Rangers have sacked both Derek Llambias and Barry Leach, leaving the way now open for the pair potentially to slip into Tyneside and run Newcastle United on Mike Ashley’s behalf.

The Rangers Interim Chairman Paul Murray confirmed at a press conference that both Leach and Llambias had had their contracts terminated, after being effectively on gardening leave since being removed from the board.

Paul Murray:

“What I can say today is we’ve terminated the contracts of Derek Llambias and Barry Leach, they have now left the company as of this week.

“I can’t go into that (the investigation into the past running of Rangers) as it is a confidential situation, but suffice to say we have terminated their contracts.”

With both Derek Llambias and Barry Leach having 12 months notice periods in their contracts, Murray was asked if they’d been paid compensation, but either couldn’t or wouldn’t divulge any further information and simply restated ‘We have terminated their contracts’.

Meanwhile, the incoming Dave King said that he doesn’t expect the club to pay back the Mike Ashley/Sports Direct £5m loan in the near future but says he isn’t concerned about it.

Expanding on that, King says that they need to get the Sports Direct relationship on a better business footing but isn’t concerned about it and says he expects Mike Ashley to eventually have no ties with Rangers.

Dave King:

“The Ashley loan situation is something we’re looking at but it’s really part of a bigger and broader relationship. I would agree our relationship with Sports Direct and Mike Ashley is not great and it has to be dealt with.

“The Mike Ashley situation is very different from some of the other history of the club. You have got a man who is a businessman. He has been very, very aggressive and he has managed to put in place a deal which is very favourable to him, but it is our job to see that the club’s interests are protected. But it’s a commercial relationship. It’s really just business.

“I think ultimately he (Mike Ashley) will be out of the picture but right now he has put money into the club and the club should be grateful for that because without the £5m loan, the club would be in some difficulties.”

With former NUFC Chief Executive Derek Llambias and one-time Sports Direct Finance Director Barry Leach now officially available for new employment, it raises the real possibility of the pair ending up at St. James’ Park.

Newcastle United’s Finance Direct John Irving has quit the club and Managing Director Lee Charnley is widely reported to be under immense pressure from Mike Ashley due to the disaster of the second half of the season.

With Newcastle fans hoping for a brave new world, whether the team avoid relegation or not on Sunday, the spectre of Ashley exerting even more of a vice-like grip on the club through Llambias and Leach, isn’t the most pleasant of thoughts on this Friday morning.


  • jimbobnufc

    Lets hope somehow all the comings and goings, wonga ,airpotboy

  • jimbobnufc

    Somehow mean the clubs getting sold ! A longshot i guess but live in hope

  • A lex

    Impossible to reach any conclusions about either scenario. If one or both don’t come, it could mean they don’t want to revisit a former role or maybe that Ashley is selling up soon. If he /:they arrive, could mean Ashley intends to hang around longer or that he wants ‘trusted allies’ in situ to manage the sale.

  • Laurent Robert 32

    Watch out, Lambeezy’s about. ‘You guys don’t understand how f*****g horrible we can be..’

    Actually, Lambo, yes we do. Your actions have spoken louder than words. Prat.

  • DavidDrape

    just when we thought things couldn’t get any worse. strange how Llambias complained about being abused whilst out in glasgow.  Maybe its our turn again to ensure these 2 are not given any warm welcomes on tyneside.

  • Ibrox Bear

    Good news for Rangers,, Bad news ¨if true¨ for Newcastle. We only had to put up with them a couple of month before they we removed them from their posts.    Horrible people with no class at all.
    Wish all Newcastle fans  all the best for your club your  fans deseve better.

  • Sickandtiredstill

    On paper it looks like a complete shoe-in for both of them and exactly the type of thing Ashley is renowned for – relying on his stooges and cronies, and we all know how that has worked out in his 8 years here. 
    I just hope they receive the same sort of welcome, if they do turn up here, that Rangers gave them. It would be the final insult by a man who has taken insulting us to the highest of levels.

  • DavidDrape

    Ibrox Bear comments much appreciated

  • Margaret Grieve Carlsen

    Still giving his pals all the easy jobs.

  • DavidDrape

    1957 agree re above and a clear out. our club deserves to have forward thinking people, who won’t ever accept being told we can’t achieve anything. we need our club to look after and fight for its fans on every issue,communicate then act will be a massive start, take us serious…go away look at how other clubs in europe interact with their supporters. its QUESTION TIME for ashley now. does he buy into a serious situation or treat it abhorrently, of course time will tell but surely when he is on his jollies this summer this is something he must make a decision on – if not move on show us some respect and we can also move on with new people who care

  • Wallsendstu

    The fat man never changes the way he operates so I expect this to happen. Penfold is a complete waste of space but this is what happens when people are given jobs not on their abilities but how far they are willing to go to satisfy the fat man. When Penfold lifts his head up from the backside of the owner it will probably be chopped off and his position filled by the casino manager who if you remember streaked across the pitch as part of a bet with the fat man. All the talk of things changing will probably mean backward steps as usual.

  • jimbobnufc If we avoid relegation , no way will Ashley sell . Who in their right mind would sell the golden goose for a couple of it’s eggs ?

  • Ibrox Bear

    There is no other company that would entertain these two they were voted out off their positions at Rangers after only three month with a 85% majority shareholders vote and have now been sacked without  any severance pay  WHY ??? Maybe there is  evidence that these two have been working for the benifit of other parties and not in the interest of Rangers were they were employed ..

  • Sickandtiredstill

    Ibrox Bear That’s an absolute given, mate. Their conduct is/was appalling and 100% geared towards getting Ashley what he wanted, not for the benefit of RFC. The rush to try and draw down the second tranch of another 5 million from SD proved that.
    Luckily for you guys, you were in a position to be able to do something about thanks to being public rather than sole owned.
    Sadly, Mr MJW Ashley is more than likely to entertain both of them again, here at NUFC.

  • DavidDrape

    Ibrox Bear scumbags – in it to line their own & ashleys pockets. when the authorities are going to chase these kind of people away from football? probably never