Mike Williamson has released a statement denying the accusations by John Carver that he got himself deliberately sent off so as to avoid playing the rest of the season.

The defender also saying he is committed to fighting for his place after his suspension.

Mike Williamson:

“I would like to take this opportunity to apologise to the Newcastle United supporters and my fellow team-mates for getting sent-off during yesterday’s game.

“There was absolutely no intent to hurt Jamie or get sent-off, but I recognise that I should have been more composed and measured in my determination to win the ball.

“Unfortunately, it did the one thing that I never wanted to do, and that was to hurt the team.

“Moving forward, I will do whatever I can to help my team-mates prepare for the next two games and fight to get back into the team when I’m next available.

“I’ve had the honour to play for Newcastle United for five years now, and I can genuinely say that I feel privileged to play for this football club.  I would never do anything intentionally to hurt the team or its supporters.”

John Carver had given a number of interviews making the accusations against Williamson, including this interview with the club’s own official TV channel:

 “I am not accepting either one of them (sending offs) today, but in particular Mike Williamson’s. I’m not accepting that because in my opinion there was no need to make that tackle, the guy is off the pitch.

“He (Williamson) knows he is on a yellow card and so a two match ban now.”

‘Yeah, I think he did mean it’:

“I’m not saying he meant it, although I could be saying he meant it….yeah, I think he did mean it.

“I think he had something in his head and whether I upset him at half-time…but I can’t have that.”

  • A lex

    Pretty damning that Williamson apologises to fans and team-mates, but not to his manager. Enough said.

  • NottsToon

    A lex Not if he isn’t his manager any more.

  • DownUnderMag

    Mutiny is afoot!

  • Deltic13

    Let’s pull no punches here.
    The team were and are CRAP.
    Williamson is crap.
    Carver is crap.
    Nufc under this regime are crap.
    And Ashley is a c*nt.
    So basically I care not one jot what’s happening now.
    I just wish they would all chin each other.

  • Porciestreet

    DownUnderMag With our luck It’ll be 3ft six……!

  • Andgeo

    Who cares!

  • GToon

    Deltic13 The Black Watch! Power!!!!

  • JRobR

    “I’m not saying he meant it, although I could be saying he meant it…….yeah I think he meant it.” The ramblings of an idiot. Engage brain (if you have one John) before operating mouth.

  • ilullissat

    Deltic13 Yeh the team are sh.te,the owners are sh.te and his poxy SD and the strip sponsors are sh.te.In fact the word sh.te is too good for them

  • Jimmywayhay

    Carver talks like a fan ,but nowadays the players have to be protected from criticism ,unfortunately this bunch don’t deserve that luxury .Who would want to join this rabble ,time for a clear out from top to bottom ,the rest of Ashleys employees at sports direct to have the luxury of being so pampered !

  • contactne8

    If carver is in charge for the last 3 games they will get relegated because the players are not
    playing for him,and most of them know they will probably not be at the club next season so
    they don’t give a toss whether they stay up or not.

  • mentalman

    I don’t think he’s ever had the dr

  • Cornflake

    No way he meant to do it, he’s just a poor player that Carver and company seem to think he qualifies as a Premier League starting player.
    For all the talk of Carver on Williamson, if you didn’t know better, you’d think he’d be rotting on the bench or awol like Ben Arfa….but nope, he’s started for us basically all year long.  If Carver really think this, why would you have him all year in your starting ranks.  Hate the way he talks to media, did he learn nothing from Pardew?
    Pardew was delusional, but always protected his players, which I can respect.  Carver seems willing to throw players under the bus.  I can tell you, players don’t respond well in these days to that behaviour.

  • dude 1

    Williamson say what you want as a professional footballer only you know what you did it’s easy to say I dint do it on purpose well if that’s so why tackle the kid and get yourself sent off muppet
    Having played the game at a high level watching what you done as it happened I thought you done it to get out of the firing line
    Why you ask well you are like any other human being if you are getting a good slagging you tend to look for a way out to me you seem to have no footballing brain yet some one seen something in you to become a professional footballer but lately ( the last 2years) I think you have been out of your depth maybe the game is has become to fast for you then if this is so why have you not adapted yor game to suit like a good pro would
    I think you don’t like carver because he has been straight with you and you didn’t like it ( and I say this and I am not a carver supporter) as a professional footballer you have let yourself down as well as your employer in. Any other trade you would be out the door so personally I think you and the rest of your pals need to take a good look at yourselves
    If we get relegated you lot will ask your agents to find a new club where we as supporters will just suffer and live in hope that we can recover from this mess that you lot (and I include all at NUFC) have got us into.

  • BuckBlack

    mentalman He comes dirt cheap; there’s little chance he’d steer us into a place in Europe or a cup run; he might not get us relegated.

    That was the reasoning behind giving Carver the job. Sickening.

    Ashley out.

  • Toon Magpie

    There is no way he got sent off on purpose, I’ve looked at it closely and Williamson committed himself to tackle before he was off the pitch but both players were travelling at speed and by the time his leg went in HE was off the pitch but the tackle does start while on pitch.
    Carver has got to go.

  • DownUnderMag

    I think accusing someone of getting sent off on purpose is harsh.  Was it stupid on Williamsons’ behalf?  Of course.  He should never have launched in the way he did.  But on purpose?  That is being a little harsh.  I think it was more out of pure abject frustration and it is clear that Willo and Colo can’t play together, just as it is everytime they do…and yet we have no other options.

    All Carver is doing now is burning bridges as he struggles to figure out what to do.  I honestly believe he cares about the club, but he just doesn’t know what to do in the “head-coach” chair to stop this slide towards relegation.  I think he is now at the stage where he is lashing out at players for his own short-fallings. As much as I wanted Pardew out, he at least showed glimpses of getting it right now and again and also had a better understanding of how to motivate the team.  

    Is McClaren the answer?  I’m not sure he is.  BUT, he has to be better than what we currently have.  Even if just to sweep the negativity out of the room.  Carver has clearly lost the dressing room and it’s hard to see how he is expecting the players to get themselves up and play for him after the attack at the weekend….if we can field a full side in the first place.   

    Hopefully this is the perfect chance for fans to not go to the next game.  Protest and try to force change.  The club cannot survive if things keep on going like this!

  • Brownale69

    Bye bye switch the light out on ya way oot

  • Pedrothegreat

    Williamson has been shocking this season and Carver was right to publicly berate him, nothing can defend such a pathetic display, I would have went further and fined him, players getting sent off for a stupid foul or two has contributed to our downfall this season, it doesn’t matter if he meant it or not, his head should have been in the game because we had to win that match more than any all season, that result has basically sank us in my opinion, saying that, I think Williamson is as much use as a rubber matchstick, the goal post contributes more than him in defence.

  • Deltic13

    Here here Mr ilullissat!