Next month Sammy Ameobi will cease to be a Newcastle player.

Shola’s younger brother sees his current contract run out at the end of June and at this point there appears to have been absolutely no movement in terms of a new one being agreed.

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Neither has there been any move by another club to get him signed up on a pre-contract, as they could have done since January.

The reality for me is that quite clearly Sammy Ameobi isn’t good enough for the Premier League, whether it is at Newcastle United or some of the other PL clubs that are supposedly interested.

The fact he can’t get a place in this useless NUFC team tells you all.

However, relegation this weekend would most definitely move the goalposts.

A level where Sammy could maybe be just about good enough and Mike Ashley desperate for cheap and available options to fill a shirt as he sells off anybody who is half-decent.

How depressing a scenario is that?

A player who has shown absolutely nothing to earn another contract, being kept on thanks to an owner who has shown absolutely nothing in terms of caring about the running of a club that is falling apart beneath him.

Sammy’s only started one match in the last two months and that was an appalling contribution in a terrible team display at Sunderland.

A bit like his hopeless brother before him, Sammy Ameobi to me personifies Newcastle United at this moment in time.

Regardless of relegation as a barometer of disaster, if Sammy Ameobi is still here after next month then we know the club is in a more serious mess than most of us thought.

  • LeazesEnder

    ….the ‘Ameobi’ years….. both lovely lads who work their socks off on the training pitch, they do community work and profess their love for the club and don’t ask for the going rate for a premiership player….

    ….. they know don’t they…. how to play United’s management.

  • DownUnderMag

    I dont have an issue with either of the Ameobi’s playing for us, they worked hard despite what people said and they never put a foot wrong off the pitch.  The problem is they should never be first choice and because of lack of squad depth that is exactly what they were!

  • Ray Ions

    News like this really, really saddens me!! U0001f622

  • Kevin Mark McCullough

    That’s about the state of things now mate. In reality there should be 10+ players sold in the summer? But we won’t bring 10 players in so we have to keep most of the deadwood in

  • LeazesEnder

    DownUnderMag If they were never going to make the grade what is the point, I dare say at another club they would have been brought on …. or shipped out and ‘found their level’… but they were just too lovely to let go.

  • A lex

    Using “Ameobi’s” and “worked hard” in the same sentence should be a criminal offence.

  • Jeff Dorritt

    Still be 50,000 mugs pay to watch him though.

  • Hughie

    Totally disagree with you Ed. Unlike Shola Sammy has great unorthodox ability and like several here is in and out of the team without explanation or logic. Should have been given a run instead of waste of space Cabella. If we had had a competent centre forward in the last few months then Sammy’s wing play would have been a huge asset.

  • John King


  • Kevin Mark McCullough

    Lol shola scored a hatrick first home game of the championship. A lot of our team will be nicely at home playing brentford and wolves

  • TonnekToon

    There’s far too much inconsistency with too many of the players  , Sammy’s a chip off the old block , Cabella’s too lightweight and then we have the likes of Riviere and Obertan , ones a damp squib the others a damp squid . (Sorry couldn’t resist) . I must say there’s too many semi permanent sicknotes about the place as well , both Taylor’s and SDJ  for starters . Add to that the players that aren’t interested and just want to be away its no wonder we’re where at in the league . Sunday is obviously massive and our only hope is ManU (spits into tissue )  I have no faith in  this lot helping themselves . A massive overhaul is needed in the summer but will Fatty spend ?

  • DonDickson

    Sorry mate but sammy is probably only 1st division or championship.

  • Malcolm Colledge

    I wouldnt give him a game for gateshead.