Newcastle United were yesterday reported to be keen on bringing in Dame N’Doye this summer.

The striker is a Senegal teammate of Papiss Cisse and on Friday, the Chronicle revealed that N’Doye had been spending time on Tyneside staying with the Newcastle forward as he is interested in joining United in the summer.

Today, the local press in Hull have now revealed that Dame N’Doye has a gentleman’s agreement with Steve Bruce.

The striker only joined in January but was promised by the Hull manager that he would be allowed to move if the Tigers were relegated.

N’Doye was desperate to play in the Premier League and took a significant paycut when joining from Locomotiv Moscow, a bargain £2m signing that almost helped keep Hull up at our expense.

At 30 years of age he is obviously way beyond Newcastle’s usual age ceiling on players, but recent days have seen press claims that Mike Ashley has accepted that if United are to realistically do the business they need to do this summer, they may have to be more flexible in their approach to the transfer market.

Starting only 13 matches for Hull, N’Doye’s  5 goals have strongly suggested he can do the business in the Premier League.

United had been regularly linked with the striker over the last few years and he has outstanding goal stats at his previous two clubs in weaker leagues before moving to Humberside.

Making 175 starts for Lokomotiv Moscow and FC Kopenhagen combined, Dame N’Doye scored 105 goals in all competitions.

The Hull striker surely looks well worth a try compared to the likes of Emmanuel Riviere who has looked hopelessly out of his depth and whose only Premier League goal over the course of a whole season was through a fluke against QPR.

Likewise, the £3m or so in loan fee and wages that was wasted on Facundo Ferreyra who didn’t even kick a ball in anger for Newcastle for a whole season on loan.


  • Kevin Halliday

    Where is the logic here?. Next time the African Cup of Nations is on, where will our entire strike force be?, in bloody Africa for a month or more, in the middle of a premiership season!!!!!!!. Look elsewhere please.

  • Basileus

    And how the hell is he any better than what we have ? 5 in 14 ?

  • Polarboy

    Basileus Emmanuel Riviere – 3 in 28. Slightly less than 1 in 2 for a player who was in a woeful Hull team is decent going.

  • Michael Maximus Moose

    Polarboy Basileus
    We are also Woeful

  • Bridtiger

    Played awful against Manure, I think we know why now.

  • Polarboy

    Michael Maximus Moose Polarboy Basileus Currently of course but I have to try to believe that we can’t be as bad next season. In any case N’Doye has a decent ratio, easily better than Riviere. In the interest of full disclosure I’m Irish, just in case it offends you, I wouldn’t want you to unknowingly communicate with someone such as me.

  • Andgeo

    Pile of shyte. Ashley out!!!

  • nufcslf

    I would much rather have a new OWNER, CHAIRMAN AND MANAGER. Thanks all the same.

  • Big Hairy Man

    Could not agree more. I personally find it ridiculous that the ACON is held annually whilst every other international competition is held every 4 years. We can not afford African players when we operate with a paper thin squad and will lose them at a pivotal time in the season

  • Jarmin Geordie

    Polarboy Basileus Hull may have been woeful but theycreated chances (even the lat 2 games against Spurs and Manure) something we don’t do, we’ll never find out how good Riviere is, or how many goals Cisse could score with a well coached attacking team

  • Polarboy

    Jarmin Geordie Polarboy Basileus There’s pessimism and then there’s clinical depression, you’re veering to the latter. I’m going to at least try to not hit the depths of despair until I find out who the next manager is and then who we’ll be buying. Riviere has been shocking from touch to finishing and a decent striker has to take some responsibility for that much at least.

  • David Pickering

    What rubbish. Not only your assertion but also the player’s ability. The aim is to move forward this term not backwards again. I guess your no Graham Carr!

  • Toxicmop

    NUFC_NEWS_UK If that’s the best we can do we’re in trouble next season!

  • RichardBraverman

    I knew it.  Off with your head !

  • Conman

    He’s absolutely pants.