter of fact with no proof. The science says otherwise that is why I used IF.

  • Sickandtiredstill

    Toon Magpie I didn’t claim [email protected] all. I gave you Pardew’s own comments confirming nothing ever happened.

    Apparently you don’t believe that either. 

    You’re a Space Cadet, as I said, What [email protected] science is involved in accepting a fact?

    I bet you are one of those that believes 9/11 was a US conspiracy?

  • Toon Magpie

    We seem to be going in circles, look up the word IF that’s where you are going wrong.

  • Sickandtiredstill

    Toon Magpie IF only Unicorns were real.

    There is no IF you [email protected] It didn’t happen! The man it was meant to happen to said it never happened. The,man who wrote it was a journo – the same type you took the piss out of when commenting on Ashley selling the Club. 

    You have mental issues matey. Put down the bong and go to bed.

  • Toon Magpie

    No smoke without fire so they say. You anti cannabis smoke some opens your mind.

  • Toon Magpie

    Two wins in 18. Carver is the best manager in the league because he said so. You are like him DELUDED. Pardew would have had us safe because he was more defensive than Carver, we would have picked up draws and More wins than Carver.

  • Toon Magpie

    He was threatened daily on the mag. Strung up by the balls with fishing wire, pushed off a cliff, shot, assassination you name it was said here on the mag. Some sick individuals who post on here wrote some shocking death threats, mostly removed by moderators when they saw them.

  • Toon Magpie

    Sure I bet it did but Pardew is a nice man he wouldn’t say so if it did.