Friday night saw the club release two statements, informing Newcastle fans that six players would be leaving the club at the end of June.

The six named were Adam Campbell, Remie Streete, Jak Alnwick, Facundo Ferreyra, Ryan Taylor and Jonas Gutierrez.

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The first four named would get pretty much unanimous agreement from Newcastle fans, that they weren’t going to cut in the Premier League on all available evidence, or zero evidence in Ferreyra’s case!

With Ryan Taylor, some fans would see him as potentially have being able to contribute something next season.

Whilst with Jonas Gutierrez there is undoubtedly a split, the Argentine international featuring in 10 of the final 11 games of the season and having his best match for years on the final day.

Leaving aside the fact that he’d previously upset Mike Ashley, it is hard to claim that he wouldn’t have been able to contribute more next season than a decent amount of deadwood that United will be stuck with (Obertan, Williamson, Elliot etc) for at least another season until contracts run out.

However, the Jonas factor has taken the eyes of Newcastle fans away from what is really the biggets concern.

To an extent it is immaterial which players are or aren’t let go, what does matter is who makes the decision.

Surely if there is any serious intent of doing things differently at the club, then whoever is going to be manager/head coach next season should have had a key role in deciding who goes and who stays.

Otherwise, how can anybody be convinced that anything is going to change in the broken way the club is run under Ashley?

It isn’t like any of us expect that the new manager will be given limitless funds to bring in all of the players the club really needs, due to years of under investment and bad decisions.

So then deciding whether Jonas or Ryan Taylor could do a job should have been down to the new man in charge.

Likewise, while I think the offer of a contract to Sammy Ameobi was purely to ensure some compensation down the line, it again should be a decision that takes into account what the new manager thinks he needs, or doesn’t…

With now less than ten weeks to go until the new season kicks off,  every day that goes by sees the club in freefall, just as it has being certainly ever since Alan Pardew walked out and wasn’t replaced.

Though there again, many of us would judge NUFC have been in freefall for pretty much most of the time we have supported them…


  • pengprm

    For all we know the new head coach has had a say

  • Peaco

    Interesting article and agree with many of your points. Above all, i ‘m in agreement that the manager should have a say, but perhaps this is why the emphasis has been
    placed on the role being called ‘head coach’. I guess the philosophy is that a director of football sets the footballing ethos at a higher level, then should a coach walk out (fed up with fatty/chumpley/wages/direction etc), there is continuity in terms of principles and personnel.
    The problem is that the DoF role by definition would require a lot more footballing knowledge than just being a great scout. Whilst not necessarily a fair barometer, I would also expect the DoF (who is essentially the club’s footballing conscience/technical expert) to have a pedigree beyond playing for Dartford or managing Weymouth, and with experience in terms of teleasin and procuring playing staff to suit the needs of the club.
    At our club, the executive (if you can call it that) comprises: a bean counter without a voice, who looks like he’s never kicked a ball in his life; and a scout moonlighting as a quasi DoF with seemingly limited playing or managerial experience. In this context, is anyone really surprised by the perculiar decisions?

  • fireflyuk

    pengprm Carver…@@@cough! @@@

  • Paul Patterson

    Peaco  Good points.

    I would go a step further and say we have an mega rich owner, with a reluctance to spend any money, who has no football knowledge.
    We have an accountant in charge of every decision made at the club, with no football knowledge.
    We have a Chief scout with some playing experience (1960’s) and management experience (80’s-90’s) who has had mixed to good success scouting for the club.

    Then we have whoever is put in place to train/coach the players. Which at present seems a load of village idiots . .

  • TonnekToon

    Some good points in there . The current  ‘ Head Coach ‘  is /was only in place because the Owner is too tight @rsed to do the right thing when desperately needed . How the likes of Willo  , Obertan , Guffi  etc. can have another season  @ SJP after releasing Jonas is almost criminal . So is employing some one like Penfold in the position he holds .

  • mentalman

    People’s judgements are being clouded regarding Jonas and Taylor, they aren’t good enough anymore and they are too old for the contract they want. If Williamson was at the end of his contract would it be renewed, would gouffran get a new contract I may be wrong but I doubt it.

  • radgiegadgie

    Yeah mash needed to make squad places available for all the 7 figure signings coming in.

  • PhilYare

    so we are keeping williamson?