Newcastle Captain Fabricio Coloccini was accused of shocking defending and lack of leadership by Tim Krul, on the coach taking the players to the airport after the feeble defeat at Leicester.

The Telegraph report that the Dutch keeper was furious with the United defender and was speaking for many of the squad when he pointed out Coloccini’s shortcomings.

Social media had been full of claims of a bust-up on the team coach but with no knowledge of who was involved, though a popular claim was that Moussa Sissoko had had words with John Carver, or vice-versa…

Once again Newcastle United’s defence has been shocking this season and only QPR have conceded more goals than NUFC, 61 as opposed to United’s 60.

As two of the most senior players at the club and in that back five, both Krul and Coloccini need to take responsibility.

However, Tim Krul appears to belatedly be in tune with the vast majority of Newcastle fans who can’t believe that Coloccini has lasted so long as Newcastle Captain despite his obvious weaknesses in the role.

Not least the fact that as usual he failed to go in front of the TV cameras to represent the players after this latest defeat.

The friction between the two players is no doubt indicative of friction in the dressing room and potentially a split between certain players.

If there is any positive to take out of this total mess, it must be that at least Tim Krul is passionate enough to speak his mind and not sit back and accept the failure on the pitch, as most of his teammates appear happy to do.

  • Hughie

    Coloccini has been the worst Newcastle skipper I can recall. Flounces around, with rarely a word to anyone. Sissoko was no better in his brief attempt. It needs shouters and organisers. Coloccini is neither. Krul would do me, or Colback if he could control his temper. I had thought Janmaat, but I believe that he more than Willo got himself deliberately sent off against Leicester in an even more stupid challenge than Willo’s so forget him!!

  • mrkgw

    Ashley favours mutes. You never hear em.

  • Lawrence Cant

    The knives are out…

  • hettonmag

    All this bickering between players is the responsibility of  one man and that’s John ( I worked with Sir Bobby) Carver if he can’t control the dressing room what’s the point of him being in a job. ASHLEY OUT.COM.

  • Paul Patterson

    So the truth is, there are splits in the camp.

    The Captain has no leadership, the coach isn’t a good coach and has no authority (Interim says it all) and the players are bickering among themselves.

    One person to blame for it all- Ashley.

    Thank you Mike, you total fool.

  • Rabid Dog

    Paul Patterson The only thing i think you are wrong about is Ashley is no fool – he is a total TOOL

  • DownUnderMag

    Complete shambles.  Is Krul legitimately complaining for the good of the team or has he had enough and is fishing for a move?  You just don’t know.  The bottom line is, there are a few good players here wasting their careers as they deserve better and I wouldn’t wish Krul to stay and risk never playing for Holland again because we have an owner more interested in penny pinching to make a profit than putting out a remotely competitive team or getting a competent manager.  

    The players may be all over the place, Carver may have lost the plot and the fans lost all hope, but the OWNER is the one to blame for the mess we find ourselves in.

  • SGM

    That will be 3 defenders out for the West broom game then.

  • NatTurner

    Krul should be captain. He’s a leader and unlike many loves the team the city and the fans. I was shocked he didn’t get more votes when that poll was on here.

  • magpiefifer

    Krul is saying what many fans have been saying for a long time – Colo is a joke of a defender let alone a captain!!
    A situation that should have been sorted long before Carver took over!

  • Toon Magpie

    I think we all knew he wasn’t that good and he shouldn’t have been captain. He has his moments of playing well. Colback should be made Captain

  • patricia4206

    Tim Krul has a point about colo  but he himself has fallen short  the latter part of this season, maybe he is trying to get brownie points from the fans before he moves on as clearly that is his intention.