Newcastle United have approached Jocelyn Gourvennec as a replacement for John Carver/Alan Pardew according to L’equipe today.

Back in April, L’equipe had claimed that United were intending to approach the Guingamp boss after the season was concluded.

Guingamp is where Sylvain Marveaux spent the last season on loan from Newcastle and Gourvennec is already siad to have turned down two job offers so far in recent days – Leipzig in Germany and Salzburg in Austria.

After the job he has done at this tiny French club, Jocelyn Gourvennec is now hot property and also catching the eye of other French clubs.

Outside of France it has largely passed people by but it is a remarkable story with Gourvennec at Guingamp.

Jocelyn Gourvennec was a decent midfielder with the likes of Nantes and Rennes, plus he had a short spell at Marseille, but he never played at senior level for France and maybe this has helped him keep a low profile.

At the age of only 38 he took over at Guingamp in summer 2010, with the club in the third tier of French football.

In his first season they were promoted to Ligue 2, in his second they stabilised in seventh place, before getting promotion to Ligue 1 in his third season.

That’s not the end of the story as last season Gourvennec managed to keep them in Ligue 1 AND win the French Cup, a massive surprise to everybody over the channel.

This season, his fifth at the club, sees the 43 year old doing well in finishing in 10th place in Ligue 1 and having performed well in the Europa League.

  • DanH87

    Be so happy with him. Or Gaizka Garitano who did a similar job with Eibar.

  • SaveNUFC

    I’ll be very happy if we can get either Laudrup or Jocelyn. Both of them are exciting managers. Young and tenacious. Not McClaren please. He has proven himself in the past that he is just another manager who is not molded for success. McClaren is a championship manager. He is so overrated in my opinion (I know quite a few NUFC fans will disagree).

  • Alan Richardson

    Is this not old news.

  • Grunter

    DanH87 I felt for Eibar, a tiny club, packed with local lads, that got to play with the big boys and were only undone on the last day because Barca squandered a 2 goal to Deportivo de La Coruña.

  • Polarboy

    Please let this be true, I may lose a bet but who gives a sh#t if we get a young quality manager.

  • TonnekToon

    No more Dinosaurs please, J.C.’s Inept and delusional , McClaren , No thankssh Sshteve. It has to be a young progressive Manager to help take the Team forward. I’d be happy with laudrup or Gourvennec . J.C. should not be kept on at any level , but his sidekick Stonsey could be suited to Doorman at reception , he has the experience .

  • Steven Smith

    Never heard of him

  • Polarboy

    Chronicle are reporting that he isn’t on this mythical list of Charnley’s. Laudrup’s name keeps coming up which I would be happy with, less so Viera given his lack of experience who’s odds have dropped considerably. One positive is that McClaren’s name seems to have dropped off a bit in the thinking.

  • Pedrothegreat

    His inexperience in the premier worrys me a bit, think how long it takes players to adapt never mind a unproven manager. Give me Laudrup or Moyes any day over a French mid table manager.

  • Conman

    Very underwhelmed

  • Tony79

    Conman He’s avery good young manager.  Anyone in the know in european football knows he’s on for big things.

    Young, ambitious, has vision and long term strategies for his teams, and plays attractive football.

    He’s perfect

  • Tony79

    Polarboy I agree.  He’s by far the best choice.

    If ashley is staying then i at least want a manager with ambition and vision.  All the other names are just that ‘names’ … or has-beens

  • Tony79

    Jocelyn Gourvennec is by far the best choice out there.  Young, ambitious, has great vision and anyone in the know tips him for great things.

    A good long term bet, would be very pleased if we got him

  • geordie4567

    He sounds good, can we get him over “The Line”?

  • shaneer

    Is that the guy someone took a photo of a while ago getting shown around St James by Charnley , i saw the pic on Facebook

  • Polarboy

    shaneer People eventually figured out it wasn’t actually him.

  • toonterrier

    I’ve heard a rumour that Shola is coming back as manager. We all know he was rubbish on the pitch but the puppet said he was inspirational in the dressing room. What more could we ask for and the sooner he comes in the sooner next seasons tickets will be binned..

  • mrkgw


  • Polarboy

    Pedrothegreat Koeman and Pochettino off the top of my head, and I’m sure many others, contradict your experience comment. If the coach is good enough they will adapt quickly much like players. And if you think calling him a mid-table manager is an insult then you clearly have no idea what kind of job he has done at Guingamp.

  • Pedrothegreat

    Polarboy No I don’t think it is an insult, I know it is fact, he finished 10th thats mid table. I’m not saying he is a bad manager you have just jumped to that conclusion rather mistakenly, he has done a good job with Guingamp, I just think he isn’t right for the our club at the moment after what we have been through, the French league 1 is nothing like the premier league, and in my opinion a manager with good experience especially in the premier league would have more of a chance to hit the ground running, you speak like that’s a silly conception, I just think its common sense.

  • Polarboy

    Pedrothegreat Polarboy OK if  you weren’t intentionally being insulting then you have certainly been dismissive, and I don’t believe you have enough knowledge to back that up. The fact is that I don’t rely solely on my own opinion when it comes to something like this because clearly I’m, and I’m guessing you also aren’t, an expert on the French league. What I do in that situation is research to see what everyone else is saying about him, all the various football blogs that are in the know. 
    What people are saying is that this guy is on the rise and that he has performed miracles with Guingamp given the size of the club and his subsequent budget. And no I don’t think having experience is a silly concept I just believe that if you are good enough you will adapt as both managers and players have done many times in the past. You act as if it’s a hard and fast rule that people from other countries take a lot of time to settle, it’s not.

    If a manager clearly has the tools to do the job then he should be given a chance. There are too many managers who are living off their reputations, why not hire a manager on the up who is well on his way to making his. And lets be honest given how the club is run we have more chance of getting a great manager on the way up, than we have of getting an already established, known great manager

  • Pedrothegreat

    Polarboy Pedrothegreat  Too many managers living off their reputations? Sorry that dosent cut it for me, a good reputation is earned, if your a rubbish coach you get a bad reputation, hence people scoff at the idea of Mcclaren, who has a bad reputation as a coach, although many say he is one of the best in the business within the football fraternity, not my choice personally by the way, but reputation is everything.

    Look, im sure your right, im sure Gourvennec is a good coach, but he hasn’t been at top level yet and that is simple fact, we need someone who has experience winning, and being a winner, I would rather see Moyes, or Laudrup, and they are within our reach to appoint, Rafa Benitez is available, he is proven quality manager. If what Ashley says is true, and he wants to win things, this is what it takes, not taking chances on up and comers, who offer a cheap solutions, we need to close the door on that mentality.

    You may be right, he may be the best manger since sliced bread, I simply don’t know a lot about him apart from what is said over the internet, which is mostly good stuff granted, I don’t even know if he can speak English, he could come in and be really good, he could be the opposite, lets see what happens, because I think it is pie in the sky anyway, anything would be better than what we have I think we can agree on that much.

  • Polarboy

    Pedrothegreat Polarboy For a start you’ve backed up what I said about reputation. That is exactly what I  mean when I say living off their reputation. Seemingly people on the street can see it but whether it’s the old boys network or something else people like McClaren keep getting mentioned as great coaches. Moyes I very much doubt would come to Newcastle. 
    He seems fairly settled in Spain and from what he has said I can’t imagine he would return unless it was too good an offer to turn down. As for Benitez, lol, the man is most likely getting the Madrid job so I think we can rule that out as well. I honestly think that on balance considering who we can realistically get Gourvennec is definitely worth a shout. And for the record I won’t be upset if Laudrup gets it either, I’m just a bit sceptical as to whether he would come given that he apparently left Swansea because they refused to give him more transfer funds.

  • Pedrothegreat

    Lets just hope its not Harry Redknapp or Roy Keane