The arrogance and greed of Mike Ashley has brought Newcastle United to the brink of disaster and one terrible business decision in particular is lined up to cost him potentially hundreds of millions of pounds.

Thinking he was being clever by messing around for a month without making an appointment, the end of January saw John Carver officially appointed until the end of the season as manager/head coach.

This was clearly always the plan but just to draw fire away from the cynical decision to sell players and buy no one in January, Ashley had this poorly disguised subterfuge if supposedly searching the world for the right candidate.

Only to then discover that all the time he had the self-proclaimed best coach in the universe right under his nose.

Those idiots down the road made their own change on 17th March, making the ridiculous decision to bring in a vastly experienced manager on a short-term contract until the end of the season.

When Dick Advocaat came into Sunderland both clubs had played 29 points and this was the league position and points

17th March – Newcastle 12th and 35 points – Sunderland 17th and 26 points

20th May – Newcastle 17th and 36 points – Sunderland 15th and 38 points

So basically in Dick Advocaat’s time at Sunderland he has picked up 12 points in 8 matches whilst John Carver has picked up 1 point.

Their full records are:

John Carver: P19 W2 D4 L13 – 10 points (and knocked out of the FA Cup)

Dick Advocaat – P8 W3 D3 L2 – 12 points

Mike Ashley always thinking he can pocket yet more money by not spending, talk about backfiring.

Yet another embarrassing strand on how the two clubs have approached the second half of the season differently.

Sunderland brought in Jermain Defoe who has a proven scoring record in the Premier League and his four goals so far, have helped to win three games and get a draw in another.

In contrast, halfway through the season Mike Ashley sold Mapou Yanga-Mbiwa,  forced Hatem Ben Arfa off the wage bill and effectively sold Davide Santon as well, not forgetting nine goal Haris Vuckic being loaned to Rangers…the least said about the other four loans the better.

Not a single player was brought in even on loan, despite Steven Taylor being already ruled out for the rest of the season.

Consequently, United were left with a defensive crisis and no cover once Paul Dummett got injured.

Yet again Mike Ashley ‘saving’ money that has turned out to be fool’s gold.

Sunderland’s result on Wednesday night has been disastrous and brought Newcastle United and Mike Ashley to the brink.

With the state of our squad now, it would be most unlikely for Newcastle to bounce straight back to the Premier League as happened the last time. The net effect of two or more seasons outside the Premier League will cost Mike Ashley well over £100m in TV revenue alone.

As for the ‘cost’ to the actual club and the fans, it would be impossible to measure as Newcastle United crumbles before our very eyes.

  • RitchieForster

    This link  is a great read and just about sums the whole sorry mess up!

  • Darren Hogg

    I actually feel for John Carver , He is a good coach but not at lop level . Which bloke in their right mind would take charge of the Toon when a corrupt rgime is in charge ? he said Yes as currently employed , fair play he probably loves the Toon like the rest of us . shouldve said na .

  • jD Sports

    Yes, but what if Hull lose? Has his gamble paid off?

  • Sickandtiredstill

    Ashley allegedly lost at least 300 million on a HBOS share punt back in 2008. That’s what this so called genius is like – a fat fekkin lottery winning kid in a sweet shop with his pockets full of money. I don’t think he gives a stuff if he loses 100 million, or two, or three, now he’s worth close to 4 billion.

  • jD Sports

    Sickandtiredstill I agree, everyone says hurt him in the pocket, it’s all he understands. I disagree, I think it’s more of an egotistical power trip he’s on at NUFC. I don’t think you can hurt him financially.

  • 50trevor

    Mike Ashley The GAMBLER should walk into the dressing room on Sunday at 2:45 and say to the team (who the majority are Greedy Bar Stewards) 1 Million each if you win today.   Thats the only way I can see us getting a performance out of a team full of mercenary  players.

  • Corkyjohn

    The only way to hurt Ashley is relentless bad publicity, thats why I can’t see the ‘sit in’ after the game having any effect. An empty stadium speaks volumes & may make him think a little more about next season. I think both us & Hull will be beaten so we’ll just beat the drop.

  • toon tony

    I’ve been tormented wondering if relegation would be a good thing, by the fact the FCB wouldn’t be coining in on the TV money. I think that we need to stay up .Ashley out. Com need us to stay up,we need the TV exposure to keep the pressure on the FCB. We need the voices of Shearer, Carragher, Neville,Sky sports news etc to keep our struggle going with maximum TV coverage. …so fingers crossed for Sunday. …come on Man Utd. …!!!!

  • mirandinha9

    Two successive relegations down to League 2 is the only thing which will precipitate Cashley from leaving to ‘pastures new’. I bleed black and white, though, it’s a sad indictment that I will be aspiring for a Hull win and Toon loss on Sunday. That’s what it’s comes to! I suspect the Mackems will have another plane swirling around – the annoying part is that the 6 points we give them every year bloomin well keeps them up season upon season.

  • John Watson

    Why feel sorry for Carver? He’s paid a fortune and his ego has probably sent us down.

  • A lex

    Mike Ashley, the gutless cnut, won’t even be there on Sunday. When it all goes wrong, he won’t dare be in the vacinity.

  • LeazesEnder

    Ashley’s inactions and Actions are seemingly ‘designed’……. to bizarrely damage himself…. I wonder why his ‘accountant’ jumped ship!

  • LeazesEnder

    jD Sports …..they’re playing against Man United Reserves…. they won’t lose.

  • Andgeo

    Well, the mackems will need to find another 6 points from somewhere next season or the will be joining us in the Mickey Mouse league!

  • Andgeo

    I don’t think we will see the fat Cuhnt on Sunday. He wouldn’t dare!

  • Sickandtiredstill

    LeazesEnder  It’s even stranger that Irving’s assistant is leaving at the same time, for Man City.

  • fromtheheed

    You’ve got to have sympathy for Carver. He wants us to have our protest after we’ve given the team 90 minutes of support. What the hell have we been doing all season. So if 52000 supporters inside SJP can’t motivate those “useless sacks of shite” (True Geordie) then what chance the Deity Carver?
    While we remain in the ground after the final whistle he’ll have jumped in a taxi for the airport and holiday.
    Words of wisdom from the prophet JOHN.

  • fromtheheed

    Unfortunately they can’t drop down 2 divisions. We will more than likely be in another relegation fight.

  • nufcmag777

    It just goes to show that if you appoint a proper manager you can get results even with a poor side like the Mackems are.But Ashley took the gamble with Geordie John who keeps playing the wrong players i.e Guti & Taylor and is tactically braindead.R.I.P. NUFC.Thank you Ashley(how did he become a billionaire?

  • WallaceWilson

    I don’t understand why you think John Carver is a good coach at any professional level. Not only do we have the evidence before our own eyes; he’s also been relegated at Plymouth and Sheffield Utd and was a disaster at Leeds and Toronto. He lives off the fact that he worked with SBR but what did he do with him given Sir Bobby was famously known for being hands on on the pitch? There is a difference between being a trainer and a coach and Carver is finding that out

  • toonarmy_66099

    NUFCTheMag well said, but dont forget the 80 who applied were not as good as Carver

  • geordie2006

    NUFCTheMag . I don’t think Ashley will be there on Sun to avoid the hatred. Carver is clueless and Ashley’s business reputation in tatters.

  • Gallowgate82

    I hope we go down and stay down until there is no money to be made from the club then he will go.
    but as long as people keep feeding the FCB he will keep eating. 
    Our loyalty has cost us our club.

  • NotFatFreddy

    One derby win and we would have been safe!

    If NUFC was a Bakers or Café-a business full of dud staff providing inedible pies, concrete biscuits or shocking coffee-would you go-again-and again-and again-and again, in the hope that a couple of times each year you might get a real strawberry on your plate and an almost edible cream scone?

    If the owner and his manager continually abused you if you dare complain about the dead fly, then he continually served up only ‘dead flies’ deliberately because he hated you that much?  Would you go back-again-and again-and again?

    There is more than a dead fly in the ointment or soup. There is a rotten corpse that is now NUFC, a piece of Wonga/Spots Infect dung.  It isn’t the vultures that are circling, but a plague of flies-the only ones enjoying the moment.

    Can you smell it even from where you are sitting.  The way Carver (looks) is going, he’ll be finished with football, and  an aggressive  Alcho’ on the streets of Newcastle.  Continually reminded about his time as ‘the coach’, he’ll strike out with his fists, still abusing any who will listen that he is simply the best!  But even then he’ll always be second best as some one will put him on the floor.

    The Lord of the Flies (Mike Ashley)-could he give a monkeys?

    Maybe John Carver needs to have a look at himself, before he has nothing left in football, but a job as a comedy pundit.

  • kuromori

    NotFatFreddy If Carver loved the club as much he professes, he would have done the decent thing and fallen on his sword by now. Sadly, he loves that five year contract more than NUFC. It’s not like he’d get a job anywhere else, mind.

  • kuromori

    If he’s such a good coach why can we still not score from a set piece or defend one?

  • ourlad

    Some sort of professional body will eventually catch Ashley out with the way he manages nunc and his dealings with Rangers.
    But by boy is this going to back fire on him big style if the town go down,cause his shite advertising will get no viewing. Shame on him, he should get back to his jumble sale shops 100% and leave football clubs to to people that will manage in honesty to the club,and not use the name for advertising.

  • Sickandtiredstill

    ourlad Hate to say it but part of me does wonder if he intends to float the Club. He said years ago he wanted other investors onboard and as long as he can maintain major control I see that as the only way it would happen. 
    It generally hasn’t proven to be successful with football clubs, though neither has his 8 years of sole ownership.

  • jimblag

    John Carver…
    ‘I said straight out, “If anybody doesn’t fancy it, if anybody wants to back-bite, if anybody wants to be negative – there’s the door”. 
    ‘Steve Stone opened the door, and I told them to leave the room. I told them I was ready for a fight and a challenge, and not one person got up and left.’
    The David Brent of football management.

  • snodgrass2

    Corkyjohn A sit in when everyone else has gone home and the TV cameras are switched off just makes us look stupid. We need the Toon to stay up but to have no-one buy season tickects until we see the change actually on the field and in the dug out next season. That’s the bad publicity he needs. Sky will not televise a ground with no crowd or atmosphere.

  • snodgrass2

    jD Sports Only if the daft cnuts renew!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • snodgrass2

    kuromori He  must be a good coach. After 423 years he found out that Ameobi could take a corner. Badly mind you but then he’s had no coaching!.

  • Sickandtiredstill

    While i am no fan of MA, when he appointed Carver I doubt he could imagine that CISSE would get banned for 7 games. Our top striker out through stupidity and unable to score goals and save us.

  • Sickandtiredstill

    TOONEYE Well then he should have made sure he took the obvious step of making sure the team had more than one top level striker, shouldn’t he.

  • ToonArmy1967

    We need to take thousands of fans down to Shirebrook in every form of transport possible and block the road system at sports direct headquarters every weekend throughout the summer. We can bring his distribution centre to a standstill as well as encouraging all his poor workers on zero contract hours to stand up for better conditions. For the sake of our club we must stop sitting back assuming others will do it. Come on everyone, let’s have a few weekends out in Derbyshire. Imagine even one weekend with no staff or trucks in or out (no internet deliveries).

  • ourlad

    Sounds a sensible idea,we will not be breaking any laws,imagine it on the news, Ashley’s empire brought to a standstill by the Toon Foot Soldiers.
    How about crowding his shops locally and just browse around, no one will get near his junk to buy.
    Other supporters up and down the country might just help the lads out.

  • A lex

    ToonArmy1967 Certainly up for that. Does livefyre have a PM facility here to get in contact?