At his West-Brom pre-match press conference John Carver was on ‘top’ form, claiming to be the best coach in the Premier League and also whipping a handwritten note out of his pocket that he claims was the actual authentic open letter that Fabricio Coloccini wrote.

As well as wondering why a 33 year old would be handwriting a letter instead of using one of these new-fangled devices that works via witchcraft, you have to think that surely Mike Ashley’s spin doctor Keith Bishop has gone on holiday at the worst possible time.

Or Kath the Tea Lady has locked him in the broom cupboard/trophy room.

However, the above claims seem almost incidental, when you take into accout what they did next.

They got John Carver to deliver an obviusly pre-rehearsed appeal to fans to forget all the problems and differences of opinion for the next 3 weeks and just get behind the team.

Talk about pouring oil on the fire to try and put it out.

How ill-judged and ridiculous can you be?

At best, fans think of John Carver as completely hopeless in the manager/head coach job.

Getting him to appeal to fans….was Lee Cattermole not available? He would have produced more positivity than exposing John Carver to this.

This is how the club titled it and the 28 seconds of what John Carver said are below.

WATCH: John Carver’s heartfelt message to the NUFC fans ahead of Saturday’s game against West Brom.

‘Forget about what people think of me.

Forget about what you think of the footballers.

Get behind the football club, get behind the team.

Forget about what you think of Mike (Ashley) and Lee (Charnley) and everybody.

Get behind the football club because we want to be in the Premier League next year.

Alright, then we’ll get to the summer, we’ll have a post-mortem, and then you can say what you want to say.

For now, for the next three weeks, for the next three games.

Get behind the football team.

To keep this football club in the Premiership.’

The disconnect is almost total between the fanbase and Ashley’s Newcastle United, they all think by far the most important thing for Newcastle fans is for the club to stay in the Premier League, IT IS NOT.

THE most important thing for the majority of Newcastle fans is to get rid of Mike Ashley and the clowns he has working for him at NUFC.

This type of appeal to fans is where you call on somebody like…Kevin Keegan, or what about an….Alan Shearer, to ask the supporters to get behind the team.

Oops, shame Mike Ashley tried to character assassinate and undermined Newcastle United’s two greatest living legends.

Even a Jonas Gutierrez would have been a zillion times better than Carver but after the way he’s been treat by Ashley would he have done it if asked?

So in his pre-prepared script, John Carver basically is saying just forget all the incredibly bad things Mike Ashley has done to OUR football club and we all need to do our best to help him guarantee another year of free advertising and TV riches.

At no point has anybody at the club, and certainly not Mike Ashley of course, came out and said what they are actually going to do to make things better from next season onwards.

The last real relegation scare was only two years ago and what was Mike Ashley’s reaction to that?

That’s right, he didn’t buy a single player for a whole year and sold our best player (Cabaye).

God knows what we’ll have to look forward to this time if we scrape survival.


  • James Kenning

    He’s clearly in need of a mental institution…

  • TonnekToon

    Carver = Light on but nee body’s home !

  • King of Zamunda

    The cheese has slid off this blokes cracker!!!

  • gazchampion

    Hey lads and lasses,  It’s PANIC STATIONS ‘cos the ‘great fat one’ is genuinely getting worried, methinks… how the hell does this 5h1t intend to build any ‘meaningful rapport’ with the Toon Army and gain support for the team is frankly beyond me!
    I certainly hope it has the opposite effect and fewer attend 
    The boycott is not about this match- its more thanthat its about uprooting fatboy mike for good and bringing back NUFC from the dead!

  • PeterS84

    I’ll take the abuse for this but this is the first thing that Carver has said that I agree with. This  Saturday is massive for the club and 3 points is surely all that matters especially if Sunderland manage to grab a point or 3 against Everton in the early kick off. Protest as much as you want after the game but for the 90 minutes get behind the team and support the players, no one is asking you to sing anything pleasant about Carver or the fat man.

  • Paul Patterson

    PeterS84  Agreed!

  • gazchampion

    Paul Patterson PeterS84 disagree mate…the ONLY thing that will rid us of ashley is by hurting him , in the wallet and by giving him bad press. This has been proven — we’ve had more correspondence out of SJP this week than ever before… because the bad press is rattling him!
    We need to hit him when he’s wounded… and he doesn’t like being publicly wounded!

    There is no short term fix for NUFC we are dying slowly – ASHLEY MUST GO – CONTINUE the BOYCOTT! ASHLEY OUT!

  • dude 1

    is it the 1st of April,

  • Morpeth mag

    I agree, this is the first time since he took over that he is showing any kind of respect to the fans, if he wants 100% support, let ashley come out personally and tell us what is going to change, he could start by paying the going rate for all the advertising he’s been getting for free,,,,,Keep up the pressure,,,he doesn’t like it

  • PeterRobson

    PeterS84 I understand exactly what you´re saying, but if we did get behind the team and gave 100% vocal support, you know deep down in your heart the three stooges will turn it around and make it look like we´ve seen the light and everything is coming up roses !!!

    They would abuse our love for the team (again) !!!

    We´re finally getting to them and really, if we want our club back and full of pride, we have to stand strong !!!

  • Porciestreet

    PeterRobson PeterS84 
    Thats a big AMEN there good buddy…..!

  • MartinJW

    I agree entirely with Carver on this. Either we go down, or we watch Sunderland go down. I know what I want. I am expecting a good atmosphere on Saturday with the fans behind the team. No-one really wants to do anything that could relegate us and keep Sunderland up. 

    Interestingly, where are this week? They are notable by their silence. Are they advocating a boycott on Saturday, or further protests? Or do they accept that Saturday is not the day for protest and that their protests ought to be put on ice until such time (if indeed that time comes) when we are safe?

  • David Grey

    It doesn’t matter if we get behind the team or not, the players have to perform, it’s as simple as that. We could sing our heeds off for the whole 90+ minutes but it won’t matter one bit if the team puts in a half arsed performance again. Another stupid statement.

  • grahame49

    The club I love will get my full support for the whole game,l wear my clubs colours with pride always I am no a football chamelion who changes colours to the team with the tropheys. Always a mag

  • Jarmin Geordie

    Carver (I’m a fan and worked with Sir Bob) spouting the club propaganda just proves he’s taken the 30 pieces of silver and I’m still not sure that the club will employ another coach in the summer, he often states he’s still in pole position to get the job full time (after all if you believe what he says he’s the best coach in the Prem), so if by some total fluke he manages to keep us up Charnley will hail him as the messiah and give him the job, but if we’re relegated no-one else will want it and we’re stuck with him. These appeals by the club to forget the differences to support the team are only trying to protect Ashley’s TV money etc. and when/if (a big IF) prem football is secured things will return to normal and fans will be ignored, and on that note what happened to the fans forum been brought forward?

  • magpiefifer

    grahame49  The team I love always get my support,BUT the poisonous ownership will NEVER get my support!!!

  • Jarra MIck

    Martin you are missing the point read the article again. The We you are talking about no longer exists Ashley has taken it from us lock stock and barrel. It is his club and those of us with 40+ years service can go fcuk ourselves. Like you in my heart I want us to stay up but my head tells me that only by going down have WE got any chance of getting OUR club back. I hope the protests continue until the final day of the season and beyond.

  • stevennufc

    spot on!…….dont let charva distract us from the main objective!……fatso out!!!!!!

  • Michael Donnelly

    The most harrowing words were ” i still think” .

  • snodgrass2

    grahame49 This is NOT the club you love. This is the club Ashley is raping. He is against the ropes and we may never have a better chance. BOYCOTT. Who is exactly changing their colours?

  • lupamac
  • snodgrass2

    PeterS84 Yes that has been a fantastic boost to the team so far. They surely lifted their game against Swansea and Leicester. All football fans are optimists without it the game would die. But if you think your presence will make an iota of difference to a team given tactical advice by a moron and captained by a man who goes on holiday at important times of the season and has been playing under protest because he’s wanted away for 3 years you really are, as the rest of the country believes DELUDED.

  • snodgrass2

    MartinJW I think that after the fiasco of the Leicester game all rational minded people at last grasped the reality of the situation. There was no need for to make any statement.
    The absolute whining drivel coming from the club this week is tantamount to begging for fans to be seen supporting Ashley to save his face. BOYCOTT.

  • nufcmag777

    The team needs support does it.Well where was the support from Ashley in Dec when we needed a CH & CF.He sold both Santon & Mbiwa because he thought we were safe and kept Pardews transfer fee & 6 months wages and put an idiot in charge.Well Ashley your gamble is about to backfire and its all you deserve.Fcuk your begging lets all dance into the championship together because it will be worth it to us.It will only be a small hicup in our quest for glory-Be gone satan.

  • Anthony Lewins


  • MartinJW

    I actually think that if we go down that we will be stuck with Ashley for longer. I do not think that he will sell the club at a loss as a Championship club.  If we stay up, we are a far more attractive club for potential purchasers.  I think that it will be far easier to rebuild the club in the Premiership. 

    However, I understand if others think differently. If I genuinely thought that, by being relegated, it would mean that Ashley would be gone over the summer, I would think differently.  Conversely, I think we would be stuck with him for even longer. 

    Once we are safe, if we get there, then is the time to protest.  In my view we need really to target the Sports Direct brand. It is the only thing it seems that Ashley really cares about. If we direct our songs and protests against Sports Direct, so that instead of NUFC being a free marketing vehicle for Sports Direct it becomes something that is, through the power of TV coverage, actually damaging the perception of Sports Direct as a brand, Ashley may be quite keen to sell up. He would have no reason to stay.

  • MidlandsMag

    It would be far easier to rebuild if Ashley wanted to but that is the problem – he doesn’t want to.  Even if we stay in the prem,  I cannot see him changing the blueprint (which is mediocrity).

  • scotty63

    TonnekToon agree although I also like the wheel is spinning but the hamsters missing

  • TheBoneYard

    All the fan support and SJP atmosphere cant suddenly make bad players good and inept tactics work, the bottom line is that the players and coaching staff are way below premiership standard – Who, out the current crop would you choose to be still at NUFC next season – for me certainly none of the coaching staff and players ? I struggle to get more than 4 names on my list.
    The NUFC PR is shameless and insulting, time to be united and let Ashley feel a bit people power, a relentless rebellion against his ownership and against SD is needed – 3 games and premier survival is short term goals and only benefits Ashley – we will all be supporting NUFC long after Asfhley has gone. if it means supporting them in the championship then so be it.

  • mrkgw

    Some of Carvers quotes are utter idiocy.

  • gazchampion

    TheBoneYard My thoughts exactly! 
    We have to look at the long term survival of NUFC (as we know & love it) and not as this pi55-poor-excuse-of-a-football-club that ashley has created with his ‘tat shop’ mentality over the past 7+ years. We all know NUFC has become only a cash cow which simply sustains him with Premier League income! 

    The club deserves to be where it is based on the idiotic transfer dealings and equally poor on-field performances, particularly this season. If relegation to the Championship means that Ashley will not earn his big money, we should be prepared for it! It will be the ONLY way we will ever see the fat ar5e of ashley leave Toon – we can’t get rid of himany other way! 
    It is clear that he is presently uncomfortable: He, through Charnley & the laughable NUFC PR dept, is beginning to react to the bad publicity that the Rangers debacle, match boycotts etc and the recent Channel 4 programme which uncovered the shady practices used operating S**t D****t! 
    I doubt we’d bounce back like we did with Hughton either…this time we have a squad which is POOR! Championship -quality, at best! Ashley knows that too!

    He makes you sick!

    Ashley OUT!

  • foggy

    What does Charver need us fans for ? He’s the self proclaimed best coach in the premier and as such the next three games should be an absolute doddle.

  • DownUnderMag

    Fans have been backing the team without any return for what seems like forever.  The latest failing seem to have finally made the fans run out of patience. As most of us agree with, it isn’t to do with the results as much as fans are unhappy at the apparent lack of effort on behalf of the players.  Losing can be forgiven, not trying can’t and the fans have finally made it vocal that they aren’t going to just blindly support players who appear to give little effort during the game.

    Carver has no right to try and put the blame onto the fans and suggest the fans not getting behind the team is to blame, the fans were behind the team and it still didn’t make any difference.

    There comes a time when the fans DESERVE something back from these overpaid premadonnas.

  • magpiefifer

    DownUnderMag  Well said DownUnder – Carver is blaming everyone but himself for the mess!
    The fans have been so loyal to the team with attendances around the 50,000 until the last couple of games.Time for the players to show that they appreciate that support and put in some effort!!!

  • gazchampion

    Hey it’s conspiracy theory time… listen to this (and I’m not the first to suggest this either):
    We all know that John Carver is Black & White through and through. Now, I agree that his performances have been bad and his media outbursts ‘confusing’ (to say the least)  but, and here IS the question, could it be that Carver IS doing all this deliberately 1) to get NUFC relegated , 2) in order to get rid of Ashley and 3) to get wor club back to us?
    I can’t comprehend what has been happening on or off the field with the p155 poor performances of our ‘better’ players, the ridiculous sendings off of Wiiliamson and Janmaat last week (were they arranged?) and these crazy media outburstsby JC – best manager in the Premier League??
    If Carver’s strings ARE being pulled from upstairs they’re all doing a pretty bad job! 

    Add to this the growing public dislike of fatboymike and his s**t d****t  tat empire…you never know!!!!
    All this, to me, smacks of strange goings on.
    I can’t see where another Premiership point will come, so is this the ultimate sacrifice by John Carver to save his beloved club?
    …just a thought!


  • gazchampion

    DownUnderMag … or have they been told by JC to play 5h1t!  – see my conspiracy theory posted earlier!

  • TheBoneYard

    gazchampion hahaha…….for a moment there I was like, yeah, the masterplan, genius…….then a giant kipper came flying thro my window, slapped me several times around the head, made himself a cup of tea, discussed the election consequences then left in a taxi.

  • gazchampion

    TheBoneYard gazchampion BRILLIANT! if only, eh?
    …a kipper drinking tea! Stranger things have happened…so they say!

  • ourlad

    The whole club are away with the fairies.

  • Toon Magpie

    ourlad most of the fans too.

  • ourlad

    If our beloved team lose today (West Brom) I can imagine a pitch invasion to demonstrate our feelings.
    How would Ashley take that as additional advertising on TV.