The performance we witnessed on Saturday afternoon against those fearful giants of English football, Leicester City, is dedicated to the Newcastle fans.

Not fans like me, or fans who have cast aside their season tickets, not the fans who joined the recent boycotts or protests, not the fans who have reached their individual breaking points over the last 8 years and said ‘enough is enough’.

No, this performance is dedicated to the 30,000 or so left, who gleefully file into what used to be a football ground every couple of weeks like bleating sheep.

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Perhaps to call them bleating sheep is wrong of me, because there doesn’t seem to be any bleating from those who remain.

Those who sat in silence whilst Keegan was first undermined, lied to and then forced out.

Those who dutifully eat their pies whilst Joe Kinnear released an expletive laced tirade at the media in the name of Newcastle United.

Those who enjoyed the view as Hughton was escorted from the premises despite doing exactly as he was asked.

Those who renewed as the stadium was renamed.

Those who spouted ‘support the team, not the regime’ as the crown jewels were sold and lie after lie was uttered by Pardew.

Those who remain in their silence as the club, which once stumbled, now falls and dies in a skip full of photographs, of what was and may never be again.

Congratulations to those fans whose division and apathy has brought us here, I raise a glass to every sky fan in their cut price seat once occupied by a supporter with true passion for the club. Give yourselves a pat on the back and polish your ‘supa-fan’ badge, because finally you have done it, after years of tireless indifference and spineless inaction, at last you have the team, the coach and the club that you so richly deserve.

I make no apologies for the “I told you so” nature of this text, because I did tell you so and so did many others with much more guts than you.

I will not take your views into consideration and respect your point of view because that is what has caused this. You are as much to blame as any owner, coach, player or pundit, you have done this.

Are you proud?

  • prestondave

    As ever Notts Toon another brilliant piece and I couldn’t agree more.

  • mrkgw

    Our supporters did an amazing job at that game yesterday and should be thoroughly proud. The message was loud and clear. I had to chuckle when the BT commentator apologiesed for the bad language. Well done to all that were there and endured that dismal performance.

  • LeazesEnder

    Ever club has got them… we are a single conurbation club, so we have more of them…. they are a part of the cycle of failure….

    ….a resource for exploitation, and it means for owner …..

    ….never needing to TRY.

  • LeazesEnder

    mrkgw The White van was there too calling in at Shirebrook….

  • TeamToon

    TeamToon every st holder should read this!

  • Chemical Dave

    Oof !
    Rumours of a punch up on the coach home between carver and TWO players.

  • A lex

    A great piece to wake up to and read over the bacon. If it was possible to go back and read previous postings, you’ll see that I’ve also stated this scenario for ages. The track we’ve been on has been so obvious for so long.
    The passivity and apathy and silent acceptance has been repulsive.
    We acted and protested in the past when the need arose. Until my dying day, I will never understand how and why so many people (not ‘fans’) have done absolutely nothing about Ashleys treatment of NUFC.

  • A lex

    Not surprising. Bet that was a great journey back up north. Would love to chat with the driver this morning.

  • Craigwh

    I was at the match yesterday. Fabulous atmosphere, fans well up for it, team full of passion and effort sadly this was Leicester City and not Newcastle United. Sadly we deserve to be in the Championship next season, will it happen…..only the players know the answer to that. We have 3 games to go and need a miracle. Newcastle are no longer united.

  • toon tony

    And still they come! !!!!

  • Michael Maximus Moose

    Great Article

  • dannymc21

    You are completely right.


    Chemical Dave Like the good old days doon Filbert Street

  • StephenBowers

    I stopped going to The Match years ago absolutely fed up with it.
    What I can not explain is this feeling of depresion.
    I wondered at the Kevin Keegan “Construtive Dismissal Case” I’m sorry Kevin, you were right.

  • Bills frollocks

    Wow. Brilliant article. And now guess what will happen, yes, McLaren will get appointed, money will be promised and those stupid 30,000 will do it all again.

  • bill black

    Great article but remember when we run down the players, the fans, the stewards, the manager and the tea lady we are doing what Ashley wants us to do and it makes his day. Can we please focus on Ashley and stop trying to run everyone down, we have some good players but there stuck in the mess Ashley likes making.

  • DeyanAdamov

    “bleating sheep” is wrong. They are zombies

  • Tony79

    bill black Aye mate.  eye on the prize.  Ashley is the cancer causing all of these symptoms.

  • Phildene

    Well done and well said Notts Toon. We back you all the way and are in full agreement with every single word you’ve said.

  • Tony79

    I think the tone of this is ridiculous.

    While i am boycotting the club i do not think articles like this do anything except divide fans.  Keep the anger directed at Ashley

  • Brownale69

    why dont you include the ars kissing former players too? Beardo, Moncur, Ando etc……
    they suck up and support the mess

  • SyakirYangTuntas

    Very well said and this sum up my opinion as well.

  • NottsToon

    Thanks Fella’s, not sure what this piece does to distract from Ashley but hey ho, ha ha.

  • Demented_Man

    Excellent.  Well said.

  • A lex

    Tony79 Well, so be it. If certain ‘fans’ had stayed united in condemning Ashley when all this became obvious, instead of supporting his actions by doing nothing, then there wouldn’t be any divisions now.

  • Grumpyoldmag

    Except they flew back

  • RexN

    Some excellent points. It is also fair to say that some of us who have been keen to campaign with the club got a lot of stick. It is tempting to say “I told you so” and go back to the sheep thing. Those of us who feared where the policy of employing inappropriate managers, turning the club into a feeder club and using the transfer market as an alternative profit line have been proved right, not merely being Les Mis.

    However, as others have pointed out, Ashley will revel in dividing supporters.

    I guess that my plea is to recognise that gradually, those labelled as “sheep” are coming round. Let’s accept that and push in the same direction. First objective should be to get Ashley out. The fall back position may well be to pressure him to appoint a progressive manager, and invest in the squad, whether that is in the Premier League or Championship.

    It’s time to be United once again.

  • A lex

    Grumpyoldmag You mean Carver did, off the right boot of Williamson.

  • Grumpyoldmag

    Pompous patronising arrogant prat

  • NottsToon

    Grumpyoldmag Better that than an apathetic supa-fan.

  • williamjames837

    Brilliant article this should be laser printed on the back of every seat up at sjp

  • Demented_Man

    Grumpyoldmag Baaah, baaah Mr Ashley!  Pleeeease humiliate me some more!

  • Grumpyoldmag

    Why do you feel humiliated by Newcastle losing? Is your life that shallow?

  • Harry Todd

    While I have the upmost respect and appreciation for any one how writes an article I beg to differ that there are only 30,000 fans left.The average crowd this season is 50,401 and season ticket holders account for 37,000 of the total so lets keep to the facts.If anyone wants to stay away from games I respect their decision 
    and have many friends who have sadly chosen that path.However every football club  would cease to exist without the hard core support be it Crewe or Barnsley.What we need to do is support the team against West Brom on Saturday and leave the protests till after the final whistle against West Ham.As N.U.F.C DOT COM correctly pointed out today we will be in a better position to find a buyer and move forward if we do not get relegated so please get to the game on Saturday and support the team.

  • NottsToon

    Harry Todd Newcastle City Council safety figures recorded an attendance of between 30 and 32k for the last 2 home games.

    Brilliant idea about not protesting until the club shuts up shop for the ill deserved summer holidays, if you wanted to take something back to a shop to complain about it would you wait until the shop closed you nugget?

  • toon tony

    Harry Todd. ..didn’t you say you did a survey of all your s/ticket friends( pre Spurs ) and say ,and I quote “all 200 said they were going “. Proof of how much bull $#it you spout.

  • From the sticks

    I like this article, however if you know so much about what not to do perhaps you could shed some light and produce a follow up of how exactly to displace a man who clearly could not give a crap about supporter revolt so long as his retail brand gets TV coverage. A Blackpool style pitch invasion before West Brom game?? I wouldn’t take part, i actually would like to return to SJP hopefully in the near future.

  • PhilYare


  • Morpeth mag

    Here here,,,,,

  • Demented_Man

    Grumpyoldmag I’m not humiliated by Newcastle losing.  That’s just sport.  I am, however, humiliated by the sight of 40 – 50 thousand fans regularly going along to see a team owned by someone who doesn’t give a damn about them and may even despise them secretly.  You should feel the same after 8 years.

    And 8 defeats in a row?  I think I have a right to feel humiliated.


  • EastStander

    Nice atricle. Easy to not go if your from notts although two lads sat round me come up every game with thier kids. I go to every game, home and away. Am i ok to go away but not at home? Are you calling all fans who attend, not to support ashley or whoever else may be in charge, but newcaslte united any name to suit? You have to understand that there are actually a large group of supporters like myself who actually hugely dislike the owner but who will go no matter what.
    Ill be there next season if we get relegated and still be there if we get relegated every season after. Doesnt make me feel or want to be called a super fan (or supa which is a bit below the belt given the supa kev spelling piss take we used to throw at the makems).
    We can all be united as fans but choose how we each protest. I wont buy a pie or a pint in sjp, thats my choice. Ashley wont care if i throw my ticket in or non attend as he gets the sky money and thats what matters.
    In fact, if we are all looking for the real evil in football, lets all cancel sky subs as they actually pay for the owners like ashley who only want to take their money. I remember football prior to sky and by god it was better. Without sky ashley, tann, him at hull et all wouldnt exist.
    Id never disagree with a fellow fans point of view or call them names or disprespect a point of view for going, not going etc. Its their choice.
    Guess all i want to say is, go or not. Its my choice and yours. Lets not turn on ourselves. Itll make him laugh more.

  • Craigwh

    Great response. Some of us will still go regardless and yes we are probably mad but that is what a supporter does I suppose.

  • howaymebonnylads

    EastStander well said mate.  It’s easy for those who have already decided not to go to tell those of us that still go what to do.  Like you say there will always be fans of any club that will go regardless.  It’s just that Newcastle have more than most other clubs.  You only have to look down the road for a team that continues to be just as bad pull in significant crowds too.  Just because we continue to go does not mean we want Ashley at the club and all the other mercenaries.  I boycotted the Spurs game but I’ll still go next season wherever that may be.  I will also boycott again with similar organised protests and hopefully better planned and coordinated…it’s at least been a start.  Provoking other fans just because they do something different to you isn’t helpful, other than to make Ashley smirk even more.  I have lots of mates who have frittered away over the past few seasons.  It’s a sorry state of affairs but I don’t belittle them for the choice they have made.

  • howaymebonnylads

    As for official council figures of 30-32k for the last 2 games?  Certainly that was the case by the looks of things for Spurs but not Swansea although it was probably somewhere between 40- 45k

  • NottsToon

    howaymebonnylads Sitting on your hands in a mostly silent stadium isn’t helpful either. You validate his actions and continued ownership by your very presence, he uses your loyalty against you and you choose (key word) to let him.

    How can you declare hatred for the owner whilst continuing to line his pockets? Like it or not you are part of the problem.

  • Grumpyoldmag

    Well said east stander

  • A lex

    EastStander How can you “hugely dislike the owner” yet continue to support and help him?

  • howaymebonnylads

    NottsToon howaymebonnylads you shouldn’t  judge people in such a generalised way.  I stand for 90 minutes and sing as much as those around me try to, but for others choosing not to join in for whatever reason that may be.

  • NottsToon

    howaymebonnylads NottsToon Well done for singing, might I suggest a name change to Marshal Philippe Pétain.

  • NottsToon

    EastStander Going “no matter what”. Well, as they’ve already driven out and humiliated club legends, been proven to have lied to us all in a legal proceeding, renamed the stadium, got us relegated (possibly twice), sold the sponsorship to a loan shark, flogged the crown jewels and replaced them with tin, increased the debt (what debt?), whilst telling us how well off we are financially, made erroneous statements about not getting value for money in January despite every single fact saying otherwise and binning memorabilia of heroes like SBR, Keegan, Speed and Shearer, I guess you really will go “no matter what”.

    Kudos on contributing to the destruction of what you claim to love, your logic is so fvcked up that it defies belief.

  • Demented_Man

    NottsToon howaymebonnylads Good analogy..

  • Chemical Dave

    No they didn’t.

  • Chemical Dave

    Here’s the cancer specialist uber fan.

  • Harry Todd

    NottsToon Harry Todd All box holders and several thousand corporate ticket holders plus lots of people from level seven do not use the turnstyles so the only way to record an attendance is on tickets sold.Their is one room in the corporate area and there are many which holds nine hundred people and this does not get counted.
    Arsenal always give the attendance as sixty thousand on the basis of tickets sold thats the rules.

  • howaymebonnylads

    NottsToon howaymebonnylads you see, personal insults doesn’t get people on board.  any respect for your opinions is now lost. well done.

  • LeeNacson

    So i stream the game from australia for free, am i bad in your eyes? how do you think it is being a fan not from newcastle let alone england. In fighting is never good and to start with your own fellow fans is pretty annoying. 

    Your anger is totally understandable, im a fan too but i didnt do this to newcastle and shouldnt be blamed for it. Not a good article.

  • LeeNacson

    I can honestly say i have never given ashley $1, never paid for sky, never paid for a sports direct jersey although i own 6 newcastle ones, by your logic im a better fan than you.

  • NottsToon

    Do you enter the stadium, no. Well done for totally misunderstanding what was written.

  • NottsToon

    By you? Good, I don’t expect my opinions to be respected by collaborators.