Mike Ashley’s minions released an official statement (see below) on Friday night, confirming that as expected Jonas Gutierrez wasn’t going to get another contract at Newcastle United.

Jonas paying the price for crossing the club owner, having previously criticised him for the lack of support given to him when fighting cancer.

However, once again Jonas Gutierrez wasn’t taking it lying down and hit back at Mike Ashley once again.

Using social media, Jonas went to great lengths to make clear how grateful he is for the support given by the supporters, contrasting that with the despicable way that both Alan Pardew and Mike Ashley behaved.

Jonas Gutierrez on Twitter:

“Two things I learn from my illness, how you can support a player (the Newcastle fans) and how you leave a player alone (Mike Ashley).”

Jonas Gutierrez on Facebook:

“Thanks to all football fans and Newcastle fans for supporting me and trusting in me.

“This is a way to demonstrate I always hear you. You are very important to me, football wouldn’t be the same without you. All my effort and affection is for you!”

The club’s statement also confirmed that Ryan Taylor would not be offered a new contract either.

Newcastle United official club statement

Newcastle United can confirm that Ryan Taylor and Jonas Gutierrez will be released by the club when their current deals expire on 30 June 2015.

Managing director Lee Charnley said:

“Ryan and Jonas have both contributed significantly to Newcastle United over a number of years and on behalf of the Board, I would like to place on record our sincere thanks to both players for the excellent service they have given the club.

“It was a great pleasure to see Ryan and Jonas come back into the team in recent weeks and compete at the highest level after the injury and illness battles they have had to overcome. To come through those difficult periods with such strength and dignity will have given hope and inspiration to many and it is clear that our supporters have a deep connection and affection for both players, as does everyone associated with the club.”

Gutierrez joined the Magpies in July 2008 and in seven seasons on Tyneside made 205 appearances for United scoring 12 goals.

His performances at the end of this season contributed significantly to United’s survival in the Premier League and of course that special goal in the final home game against West Ham, and the reaction of everyone present, is something all Newcastle supporters will remember.

Taylor overcame two knee ligament injuries to return to action. He made 110 appearances for the club, hitting 10 goals, and will of course be best remembered for his free kick winner at the Stadium of Light in August 2011.

As usual the club’s PR machine attempts to bury bad news as much as possible by releasing the statement on a Friday night, ensuring as little as possible press coverage.

I only wish they put as much thought and effort into trying to creat a successful team, as they do with their blatant PR strategy of trying to deflect criticism.

  • mentalman

    Maybe Jonas is paying the price for being out of contract, nearing the end of his career, being one of our highest earners(reports say only collo is paid more) and not actually being good enough to be a first team regular

  • A lex

    Fully agreed – a horrible attempt to bury this news on a Friday night, also with the FIFA distraction, too. You failed, Bishop, we can see through your slimey moves.
    Without doubt, and despite ‘powers on the wane’, there’s definitely a place still for Guitierrez in an NUFC squad. Anyone who has doubts, then just wait to see what the squad will look like on Aug 8th.
    As for Sammy earning an extension, coupled with Guitierrez being dumped, then that says it all about the horse Ashley is bolting on.

  • Paul Patterson

    Quite literally a ‘Thanks for the money you’ve saved us, but f**k off’.


  • philrenner09

    Anyone agree that Janmaat should have the armband next season — inspiration on the pitch for team and fans !  Let him know that the team will be built around him, different class from the usual dross we buy.

  • Munich Mag

    mentalman but is without doubt an excellent utility man who can fill in at various positions throughout the team and would be a valuable squad member in a squad devoid of character and grit. Good luck to the lad.

  • Munich Mag
  • Sickandtiredstill

    While just about anyone and everyone should be appalled at the way they have treated Jonas – there’s also a very worrying thing going on right now (again).

    Who do you all think are making these decisions? Even Carver is on his hols – so Charnley and Carr (along with Ashley) are once again the people deciding the team for next season before a new manager/HC has arrived, or even been identified it would seem.

    For the 35% who suddenly felt optimistic after Ashley’s bollix last Sunday – does this make you still want to believe him?

    No change here. Nothing new. No lessons learnt. The lunatics continue to run the asylum.

  • ash1001

    Question? What was all the talk about Jonas been offered a new contract if he played 200 games, another load of tosh from someone.

    Charnley if you were any more than a puppet, a blind man on a galloping horse could see that Jonas was worth at least a one year extension, his last few games showed that, – enthusiasm, up for it, a wee bit of skill as well, even showed Cabella your 10 Million Pound man thats its not necessary to beat the same guy 3 times.

    Jonas, I wish you well, and please remember we the fans think you are ONE OF US – A Geordie.

  • John Watson

    Imagine the goodwill, the spirit we would have had next season, had Ashley just given Jonas a new contract. Beyond sad, beyond stupid.

  • philrenner09 I doubt that he’ll still be here.

  • Kevin Halliday

    Also, amongst the group of players, Jonas had the effect of bonding groups together with his infectious, fun personality. Again not understood by Ashley and Charmless. Sometimes a character or two make everyones job a little easier. Stupid, thoughtless buffoons. Fatty Out.

  • MackEdwards

    Munich Mag Very good pick-up on article. The rabble in charge here should hang their heads in shame – but then again, they have no shame / conscience do they! ! !

  • Rowla

    Sickandtiredstill very good point

  • TonnekToon

    Gutted for Jonas , didn’t deserve it , probably the biggest character at the Club,  but its typical of the Board under Fatty’s ownership .

  • Munich Mag

    MackEdwards Munich Mag mate, I saw this weeks ago, what a splendid move from a great club…

  • centrepaddock

    Another own goal from the club

  • DownUnderMag

    How did the club go from getting Ben Arfa to sign for us because we treat him so well during his rehab to Jonas being treat like dirt?  Such a disgrace.

  • magpie9

    Fattys way is to say you will cost me money if you are sick & stay so on your bike find a club that will support you in your troubles. This is the way a team in N.F.L. dealt with a fringe player they were going to cut when they found out his daughter had cancer

  • GToon

    When you read the links shown below you realize what a load of scumbags run our club. If we could somehow wind the clock back i would have hoped for a different set of results last weekend after the way the club have treated Jonas. What’s gets me is the fact that regardless of any sentiment he is worth a place in the team on merit alone. Now who exactly is it that doesn’t think so? Was it the person he shouted w……ker to when he scored? Don’t see the problem there. He said what we all think. Poor bloke. Just hope he is always ok in life and realises how many friends he has and not just from our fans. You know writing this I just wonder is there actually anything our club can get right? Has there ever been a time under Ashley that the club have treated somebody well or shown some kind of human emotion other than greed. They really do make me sick at times.

  • Michael Maximus Moose

    A Lion amongst Lambs !

    treat like shyte by Scumbag Mike & his Minions
    Adios Jonas

  • magpie9

    GToon Sick at times? he makes me sick all the time with his never ending greed & rape of our club

  • GToon

    He just doesn’t seem to understand how a football club works, the emotion, the passion or any of it really. The mackem fans showed him what showing emotion and respect for football fans is. The Liverpool fans showed him how to treat special players like Jonas. Honestly they just don’t get a thing right. Who on earth advises him? And it could be so so different if money wasn’t put before everything.

  • Andgeo

    Ashley out!!

  • BuckBlack

    All this, just in case we didn’t realise it’ll be the same old crap from Ashley (and his talentless lackey Lee Charmless) next year.

  • stevennufc

    absolute scumbag!…..nowts gonna change!…..seriously hope fatso gets ill someday!…..see if his billions can cure him!!!

  • prestondave

    What team is being built around him. ? We haven’t even got a manager yet.

  • ilullissat

    The present owners would fit in well in North Korea or Nazi Germany

  • ilullissat

    If this is true,Carver is a coward,a yellow belly.He isnt a real fan,hes a John Carver fan,a true traitor.

  • ilullissat

    It seems to me that those running the club have some kind of illness which can be diagnosed as greed

  • ilullissat

    If you keep indirectly supporting the owner by going to the games,expect nothing to change

  • Sickandtiredstill

    prestondave Aye, I couldn’t get too excited about a team built around a RB. Strange strategy that one.