Mike Ashley’s Sports Direct has been rated one of the seven worst places to shop in the United Kingdom.

Customer champion Which magazine canvassed almost ten thousand shoppers and Sports Direct came 94th out of 100 in terms of what customers thought of the various high street shops.

Which Editor Richard Headland said: “If retailers can get their products right, along with excellent customer service and a great shopping environment, customers will keep coming back through their doors.”

A massive 40% of consumers said that price was the biggest factor and yet despite this, Mike Ashley’s Sports Direct was only saved at the bottom of the 100 retailers by six who were branded even worse than the Newcastle United owner’s stores.

‘Which’ adding:

“Although great prices might tempt customers through the doors, our research and analysis found that, once inside, the range and quality of products are the most important things in determining whether shoppers have a good experience.”

Negative publicity due to further TV revelations about how badly Sports Direct dealt with both customers and staff, led recently to a sharp drop in the retailer’s share price.

This latest Which research supports other recent  reports which have claimed that the shopping public may be turning away from companies such as SD, who exploit their staff and use dubious marketing methods on pricing.

Pressure appears to be building on all side for Mike Ashley and Sports Direct, with MPs still on his case after he failed to appear before a Parliamentary Committee, the SFA fining him for dual ownership/interest in Rangers and Newcastle United, plus both sets of fans demonstrating against him.

Mike Ashley has also stayed away from Newcastle matches recently, which appears to be due to the threat of relegation and both him and Sports Direct being tarnished by association with the dismal failure at the club.

Yesterday, John Carver said he didn’t have a clue whether Mike Ashley would bother turning up for the relegation decider against West Ham on Sunday.

  • Simon Sharp

    “Shy Tory” syndrome all over again. No-one admits to shopping there but show me a UK family that doesn’t. Because when money’s tight people don’t care where they buy things if there’s money to be saved. They don’t care if the shopfloor is chaotic and the staff don’t look prepared to give you the time of day. People want more £££’s in their pocket. That is always the bottom line. That is why we have a Conservative government. That is why Sports Direct and Aldi and Lidl thrive.

  • Porciestreet

    Is it just me or have we not known for nearly 8 years that Nikey Mikey and his Tatty Direct Carp Company are pure 5h!t, Just like his handling of Newcastle United.
    You may blame the players, the management,the coaching team and anyone else that comes to mind, but surely, the root cause of the “Toons” problems lays firmly at the front door of one Michael Ashley.
           For what he has done to destroy not just the football club but the spirit or the city and it’s surroundings, I would dearly love to see him skinted. A thoroughly nasty, arrogant and very greedy individual whom I would take pleasure in destroying if I could, but however, I am just your average Geordie Jo .
     To all those who can, keep the pressure on and see where it gets us. 
       Best wishes for the lads on Sunday.   HWTF……Ashley OOT…ASAP.

  • Davidelder888

    Two Geordie Jo’s well put.

  • magpiefifer

    Ashley is totally responsible for the shambles that is NUFC!!!
    And,I’m sure he won’t have the bottle to be at SJP on Sunday!!!

  • TonnekToon

    Roosting chickens !

  • I’m shocked there are actually six worse places to shop than than S*** Direct! I didn’t think that was possible!

  • Porciestreet

    My latest trainers cos over 75 euros because I will NOT buy another thread from Tatty’s market. You speak for yourself mate. And i’m not a fu***n Tory either.

  • I never shop at S*** DIrect and never will.
    It’s false economy. The goods are perceived as costing less, but in reality that’s not true (according to the recent TV documentary, they use dishonest methods to mislead customers with regard to sale reductions). They have a constant stream of customers complaining of being ripped off. Check out Trust Pilot where over two thirds of their customers give them only 1 star out of 5.
    A mate of mine bought a pair of ‘Adidas’ football boots from S*** Direct a few years ago and they split after less than two months (he wore them once a week). If you want cheap goods which will last a few weeks then shop at S*** Direct. If you want quality goods, shop elsewhere.
    Aldi is excellent though, and I shop there all the time.

  • Porciestreet Primark is much cheaper than S*** DIrect and their trainers last longer than the footwear from S*** Direct. They only sell no-name trainers though, but much better value than S*** DIrect and also less chavy.