As we hurtle towards relegation, the only thing stopping us will be the efforts of Manchester United, or lack of goals from Hull – as our own players seem incapable of beating a pub team at the moment.

The only person who does not give a damn is Mike Ashley. He has used the club in an advertising role for his own retail empire.

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He does not care about the region or the people, and relegation would not be a disaster for him, as he will buy even cheaper players than at present and cut staff and wages of everyone left at the club. Turn us into an even worse version of what we are at present.

Where Mike Ashley has achieved his greatest success, is in turning the fans on each other. We now have countless arguments between people who go to the games, against people who have given up. I will be devil’s advocate here and argue for both sides.

Those who have given up:

They haven’t stopped feeling/loving the club, they have seen a man rip the heart out of the team they have supported for years. There is no ambition, it is only a money making machine. He has surrounded himself with people who have forgotten where they have came from, and what they once were, loved by the supporters, now telling us what a great man Mike is.

No, he is arrogant, bullies anyone who stands against him, and wherever possible silences them. You wonder why long suffering supporters do not want to be part of this. I do.

Those who still go:

They know what is wrong with the club but their love for Newcastle United overcomes all of this. They stick to the belief that things will improve, we will spend in the summer. Sorry, with this man in charge that won’t change.

For my part – I have given up going, but I will return on Sunday as I believe relegation will destroy this club. There will be no automatic return, there is no one in the dressing room to galvanise the players. Plus we have the worst head coach in the world.

So all I can do is sing my heart out and if you do go you have to do this, not sit and suffer in silence. Even shout abuse at the players to wake them up, as they sleepwalk to relegation.

Without our help we are doomed, they are incapable.

If we stay up, will anything change? NO.

The Newcastle United I have supported for over 50 years will not come back until Mr Ashley has left the building. This breaks my heart.

  • Hughie

    You’ve omitted to mention that the Championship does not receive world media attention– SD advertising will no longer have its present platform, so will Ashley be satisfied with that?

  • stevennufc

    so explain how going to the match and giving fattso ya money will make him go?…….surely an empty stadium would have a better effect!…….support yr local pubs!……..its on the telly!!!

  • Hughie

    stevennufc read what I said again son. My point is about the bigger picture than Sunday–ie that Ashley may well get out if the team is relegated because his huge international SD advertising platform will largely disappear–got it?

  • Alltomuch

    His brand or product or whatever people like him call our once proud football club
    ( the club he paid for)
    Is being cheapened by the day, his loss?
    I want to know where the new fans will come from as this butchering continues.
    The great atmosphere as it was replaced with half empty quite stands.
    Only if some how Man U loss, will we stay up and the tv money comes in again, he will contrive to keep the money buy players which are a gamble to go with so many second rate players there already. A second rate coach to take over from the loon with the ego.
    It’s all so so bad now and of course the one thing we all had lots of year in year out, HOPE!! Is gone

  • Chemical Dave

    He doesn’t give a damn if we’re relegated? You sure about that ? Why do you think he continues to stay here ? If he scales the operation down even further’re suggesting, what will mike Ashley gain from continued ownership of nufc ? I genuinely can’t stand the idea that we stay up and get more of the last 8 years. He’s got a far bigger problem if we get relegated that’s for sure.

  • mactoon

    Hughie stevennufc  I doubt anyone would want to buy a Championship club for £300 million + the only chance he will have of selling is with Premiership status

  • stevennufc

    Hughie stevennufc i did read what you said!……”i believe relagation will destroy the club”………so……keep going….keep newcastle in the premier league………and ashley stays…..and thing will get better?…….yeah!…..i get it now….dad!!

  • v0ices

    Chemical Dave its just a excuse for going back to the support the team nonsense thinking. ashley wont want a depreciating asset on his hands he may give one year in the championship a go in the hopes of promotion but he wont stick about for the long run if they dont achieve it.

  • stevennufc

    Hughie exactly!!!!!…….look!…..a season or two in the championship could well be worth the price for getting rid of this c*nt!!…….have a think!!

  • mactoon

    stevennufc Hughie  if were in the championship he wont get a buyer willing to pay his price for the club and he WONT sell at a loss

  • Alsteads

    Relegation will destroy the club????…… bit late for that

  • pinit

    By going to this game your only supporting what your hating about this club, stop going things will change keep going and our club is doomed. In other words STOP feeding the hand that is killing this club Simples.

  • prestondave

    mactoon stevennufc Hughie he will if we drop down again as he wont get the exposure in League 1 or 2 will he.?

  • WallaceWilson

    This is a sad, sad article which encapsulates how many are feeling now. We all have honestly held views about how we should react to the position Ashley has placed us in. I gave up my season ticket in 2009, the season of Kinnear and Wise, when I realised he was taking the piss as well as my money but my mate still goes and couldn’t bring himself to boycott Spurs. At first I was angry with him and we argued but it’s his decision to make, one we all have to make.
    I think the strategy of Occupy SJP gives everyone a chance to show how they feel. Even if you can’t stay away or you think you’ve spent your money and want some return, you can play your part.
    As for next season, well I think we’ll see more of the same – a club content with mediocrity. All this talk of recognising mistakes being made, post-mortems, net investment in the team? We heard the same 2 years ago and nothing changed.

  • mactoon

    No he won’t. He’s done it before, he will get rid of the big earners to trim the wage bill and put together a squad just big enough to get back to the premiership. He knows how much money is coming and he will endure the lack of exposure for one season given the prize at stake at the end of it. The alternative of selling at a loss just does not seem feasible

  • prestondave

    mactoon Hear what youre saying mactoon but investment doesnt secure promotion first time and if we did drop down another league because of crap players/coaching then fatty may well decide to cut his losses and run rather than spend serious money to get back into the prem. Nobody but fatty knows what he is going to do but I think we can all agree its a miserable situation to be in.

  • Hughie

    stevennufc Hughie Cheers