Once again Karren Brady has been commenting on the farcical situation at St. James’ Park.

Only two weeks ago the West Ham Vice-Chair had this to say about Mike Ashley:

“Owning a club is a business but, more than that, it is a responsibility to the community, fans and the game itself.

“Only Mike Ashley knows how many of those tests he thinks he passes.”

This weekend in her column in The Sun, Karren Brady has taken the opportunity to look at the farcical Fabricio Coloccini letter that has made the headlines over the last few days.

After seeing John Carver’s embarrassing press conference where he waved a piece of paper that he claimed to be the real deal (though he bizarrely added that this was the third draft…), Brady has joined the vast majority of Newcastle fans who don’t believe it is anything but a (backfiring) PR stunt orchestrated by the club.

Once again we have the other Premier League clubs surely shaking their heads at the numerous own goals that continue to happen at Newcastle United under Mike Ashley.

Some because of the owner’s cynical actions, whilst others simply through sheer incompetence.

Karren Brady:

“Rarely is it thought necessary for a club captain, in this case centre-back Fabricio Coloccini, to issue a letter apologising for the way the team have been playing, pleading with fans to unite behind them for the last three matches.

“I think someone at the top must have had a brainwave and whistled up the club captain to do it, and probably wrote it for him.”

  • KevinBrown11

    Think she’s spot on, Ashleys pr guru Keith bishop got one of his team to pen this garbage, it smacks of it, it really does beg to belief that the regime think we’re all thick as sh*te,

  • Crawcrooklad

    Just saw the letter waved by Carver on the telly, love the “scribblies-out!”

  • Toon Magpie

    None of your business Brady, you rubber NECker.

  • BuckBlack

    Toon Magpie What are you talking about!?

    She’s hit the nail on the head!

  • Nicolaus Copernicus

    Who gives a flying fig what this self-serving woman thinks.

  • BuckBlack

    Nicolaus Copernicus 
    Anyone who gives LESS than a flying fig for Mike Ashley’s methods.

  • A lex

    Who is more self-serving – Brady or our beloved Ashley?

  • Jarra MIck

    Kevin the regime do think that and there are 47 thousand people in the ground yesterday to prove them right.

  • KevinBrown11

    Aye true mate, it’s sickening to see so many Ashley drones clapping to his tune, it’s like getting the sh*t kicked out of you by a thug, and telling him same time next week to do it again and again, it’s sickening to see, I won’t go back till Ashley has gone,