This afternoon everything looked positive for Newcastle as Manchester United took a first half lead through Herrera.

A win for the Mancs over Arsenal would have meant that whatever happened they would have third place in the Premier League to play for on the final day of the season.

A Man Utd win would have put them on 71 points to Arsenal’s 70.

Instead a late own goal by Tyler Blackett means that the match ended Manchster United 1 Arsenal 1 and so the points totals are Arsenal on 71 and Manchester United 69.

Arsenal play Sunderland at home on Wednesday night and a draw or better will mean Arsenal are effectively guaranteed of finishing in third before the last day of the season as they are seven goals better off than Man Utd.

The worst possible scenario is a draw, as that would move Sunderland four points clear of Hull and leave it only between Newcastle and Steve Bruce’s team.

At the moment two defeats for Sunderland and a draw for Newcastle against West Ham could save NUFC (if catch up five goals as well on Sunderland), if Hull beat Manchester United on the last day.

This is how the League table looks with points and current goal differences:

37 Sunderland -20

36 Newcastle -25

34 Hull -18

The difference between third and fourth place in the Premier League is a big one, finishing third you go straight into the group stage but  fourth means a qualifying round.

So Manchester United are now nailed on to finish fourth and nothing to play for on the last day, more than likely meanin they will give some fringe players a game against Hull.

To make matters ever worse, David De Gea who has been inspirational for them this year was forced off with an injury that looks sure to rule him out. Meaning Victor Valdes will almost certainly start his first ever Premier League match next Sunday.

The last two rounds of matches Newcastle have got lucky with Hull City’s results, next Sunday I have a feeling it won’t be third time lucky and Newcastle will have to beat West Ham.

Oh dear!

  • LeazesEnder

    … and it came to pass that he that shall gamble with £100 million worth of Sky money shall regret-eth evermore his skinflint-eth ways, and repenteth not ….except for the almighty bank balance and parachute payment…

    … and the multitude singeth ‘four more years …four more years’


  • GToon

    Oh dear me. Still at least our players won’t know as they will not be listening to the media or following any scores this week. Hahaha. We deserve this. Well, when I say we I could narrow it down to a certain FCB and his minions. I don’t care what league we play in so bring it on. Bet Hull win it in the last minute too. Bet old cow head can’t wait for it.

  • Stephen Richards

    Ashley and the club deserves relegation a lot of fans nolonger care

  • Sean Kelly

    genuinely couldn’t give a toss now. past caring. MY CLUB IS DEAD

  • Kevin Cherry

    Sean mate dont take this wrong way but sign of a poor club when you have to rely on another club to do ya turn…and would be worried of the steve bruce link with United!!!! Good Luck anyway nxt weekend

  • Sean Kelly

    Kevin I genuinely don’t care either way mate. my clubs pains me to say but it may be a blessing if we go down. but as I say I’m not arsed anymore. NUFC RIP

  • Kevin Cherry

    may be the only way to get rid of ashley…..he may then turn the screw on rangers now!!!! ;-)

  • Sean Kelly

    I thought if he got his paws on rangers he might of sold up here. but that’s dead now I think. so relegation it may be. or if a few naughty faces have a word with him haha. so u supporting hibs in their next game then mate? hehe

  • Kevin Cherry

    Would you support another team v sunderland….likewise and got loads of hibs mates too!!! :-)

  • Sean Kelly

    obviously haha. nice one. ;-)

  • Sickandtiredstill

    LeazesEnder Like he cares if he loses all of his 250 million? He’ll still wake up on Monday morning next week worth over 3 Billion quid.

    Probably more worried about having to put more into the Club – or rather increase the club debt.

  • JohnyH

    Hull battle out a win 1 – 0, West Ham come for a 0 -0 draw, coz fat Sam hates us.
    Wilderness years beckon.
    Anyone who continues giving ticket money to the fat [email protected]@d in the name of supporting NUFC wants their head looked at.

  • killyted

    if we do get relegated its going to be harder to get out of the ch/ship than the last time.With new sponsorship up for grabs season 16/17 with predicted sums of 200m being quoted.
    Well so maybe the one to blame for the fall of this once great club is CASHLEY THE BAS**RD.We got rid of pardew and things have gotten worse, the common denominator is////// answers on a tea bag.with the lack of tv money he will need our season ticket money now,the soloution is in your own hands

  • NeonFrog

    Best chance of staying up is for Sunderland to beat Arsenal, Man Utd have 3rd to play for, beat Hull and it doesn’t matter that we lose to West Ham. Howay Sunderland!!

  • GToon

    Nah, mackems to get hammered twice by big scores, we draw and stay up on goal diff!