Jonas Gutierrez has left Mike Ashley with a £2.4m leaving present as he walks out of St. James’ Park.

Rather bizarrely, without hardly a murmur, both the fans and the press appear to be quietly accepting that the Argentine midfielder has played his last game for United.

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This is despite the fact that Jonas played in ten of the last eleven matches of the season, only missing the Tottenham home game because of a bust-up with John Carver.

So whilst we are going to be still stuck with liabilities such as Gabriel Obertan who couldn’t even make the 18 on duty against West Ham, a first team player is being pushed out of the door.

So much for Mike Ashley’s brave new world speech, the first thing he does is score an own goal.

On Sunday, Hull’s failure to win meant the bigger picture was safe, safety in the Premier League.

However, a subplot was delivered by Jonas Gutierrez, who delivered a perfect cross for Moussa Sissoko to head home, followed up with his own killer goal.

As well as taking safety into our own hands, Jonas handed Mike Ashley a £2.4m bonus as the extra two points that a win gave (as opposed to a draw), enabled Newcastle to go ahead of both Villa and Sunderland.

With each league placing worth £1.2m each, it gave Ashley his near two and a half million extra in the bank. Not only did Sunday’s win present Newcastle with the ‘prestigious’ North East Top Dogs title, it also desprived the mackems of £1.2m of cash for themselves, that one game giving Newcastle a £3.6m turnaround compared to their neighbours.

Ironically, that £2.4m extra that Jonas Gutierrez played a major part in winning, could easily fund him staying for another year.

However, no doubt Ashley had his calculator out at the match and found that it was more like a £5m bonus for him! The extra £2.4m from the league placings and savig Jonas’ wages.

Jonas Gutierrez of course crossed Mike Ashley when he made public how badkly he felt he’d been treat by the club when battling cancer.

If Mike Ashley is to perform a u-turn then he should grasp this lifeline and use Jonas Gutierrez as the starting point and publicly apologise to him for what happened in the past. Say that he has learnt from his mistakes and that Jonas is everything good about Newcastle United and the Argentine represents everything about what he wants to do moving forward.

Sadly, Jonas also accepting he will have played his last game and giving this message to the supporters:

“Thanks to all the fans, throughout my illness they have been unbelievable to me.

“I owe every one of them a thank you for supporting Newcastle and supporting me.”

  • Paul Patterson

    Give him a years contract. It’s not rocket science. He can still do a job.

    We can’t just go signing 10 players and expect the side to work next season. It never does. If we do that we’ll end up like QPR.

    Put it this way, Cabella or Jonas? I know who I’d rather keep . .

  • warjacqui

    Whilst  I too abhor what’s gone on, the fact Jonas played in the run of catastrophic painful games does not mean he is worth keeping and his goal on Sunday was a deflected effort that would have missed.  All good things come to an end and we should keep quiet until Ashley inevitably renages on his promise.  Don’t fall for replacing squad players for first reamers.  There are only 4 players worth retaining and our beloved spiderman isn’t one of them.  You say ashley pocketed 2.5m. Jonas has also made millions at newcastle so don’t let your heart rule your head!

  • Jarmin Geordie

    Whoever we sign we’ll need experienced players who know the club/city in the dressing room to guide/advise them and for that reason I would give Jonas a year contract (although I think he’d only be a squad player) but unfortunately he has no chance because he spoke out against the club

  • Larry Adler

    He should definitely be offered a years contract, then it’s down to him if he wants to accept it or not. I think another premier league club will take him if we don’t.

  • nnnnnmmmmm

    how much to replace him? even a ‘squad’ player is going to cost more than his wages. for me it’s a no brainer. hopefully sense will prevail.

  • Alex Gill

    We lost 9 of them!

  • Fozzyworld

    What about ‘Keep’?

  • Porciestreet

    Finished above the 5h!te once again, man this is becoming so boring after we give em a 6 point leg up every season. Youd think they would show a little grace and humility…..!

  • truemagpie

    Any thought of his gesture in front of the director box?

  • RichardProud

    Well done Mr Gutierrez, and thank you for your passion and entertainment.

  • Mal44

    Regardless of whether we agree or not with your statement that only 4 players are worth keeping it would be impracticable to do just that and get rid of everyone else. Some of the others have to be retained even if only as back up and Jonas could easily fit into that category. He deserves a 1 year deal, even if heavily incentivised depending on first team appearances. He would, in my opinion, make a good vice captain as he understands the club.

  • TonnekToon

    I would give him at least a  years  contract , he deserves it and i think the changing room needs it . He’s a great character and we don’t seem to have many left . We  need to keep him at the Club.

  • tino o

    I know he has only played in the recent bad run but his efforts and passion for us has stood out definitely deserves another year if only for his last performance thank you Jonas

  • Toon Magpie

    Definitely another year.