Mike Ashley will host a party for his Sports Direct people at St. James’ Park this coming week.

The event will go ahead whether or not Newcastle United are relegated this afternoon.

If the worst does happen between 3pm and 5pm today, I think ‘Dancing on the grave of Newcastle United’ would be the only description available.

The Mail have broken the story and they report that coaches will carry staff up from the Sports Direct headquarters at Shirebrook in Mansfield.

The event is billed as the ‘annual conference’ for Sports Direct but is basically a day out for a lot of Ashley’s trusted employees, with food, drink and entertainment laid on.

Mike Ashley’s people will also get the chance to play on the pitch, where only days before Newcastle’s fate, either way, was sealed.

The yearly do hasn’t been widely reported in the past but it hasn’t been a closely guarded secret either.

The Mail report that past events have seen Ian Rush and John Barnes making appearances, whilst the BBC’s Dan Walker hosted it in 2013.

Obviously this time, if relegation became a reality then it would be a very very bad taste scenario for Newcastle fans.

The Sports Direct top staff partying at the business/football club that underpins their success with all the free advertising. At the very time that NUFC has collapsed due to under investment from the person who controls both companies.

Any significant delay if hosting the event at St. James’ Park would be impractical, as the pitch needs to be relaid for next season as soon as possible.


  • decka1969

    Mike_Ashley_Out what a vile image.

  • Andgeo

    Just need to find out the date and then protest outside and stop the coaches getting in.

  • Jail for Ashley

    Can this man really do any worse, since the day he revealed his game plan and sold James Milner the bloke has been nothing short of a cancer on our great club. At least now the deception has been unmasked and those who were prepared to give him a chance have finally realised what the bloke is all about . The new Puma spiel for the kit launch is ‘United we are strong, divided we are weak’.
    Lets apply that to getting this slimy barsteward out of our club.

  • nad1892

    Mike_Ashley_Out #boycott

  • A lex

    The Rangers meeting was cancelled due to concerns. We should ensure the same happens for this!

  • Paul Patterson

    I don’t believe what I’m reading.
    This man really is taking the piss now . .

  • GToon

    Will fatty play? In goal I imagine. Hope he doesn’t get injured……..

  • A free venue for the S**te Direct Jollie , more theoretical income lost !

  • ilullissat

    Andgeo According to the Sunday Times its on this Thursday

  • TonnekToon

    GToon  Fatty won’t play  mate , he might strain his wallet .

  • Tony79

    We’ve got to target this for a protest.  Its the only time Ashley is going to be at St James’ park.

  • IntravenusMP

    Man owns a facility, man has a company do to organise, man decides to use the facility for the company do. It really doesn’t sound like the crime of the century.