In a new twist to an almost unbelievable season, Captain Coloccini has broken his silence with an open letter to fans.

What should we read into his message?

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For the cynic, we can jump to the 11th paragraph. This is ostensibly a plea to turn up and hand over our hard earned cash to fill the ground. However, there is much more to the letter than that.

For those of us who have had the pleasure of meeting him, Coloccini is a charismatic figure. Based on an encounter, speaking English to him elicited sparse responses. Things changed when speaking to him in Spanish, albeit a dialect removed from his native Argentinian tongue.

The situation was around the time of his contract renewal. Freed from the constraints of, the hidden passion of the man became apparent. Not for him the routine comments delivered in a flat and unconvincing style, but his eyes lit up and he expressed a genuine love of all things Newcastle.

The message that he has sent out becomes far more credible. This appears not to be a letter written by one of the PR people at the club, let alone Charnley. It appears to have been written in Spanish then translated, a style which frankly is beyond those of anyone at the club. The choice of language has a very South American flavour.

Coloccini is not the only person at the club to have fallen for the area. Several of the team can be seen out and about at different venues, from doing the shopping to enjoying the night life. They are not perhaps as immune as the man who sometimes flies in by helicopter, on match day, as the former MD who ran the club from London and from Charnley who does not seem to recognise the outside world.

The apology from the club captain on behalf of the players is welcome. Whilst the club seems to want to talk frankly, neither Ashley nor Charnley has been big enough to put their own names to an apology for what they have turned into an apology of a club.

With his own love of San Lorenzo, it is fair for Coloccini to remind us that this is, or should be, our club. On a personal level, a landmark in my life was the West Brom League Cup defeat under Sir Bobby, which was my son’s first and probably my father’s last at St James’ Park.

He is also right that the club does not deserve to be in this position, even if the owner and hierarchy do.

Having read Coloccini’s letter, it gives time to reflect on the players’ perspective. Coloccini came to play under Keegan. Some were here before, others have joined since.  They came to an area known for its passion for football, to a club that had a proud European pedigree, a club that was known for ambition, including signing the best strikers in Britain.

Despite Llambias and Kinnear, despite Wise and Jimenez, the club came together under a decent manager and decent man, Chris Hughton. He broke records with the club and team. He involved players in decision making and trusted them. They responded in kind. Hughton was sacked.

Coloccini was reported, accurately or otherwise, to have fallen out with Pardew over team tactics. Likewise, Cabaye and Cisse. Players with character and experience were sold, the likes of Nolan, Barton and Carroll, others were released, Harper, Ameobi and more.

Team tactics became dull, the clearance from Krul to beyond the half way line for a forward 6 or 7 inches smaller than the defenders who marked them. Wingers were played on the wrong side denying width.

Even in the transfer market, despite the protestations of supporters and indeed, probably players, key positions were not reinforced with quality. There were not enough strikers in the squad, nor central defenders, nor even at left back. The squad in key areas did not allow for injuries, let alone rotation.


That is not a fault of the players, it is a complete failure by management.

One of the current heroes, for his effort and victory in his personal battle, is Jonas. How did the owner and hierarchy support him in his hour of need? He is another one, one in a long line since Bellamy, to have had a problem with Carver.

Looking forward to the summer, it is hardly surprising that players may not have been motivated. Contracts have not been renewed. The club has gained a reputation for providing Ashley a platform for capital growth whilst disregarding the ambitions of players and supporters.

The message back to Colo is thank you. Your apology is appreciated. As supporters, we value the good times that players have given us. Some, if not all of us, realise that in your short careers, the hierarchy has not only let you down but as you seem to appreciate, has let us down too.

For those who choose to subsidise Ashley’s wealth, it is important to get behind the team. It remains important to simultaneously give a strong message to Ashley, Charnley and anyone else with any power at the club. Their policies have led us to this and despite what you could do for the club, your apathy and negligence is despised.

Let’s hope that players leave us with a positive picture of the region, Those who apply themselves will be long remembered. As for Ashley, Charnley and Irving, the day you stop darkening our door will be one for celebration. Your regime is vile to the core.

Ashley, you may be a vehicle for dismantling human pride as demonstrated by Channel 4’s Dispatches. The players and supporters are far better than you.

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  • Blackandwhite9

    I understand that colo referred to the remaining games as 3 ” cup finals”, I can only presume that the fat one hasn’t seen this……he would be fecking livid if he thought we had won any cup games and got through to a final

  • Nicolaus Copernicus

    I’m with you on this one, Rex.
    By writing the letter, Colo is trying to show initiative and act like a captain. If it manages to galvanise the fans on Saturday, hats off to him; and if it doesn’t, well he gave it a good shot.
    We may think we deserve to go down, and many of us may see it as the way it has to be in order to get rid of Ashley. But even if relegation did mean the end of Ashley, I hope folk can see that it won’t be a repeat of 2009-10 – this team is nowhere near good enough to come straight back up, nor will we ever be able to recruit the talent to do so, and I fear we’ll be out of the Premier League for many years to come.

  • terriertwo

    At the end of the day he is the leader and motivator on the pitch. You never see him shouting at players or waving to them to do this do that. He has been a decent player but now just going through the motions. If we do stay up I don’t want to see him with the armband next season. Other than Krul there’s no once else in the squad I would want as captain but he will probably bail out in the summer. We need a team of fighters and even cloggers to get us back up the table and in a position where the team is appreciated by the supporters but unless  mishmashley sells up not a lot will change

  • NottsToon

    I don’t doubt that he’s a nice bloke, I don’t even doubt that he has some love for Newcastle, and I could also believe that he has some passion for the club. What I know though is that he is an awful captain and hasn’t played well for months, I know he tried to bail out, and I firmly believe that he did not author this letter without it being suggested, and the content being assisted. It’s PR, plain and simple, and badly done at that.

  • LeazesEnder

    Totally perplexed as to why Ashley would risk the Sky money….. maybe he isn’t a genius?

  • GraemeB

    If anyone believes, for one minute, that Colo wrote that dross, you are deluded.
    It was written by the NUFC publicity department, trying to cover their arses from the consequences of relegation, caused solely by their failures to strengthen the squad over the last 3 years.
    Ashley is now trying to transfer his profiteering, failure to invest in the squad, onto the shoulders of the fans. A wholey cynical attempt to remove the burden of guilt from himself and place it on anyone who happens to be handy!!
    The man is as much a fraud as the “Letter” above. A complete and utter fabrication of the reality he has created. Mr Ashley, please sell up and take your wealth elsewhere – you are not welcome in Newcastle.

  • Nicolaus Copernicus

    Not so much a genius, more a chancer. He likes a wager, and right now he is gambling that somehow, somewhere, we’ll find three points, which conventional wisdom suggests is all we need to stay up.
    He’s gambled with our souls for years now, this is merely one more spin of the roulette wheel for him.

  • Nicolaus Copernicus

    We may never know if Colo did this of his own accord, or if Wendy and her ilk put him up to it (or even penned it for him).
    Cynicism is the easy option, so I understand why most of the comments here are that way inclined. I may be naïve, but I take the view that this is Colo trying to have his say and do what a captain should do in situations like this.

  • Lee Irving

    Bollox hes wanted away since he got caught with his pants down by his missus 18 months ago

  • foggy

    Nicolaus Copernicus GraemeB 
    Would it not have been better for the club captain to give an interview to the media so that we can hear the words coming out of his mouth rather than he hide behind and give his name to a letter very obviously written by the Ashley minions in the pr dept?

  • Paul Cruddas

    Worst ‘Captain’ ever.
    A pantomime horse would have done better. Both on and off the pitch.

  • FC Newcastle

    As the saying goes “actions speak louder than words” and Colo has shown none of this passion on the pitch. And as captain, I would expect more from him.

  • Belfast Ali

    Brilliant article Rex!

  • StephenBowers

    He’s a gambler.
    I stood behind him in a casino once.

  • Wallsendstu

    Sorry but this just proves what the owner and directors of NUFC think of the supporters. Look at all the home games this season, the number in attendance and the results. You will find that supporters have turned up to support the team, but unfortunately the team have not played their part. We had earlier this week reports that the players were telling family and friends to stay away, something that under this regime has been used on numerous occasions. Coloccini never gives post match interviews, and as others have said never opens his mouth on the pitch, how he has continued as captain amazes me. We get no response from the club until it gets desperate then it is beg for the fans to turn up, lf we say sorry the sheep will fogive us then it will be more of the same next season. It’s funny how it suddenly becomes ‘your club’, however we don’t care what you think and will continue to run the club like a tat shop. I have been amazed at how many people are still taken in by this rubbish as can be seen by looking at the bloggs and also sky sports. It will be the supporters fault if relegation happens, however it will be how well the club is run if the club stay up, it won’t be the wonderful support. Look out for more stories on bids being made for players and then wait for their clubs and agents telling us that they know nothing about it.
    I don’t believe in trying to tell others what to do as it has to be your own decision, but please just take a step back, think of what is said and why it is said and also what has gone on year on year and not let your heart rule your head.

  • Peter Lamb

    Passion is action not gushing rhetoric

  • Demented_Man

    Wallsendstu Colo’s apology might have seemed more genuine had it come from a source other than NUFC, whose outpourings have less credence than those of the old Iraqi propaganda ministry.
    As it is, I’ve no doubt this is part of an official push to dampen down the protests.
    It won’t stop the fans getting the blame, though if, as I expect, Newcastle are relegated.

  • Paul Patterson

    Alright, in that case, if this is from the heart- HE IS A POOR DEFENDER and AN AWFUL CAPTAIN.

    Nothing more, nothing less.

  • Wallsendstu

    Couldn’t agree with you more. The unfortunate thing is that for eight years the owner and board have lied, twisted and manipulated things that if they said next season we will be playing in black and white stripes it would be hard to believe.

  • fireflyuk

    StephenBowers I bet you couldn’t see the table.

  • fireflyuk

    Blackandwhite9 If they were cup finals we would play weakened teams, though finding a weaker team than we normally play would be a challenge.

  • RexN

    Belfast Ali Thanks, Ali.

  • snodgrass2

    I thought this letter was written by Manuel from Fawlty Towers.