Jonas Gutierrez laid on the vital first goal for Moussa Sissoko and killed the match off with the second himself, then afterwards he received a message from Ant and Dec.

The Geordie duo used their Twitter account to show their own gratitude, plus on behalf of the rest of us, for Jonas’ dedication to Newcastle in his seven years at the club.

The Ant and Dec message reading:

“Thank you from every single nufc supporter.”

Alan Shearer also got in on the act, saying this about the Argentine winger:

“Jonas Gutierrez, with the tough time he has had in his personal battle with cancer – what a way to sign off his career at Newcastle.

“He has been a very good servant.

“A fantastic strike from him and  that was it, once that goal went in it was safety.”

I was desperate obviously to see Jonas Gutierrez fight back from his cancer blow and I thought it would be a major achievement if he got back onto the football pitch at all.

As for being able to handle Premier League football I didn’t think there was realistically any chance and his first few first team appearances apperaed to prove that.

However, as time has gone on, especially when playing in his more favoured midfield role rather than filling in at full-back, I have to say that Jonas has been really impressive, nowhere more so than at St. James’ Park yesterday.

I’m not saying he is a world beater…well he was never that to start with.

What he always was and is today, is someone who gives 100% and inspires on and off the pitch, at the age of 31 it isn’t as though he is finished. As well as being a decent hard working player, whose crossing and running with the ball has actually improved in recent games compared to the period before he fell foul of Pardew and Ashley.

The very fact that John Carver has been relying on him so much, tells you that it is ludicrous to think it is a good move to not offer Jonas Gutierrez a short-term deal to stay at the club.

When the club has proved to be so devoid of character/characters this season, getting rid of what many consider the only real character still at the club, is yet another own goal.

When Jonas is playing ahead of the likes of Obertan, Sammy Ameobi, Cabella and others, why on earth would you dispense with his services?

If Mike Ashley really wants to show things are going to change, a simple and cost effective small start would be to thank Jonas for his contribution and beg him to stay.

With all the weaknesses in the Newcastle squad that need to be corrected, why add to them?

Even as a squad player next season, Jonas can be a real asset and should also be utilised by the club as an ambassador of everything that the club should aspire to.

So as Ant and Dec say, yes we thank you, but this shouldn’t be the end of the line.


  • NottsToon

    We signed Chucku to keep Sideshow Bob company, so why not hang on to Jonas? The bloke loves the club, knows more about attitude and fight than anyone else in the dressing room, and is not completely finished as a footballer #anotheryearforjonas

  • Sickandtiredstill

    Carver once again trying to take credit for it (“I had Jonas in a couple of days ago…..”). The bloke actually sickens me for the depths he’ll go to, to avoid blame but try to take the glory when there’s a chance. The fact his first action was to turn and give a thumbs up to Mike Ashley at the final whistle said it all for me.
    As for the protest. Well I think we can and should all accept that the vast majority of our support don’t really give a damn about anything any longer. New shirts on display. Hundreds rather than thousands at the sit in.
    As for Ashley – no wonder he never gives interviews. He sounded like some barrow boy hauled in off the street, not a multi Billionaire in charge of a corporation. Barely able to string together a comprehensible sentence, I don’t think or believe he is capable of changing anything at the Club.
    He needs to demote or get rid of Charnley and have a Board and Management team of experienced football professionals. No more Jimenez, LLambias, Kinnears, Wise’s or Pardew’s – and most certainly not a Carver. He says he’ll leave the decisions to his Board – but the Board will soon consist of only himself and Charnley anyway once Irving walks. Where is the football expertise there?
    The man should swallow his pride and go begging KK to come back as MD or Dir of Football. With his help, recruit a top flight ambitious manager/coach and try to build a football dynasty here, based on the correct principles.

  • truemagpie

    He is not the best player in the world, but he could be a useful squad player for us (a mediocre team). He has the big character which we lack since the departure of Nolan/Barton. Keep him for a couple of years so that new and young players have someone to look upon.

  • A lex

    Sickandtiredstill Totally agree about the sit in – never going to work. ‘Fans’ think the first pint or beating the traffic is more important than showing Ashley how he’s screwing the club and the city.
    At least with Ashley’s interview, we’ve now got something on record. I wrote on another article that he has 75 days to prove his words. Actually, he probably only has about 2 weeks – the appointment of the coach / manager will confirm the true direction he wants to head in.

  • crediblejustin736

    True, this article. Gutierrez ought to stay and maybe even retire here. We’re bringing in players, and we need older guys who know what the club is about to provide character. Look how we suffered after the last massive sale

  • wor monga

    Jonas did more to keep us up in this game than could be
    expected of any player…he was ‘Roy of the Rovers’…because he had to prove he
    could come back and do it…

    …not only for himself but for all who have suffered
    the horror, like he has done…

    …but another 38 game season at 31 is a different
    kettle of fish…let him go out on a well-deserved high as the legend that he is,
    and let’s have some real money spent on good young players…

  • patricia4206

    Jonas is a true gentleman when you think this club told him to go get another club when he had cancer and then loaned out to Norwich well he paid us bad big style what a servant for us never let us forget it.  That carver trying to take all the credit when he put the boot in.  I gave my season ticket up after 25years and the fat man did not sway me by his contrived interview only interested in his  SD he new that this game was screened world wide and wanted to rescue the bad press he is a MORON.

  • howaymebonnylads

    … as one of the lads said, “It was a David Kelly moment”.  He’s done his bit for NUFC now.  If we are going to move forward then Jonas can leave with his head held high and he will never have to buy another drink when there’s a Geordie in the room.