Earlier this morning we brought you news that JD Sports had leaked the new Newcastle Home Shirt by making available for pre-order on their website in advance of the club’s official launch.

The first sighting of the new shirt confirmed that it was the latest in a long line of terrible designs by the club in association with Puma.

newcastle home shirt

The club reacting to the leak by then announcing that the new shirt will be going on sale officially from the club shop on Thursday morning.

Considering the ill will from fans towards anything to do with the football club and Mike Ashley, it will be interesting to see exactly how many fans will be sporting it at the relegation showdown against West Ham.

As I say above, the shirt looked bad enough at first sight but now this image has become available showing the back of the shirt, what on earth is that!

newcastle home shirt

Comments welcome below.

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  • RichMilburn

    The front doesn’t look too bad, but there is too much blue! 
    The back however…your’e right, it’s horrendous! It has what I can only describe as a bum flap!

  • Kenny Smith

    How hard is it to go to Puma and say we want a shirt that has black & white stripes, front and back. No huge blocks of black on the front like this year, or a full side of white like this. It’s bad enough having to deal with Wonga that getting angry about anything else.

  • Michael Maximus Moose

    The back should have been Yellow !

  • Derek Richardson

    Ce maillot est dégueulasse !

  • Andrew Johnson

    That is beyond horrible. Someones taking the piss surely?

  • DZA187

    It’s just missing the championship tags and numbers now.

  • DZA187

    RichMilburn it looks awful as wonga is still on the front. I am still not selling out to support the board by wearing wonga shirts in the stands!

  • RichMilburn

    DZA187 RichMilburn Same here pal. Won’t wear that sh*te so long as i’m still breathing. And if someone put me in a Wonga shirt when I’m dead, I’d haunt them forever.

  • TheCraigHunter

    No doubt Cashley will have a unique selling point… “Comes with free blue bum flap and matching Wonga logo!”

  • Moir01

    must be in the minority. If it didnt have wonga on i would get this straight away. best home kit i have seen in ages, nice to see something slighlty different

  • BillytheFish

    I like it…..Except the loan shark ad of course.

  • BillytheFish

    I found it quite ironic that all the people protesting and shouting at the QPR game, most had a replica shirt on with the loan shark advert in the middle…………..still struggle to understand that one..

  • RichMilburn

    Moir01 Really? Each to their own I guess. I’ve never been a fan of Puma kits, I think they’re garbage personally. But in my opinion their best kits have been the 10/11 & 11/12 kits. It’s been all downhill from there, in every aspect.

  • Dubaiexpat

    Anyone who buys this regardless of the design needs to have word.

  • Phildene

    And put yet more money into Ashley’s bank account? I don’t think so! Buying that is worse than buying anything from SD stores as you’re supporting Wonga as well as Ashley! No thanks!

  • David Williams

    Didnt think this seasons could get any worse well done puma.

  • LeazesEnder

    Which one is it….can’t be both…. one has three black stripes and the other five?

    ….. and they appear to be missing from the back completrely

  • RichMilburn

    LeazesEnder Quite right, good eye for detail. I was distracted by the utter sh*te of it not to notice. I suppose the design differs depending on which sweat shop it has been flogged out of.

  • Andy Gray

    When did blue start becoming part of our colours – maybe about the same time of our current sponsor!?

  • PeterS84

    RichMilburn LeazesEnder its both, Junior/kids kit always look slightly different and both have been confirmed by the club.

  • PeterS84

    The blue bum flap will be perfect for a sports direct logo for Ashley to get even more free advertising.. add another kit to the list of shocking designs we have had recently.

  • Mark Wallace

    Can we not get anything right at our club. Toon toon black n white n blue army!!

  • 33333333

    For me, it’s just another way for him to show us who’s in charge.  He’s now taking away the black and white, the B&W stripes account for about 15-20% of the shirt.  Any one who buys this REALLY doesn’t care about the state of the club, if you want to show your support buy a vintage one from TOFFS or some classic one off ebay.

  • Jail for Ashley

    Well that sets it up nicely for bold red squad numbers on the back and the breaking it gently for an all red white and blue strip in the near future. Think I’m being far fetched, the cretin would love to out do the lunatic Vincent Tan.
    Get these slimy barstewards out before it’s too late.

  • John Bainbridge

    .com have also pointed out Wonga have changed their corporate logo

  • ToonTone100

    Its bad enough to have the excessive Blue on the front … but the back is pathetic – hope no-one buys that monstrocity

  • Simon Sharp

    Puma/NUFC/S***** D***** were probably aware of that, but have released the kit with the old logo, hoping that fans will either (1) buy the updated version when that is released (2) buy some sort of ineffective iron-on patch for the front. If you’re thinking of getting involved in some of the protests that will accompany and follow Sunday’s match as night follows day and you’re one of the people who’ve queued up for this piece of tat then you need to have a long word with yourself.

  • DZA187

    BillytheFish same here, it makes me laugh.

  • maddib

    It could be the best looking shirt in the world, but one thing that should put any one off buying that ‘thing’ – £52.00

  • AMarkDixon

    Replace the wonga with a blue star and stick some stripes on the back and I like it!

  • maddib

    RichMilburn  at least when they had that bloody big shield on the back all those years ago, there was black and white stripes

  • DownUnderMag

    So….the beginning of the abandoning of the Black n White stripes? A lot of blue and white and shrinking amounts of black….   perhaps some red appearing in the next addition and eventually a SD logo on the front and all is complete??

    Perhaps i’m just being cynical, I quite like the design…

  • Alltomuch

    It is as bad as the wonga badge!!
    Crap design and another shirt I would not buy my son and I.
    Just look at how good Juventus kit looks
    Just sick of it all

  • Lofty9

    LeazesEnder Top one is the kiddies full kit apparently, but your point still stands that they are different!!   F*ckwits all…

  • ilullissat

    To reclaim the club from this moron fans such wear their pre Wonga tops

  • ilullissat

    Next he will be selling blank tops and felt pens so the fans can colour in their own stripes and still charge £52

  • Alltomuch

    Doesn’t the profit all go to SD!!
    Why buy it ???

  • Toon69

    Don’t get the blank white back style, slowly but surely the identity of the clubs iconic B&W shirt is being eroded & we’ll soon end up with a SD style shirt to buy with the clubs crest printed on it…

  • Laurent Robert 32

    I do like the blue trim around the sleeves and the collar, bit like the top around 2000, but that’s where it ends. The fade-away stripes are blatantly to push your eyes closer to the eyesore which is the W*%£a logo, and as people mentioned, it looks like a transitional top to involve some red in the future.

    I haven’t bought a top for years under this monetary leech, and why people still do it is a blur between naivety and stupidity.


  • shadsdad

    Back looks like a white flag.Lets face it we’ve been flying one nearly all season!

  • Laurent Robert 32

    They can’t have bright colours on there as you can’t be loud in a library. That is where our home games are currently being played.


  • TonnekToon

    Perhaps the blue flap at the bottom of the shirt is to show the players value , better the season, higher the price on the tail ! mind you , there’d be an awful  lot of players running about with big fat  £ 0 ‘s  on their @ss’s . Regardless of the w**** crap on the front of the shirt , I’ve never liked the cheap looking Puma kits . I pine for the Adidas kits ha ! those were the days . Unfortunately under Fatty Its the Cheapo option from his shop every time.

  • DanielBrown6

    There is no way the back of the kit looks like that ha. The front looks nice in my opinion but that back is taking the mick. It’s like 2 different kits and a nightmare for away teams  http://goo.gl/z8fPR3

  • PeterS84

    and to make things even funnier its the old Wonga logo. We cant even get that right.

  • BarcelonaBilly

    Why not buy the Widnes Vikings top that has been brought out for the rugby league magic weekend, it’s black and white stripes, excellent quality and the profits from the shirt are going to the Sir Bobby Robson Foundation, Win Win.

  • David Wood

    Not at all appealing, horrid design….. bring back Adidas 1996 circa

  • dannymc21

    Why anyone would want to buy any shirt with Wonga on is beyond me.
    I think this current design is typical of businessmen doing whatever the fcuk they like and ignoring tradition.

  • christopher87taylor

    Not usually one to Comment on these relatively fringe elements of Newcastle united but this shirt is truly abominable I can’t think that it has been a very thorough process in design this shirt,surely just a little bit of market research wouldn’t bebe bad.

  • Sickandtiredstill

    2nd and third strips – PUKE!!!

  • Paul Patterson

    Sickandtiredstill  Is the third kit meant to look like Ashley?

  • toonmad1956

    Haven’t Wonga just announced they’re re-branding and changing their logo? FFS!

  • Whitleybaymag

    It’s shite how difficult can they make it we play in black and white stripes front and back now blue striping through it with a big white empty gap at the back slowly but surely Ashley is destroying everything about our club, but there will be still 50,000 there on Sunday many proudly wearing the new tops, I feel physically sick …….

  • geordie4567

    Are the shorts red on the back to complete the S***** D***** look?

  • GToon

    Think asics had blue on their kit in the 90s.

  • Steve1221

    I actually quite like it, just not as a Newcastle United home kit.

  • TommyAdds

    geordie4567 I wonder if the print on name and number might be red ?

  • PeterRobson

    The design is to make it easier for the players to capitulate, that way they don´t have the bother of having to carry a white flag to every match !!!

  • Adam_B

    I actually took up, in all seriousness, the issue of shirt design  with the company (Puma) responsible for the current shirt. I wrote to them, maybe somewhat tongue in cheek, and posed questions about such as:
    Was the new for 2014-2015 Newcastle Utd home shirt designed by Puma or by Newcastle Utd Football Club (NUFC)?

    I asked maybe (as I think is usual) Puma came up with some
    alternative designs and shared them with NUFC for its comment and/or approval?
    Is that how it works? Please can you clarify, I am very interested.

    I continued: I just ask these questions because it would appear to
    many fans, certainly the ones I have spoken with, that this shirt is considered
    pretty unpopular, the trapezoid black panel above the stripes adding nothing
    and detracting from what many consider the essential part of an NUFC home
    shirt, namely the predominant black and white stripes.

    I then talked about test marketing. I explained that I was a
    marketer myself and wondered how their process works for coming up with such a design
    where presumably a large part of the rationale is to design a shirt which will
    be purchased in high numbers by NUFC supporters. I asked if anyone at Puma actually talked to any NUFC supporters in developing this design. I said that presuming they did, as to not undertake any test marketing at all would be
    unbelievable for a professional company in today’s retail sector, would they please share with me some information such as what was the sample size of people that they spoke with? 

    My letter, to Puma European HQ in Oensingen, Switzerland was very kindly referred by them to the UK offces of Puma in London, as the Swiss lady very kindly expained “To receive an answer to your enquiry, we would
    kindly ask you to get in touch with PUMA UK.”

    So, I did as she suggested and, of course, received no reply at all.

    If you can cast any light on any of these questions, I
    would be grateful.

    Finally, please could you advise me which department in
    Puma is responsible for this shirt’s design and approval?

    I would also like to understand please where this
    division fits within the overall Puma organisation as I would like to send a
    letter to the appropriate division staff to discuss some of my perspectives, on
    a purely professional basis you understand.

    As a final remark, I would like to congratulate you on
    the goalkeeper’s shirt design, that one does seem to be quite popular.

  • Sickandtiredstill

    Whitleybaymag Well, we hardly ever see them going forward anyway so it will always be the shirt front towards the cameras!
    Have to say how ironic it is to see people photographed holding anti Ashley cards etc while wearing a Wonga shirt though. It’s actually cheaper as well to buy a vintage one usually.

  • Alsteads

    I’ve bought one. Think we all should and make it our unofficial shirt. It really is win win. Great for SBR Foundation and fantastic negative publicity for FCB and it will feel even though just a little bit good/proud to have something on my back that means something.
    Let’s push it man!!

  • Drumbo

    How could we wear that strip with the white back against Spurs or Swansea? but I suppose we will be in a different league by then.

    We could add a yellow stripe to it…

  • Alsteads

    Pumas all the rage in those cosmopolitan places like ………Sunderland !

  • Big Hairy Man

    This piece of SH** just completes the humiliation of our once proud club.  BLUE FFS???? Slow transition to sh*t direct colours me thinks. Are we not already enough of a laughing stock without this? Anyone who buys this should hang their head in shame.

  • NotFatFreddy

    Did OXFAM make it then?  If you boycott anything in the next decade make sure it is this nasty Wonga pound shop design.  Did Graham Carr’s infamous son design it in the dark?

    Best Home strip when men were men, and the red number on the back, and no daft advertising!

  • Lofty9

    GToon The adidas one in 1999 had blue piping on the sleeves and collars as well, but wtf is with the blue marks up the stripes man!

  • Ollie Burtons Grandad

    Well its a Shite shirt for a shite Team with a Shite advert on it, anyone buying that needs bang there Head on a wall.

  • GToon

    Well to be honest it looks like the designer had finished and then just added some finishing scribble to the shirt. Lucky he didn’t just draw faces or nobs on it really!

  • Laughlaugh

    You think that is bad wait till you see the away strip!!!!!!

  • Lofty9

    GToon Ha ha, you’re right. There’ll be enough nobs ( the platers  obviously!) wearing them!

  • Novocastria71

    My other half is a fashion designer by trade and has immediately commented that the easiest way to save money in production is to leave the back of a garment as plain/white as possible – therefore saving the owner and producers potentially millions of pounds. Panel and sublimation printing (as seen on the front) is a pricey process and to leave it off the back is not only bad design but a short cut and a money saving practice by the powers that be in these matters.
    A pound saved in production with the same retail selling prices can mean around £10+ extra profit on top of the mark up already on sports apparel. Wonder whose idea that was???

  • RaySte

    Looks pretty good if you put your thumb over the wonga logo actually

  • jimblag

    Novocastria71 hahahaa Ashleys so tight he can’t even afford the stripes on our kit.

  • Anthony Forsyth

    First the Wonga logo, now this? Exactly why I’ve never bought a Puma shirt. I don’t think they’ve ever produced a kit for us with stripes front AND back. There is absolutely no need for a striped shirt to have a plain back for squad names/ numbers. Just use coloured lettering ffs!!

  • Tony79

    NotFatFreddy Forgot there was a time where ‘you’ll never walk alone’ wasn’t just liverpool.

  • Trev Davey

    Agreed, for many a year now, home & away, i’ve worn the retro 75 /76 shirt not too dissimilar to this shirt, this new one makes me want to puke, ffs don’t buy it.

  • DownUnderMag

    Probably a good time to dig out those traditional/retro shirts…

  • foggy

    There’ll be a sports direct logo added to the blue section on the back before long.
    Ashley continues to kick the fans in the nuts again and again.
    What I can’t comprehend is why do fans continue to be ridiculed and have the piss taken out of them and still they go back for more. Are the insane?
    If anyone buys this new piece of sd / Wonga crap then they are quite simply and openly supporting the festering swamp that the fcb is turning the toon into.
    Enough is enough. #ashleyout

  • geordie4567

    Boycott the shite shirt

  • Adam_B

    For anybody interested, it is

    PUMA UK Limited, Sea Containers, 22 Upper Ground, London SE1 9AE
    Phone: 0845 123 7862, Email:
    For further enquiries, we are happy to accept your call
    from Monday to Friday 08:00 am to 08:00 pm on our hotline 0203 – 32 65 481 or
    by email at .

  • Sickandtiredstill

    Why would anyone buy these? Seriously? Retro shirts from a selection of eras are available at cheaper or around the same price as these pieces of garbage. http://www.toffs.com/retro-football-shirts/english-teams/newcastle-united
    Half a shirt, devoid of black and white stripes is a disgrace and indicative of the moronic way this club is managed, run and owned.

  • geordie4567

    It’s now the perfect time for NUST to bring out a simple black and white stripe shirt for the fans to have an alternative to this rubbish while also raising money for the trust, wlsome of the profits contributed to the SBR Foundation would be a nice touch too.

  • shadsdad

    NotFatFreddy Happy days, even Brian Moores combover was a work of art!

  • BarcelonaBilly that is a really nice top :)

  • Alsteads great idea – maybe ashleyout.com might come on board and promote it as an anti-ashley club shirt :)

  • NotFatFreddy

    The greatest match that never was and I was in the Milburn paddock.  People forget the pitch invasion had a lot to do with Forest fans in the Gallowgate chucking bricks from inside the ground at Newcastle fans as we walked past the outside before the match.  I know because they missed me by inches.  Nice to see a shot of the Leazes End in full flow.  Happy Days!

    There’s some nice vids of the yellow away strip on you tube v WBA in the cup 74 and Bolton away 76!

  • dude 1

    It’s the white flag of surrender

  • Burrells
  • Sickandtiredstill

    Burrells Why? Coz it has black n white stripes? Plenty of NUFC retro shirts to buy ahead of a Rugby League top belonging to another club.

  • Burrells

    Sickandtiredstill Burrells Not just that- but 100% of the income goes towards the sBR foundation, which I consider to be more NUFC than anything else
    I’d rather my profits go towards a charity I believe in named for a great man. I also have retro shirts coming out of my ears and It keeps the economy churning when we buy new things

  • Sickandtiredstill

    Burrells Sickandtiredstill Agreed that the SBR Foundation is indeed a worthy home for anyone’s money.

  • mrkgw

    Awful. Puma are shockers in terms of our kit design.

  • mrkgw

    I agree 100%

  • NotFatFreddy

    Why doesn’t the Ashley protest (and all of us) come up with some sort of ‘wearable protest identity’ that stands out in the crowd, just like the yellow and green Manc U scarf.  Instead of a club nasty shirt, surely there is a way to come with something as others have said.  A retro shirt in 100% cotton seems like the business idea to beat even Cashley and Spots Infect. Make a lot and sell ’em cheap, but make ’em nice!  They’ll standout for the cameras if we are on the TV, nicely!  I am sure they can be made for a £5 and sold on a non-proft basis (to cover cots) for £10  (Primark can do them even cheaper).

    Of course it is my idea and I want 100% only 10% from each sale ;->

  • gazchampion

    DownUnderMag I just won’t wear any of the new/recent shirts decision made! Got  me adidas shirts. why would ANYONE want these…you’ll NEVER catch me wearing these 5h1te design shirts with a 5h1tey wonky spnsor! Ashley Out!!

  • gazchampion

    Big Hairy Man i agree mate, you can see it coming, can’t ya? 
    Wonky sponsor on the front and 5h1te d****t on the back’side’ !!

  • gazchampion

    Sickandtiredstill URGH!! 
    How can either of these be classed as ‘change’ shirts??????
    Absolutely hideously puggin’ ugly.

  • DownUnderMag

    gazchampion DownUnderMag thought I saw some folks with the new shirt on at the match, couldn’t beieve my eyes but it does speak volumes about the problems we face in getting Ashley to change his ways when some mindless sheep just do whatever he tells them to.

  • gazchampion

    Hey, an wearable alternative already exists…if you’ve already got the ‘wonka’ shirts, that is! 
    It’s an iron on transfer available on ebay.

    I won’t buy athe puma shirts (they’ve all been 5h1te!)  but it’s almost worth buying one to get one of these on it ..especially if fatboy mike fails to deliver on his recent tele interview on sky before yesterdays game.. 

    “would not be selling for ‘any price’ – and would not be leaving until he ended the club’s long wait for a trophy” (… or reach Champions League).

    If he doesnt deliver and simply lies to us all (again)… I ‘ll be wearing this on me shirt!

    Ashley, you have until August 2015 to prove you mean it!