At 9am on Wednesday morning, John Carver performed his press conference duties fully four days before the actual match that could decide Newcastle United’s Premier League future.

Speaking about the game, John Carver said that there are no second chances.

Inadvertently he has summed up so many areas at the club and the futures of so many people employed by Mike Ashley, as well as the owner himself.

After 2 wins in 19 matches only a truly mental club would give John Carver a…second chance.

NUFC releasing the following quotes from John Carver:

“There’s no second chances. This is the final game of the season and it’s all about this one game.”

“We need the supporters this weekend. Put all your differences to one side and get behind the team. We will have an inquest after”

The big players?:

“I have enough players in that room who realise what this game means. I’m expecting the big players to step up and perform.  We have to win the game. If we win, we take care of our own business. Winning is our only thought.”

“It’s come to this and we have to deal with it but I’m looking forward to the challenge that this week will bring.”

Who are these big players, have we signed somebody?

I hope so, I’m quite excited looking forward to seeing these people who are capable of stepping up and performing.

Not like the rubbish we’ve been watching from the likes of Coloccini, Cabella and Sissoko…


  • Jordan Appleby

    Shouldn’t have been a first chance

  • Stephen Walton

    Carver just do one……….fekoff!

  • Andrew Newman

    Best coach in the league..

  • Jordan Nichol

    Correction: there are no tenth chances.

  • SunilMarkSingh

    Haven’t commented on this site for over a year now. Lost all hope with the regime a while ago. Truth be told lost all attention to football as NUFC was the thing that made it all that more special. 

    This club deserves to be relegated as sad as it sounds. It is totally rotten from the core.

    Regarding John Carver, It’s a bit of a mix bag. He is obviously trying but is clearly not good enough. MA knows this and the abuse gets directed at him. Same with Pardew and Kinnear. John should have walked away but you see with the high attendances every other week how hard that can be. Feelings of guilt and a wanting to save your club override any logical reasoning of how bad it actually is. 

    Football has been a business for many clubs now for many a year. In this you get good businesses and bad ones. We are unfortunately a bad apple in this and until MA leaves theres not really much we can do. 
    Whatever happens there will be a strategic overhaul at St James but one low cost strategy for another is all I am expecting. 

    I feel like I never had the strength to come on this forum after the last few years. It distracted me and put so much weight on my mind. I am sure like a lot of you. Problem is caring about something which doesn’t care back is such a bad place to be and the only option for me was to cut ties with the club because as far as I am aware until the club starts putting the fans as a priority – what is the point. Some poeple will question your loyalty on this matter. I supported the club all through the relegation and the championship but this whole situation is one which was completely avoidable and decisions were made which were not in the best interests of anyone but the owner. 

    I won’t be watching the match on saturday. I am not sure Hull have the firepower to beat man united but i am sure they will give it a go. Us on the other hand, I am not really so sure. As many of you have said West Ham have reasons for us to go down especially with Nolan and Alladyce being treated the way they were. 

    Players will have to be bought after this season, sure there are plenty of freebies hanging around but won’t change anything. I feel like I am in a period of mourning with this club and all I expected the club to do was to try and compete. This unfortunately hasn’t been the case for a while and the mis communication has left our fan base in complete tatters. I hope that one day we can feel proud to support the club and the way it does its business.

  • ”We will have an inquest later ” …….  yeah right !

  • TonnekToon

    ‘No second chances’ . J.C. shouldn’t have had a first chance . Only under fatty would this man be any where near a Football club !

  • jarra lad

    “I have enough players in that room who realise what this game means”.
    Surely EVERY player in that room should know what this game means!

  • ilullissat

    It’s funny how our “biggest game of the season”is always a relegation battle.Other top clubs “biggest games of the season”are usually to win the title or cup or qualify for Europe