With Newcastle United’s Premier League existence hanging by a thread, John Carver has said the fans have to ‘Get right behind this football club’.

So despite an average of over fifty thousand every week at St. James’ Park, despite only one home win in these long five months under John Carver, Pardew’s former assistant once again puts the onus on the supporters, as though we were the ones letting the side down!

Why is he not saying this to his boss Mike Ashley who hasn’t bothered going to matches since relegation became a potential reality in recent times?

Or why not say to his players and coaching staff to get their fingers out after doing such a pathetic job?

John Carver interviewed on the official club website and asked firstly if he was:

Grateful for Hull today?’

“We could have had it all put to bed today if we’d done things right in the second half.

“Going into the last game it is still in our hands…I said before this (QPR) game it was in our hands and haven’t taken this opportunity.”


“You don’t get many opportunities but we have to take the one next week.

“We are going to on tenterhooks and we need the fans to get right behind this football club.”

‘Could we have done anything to stop the second goal?’

“Possibly somebody could have got a bit closer, the ball just drops the other side of Jack Colback and he hits it and it flies into the top corner.

“Tim (Krul) couldn’t have done anything about it (apart from the feeble kick that started the QPR move) but we never get goals like that.”

  • Sean Kelly

    we need the owner to leave more like! the club is dead RIP

  • PeterRobson

    So what exactly does Mr “I´m the best coach in the Premier League” Carver think we´ve been doing year in, year out (not just during the season) ?

    We´ve shouted ourselves hoarse, we´ve bitten our nails to the wick, we´ve cried into our pints and bemoaned every decision that didn´t go our way !!!

    We´ve travelled far and wide and been the best set of fans a team could wish for for more years and managers than I can remember.
    We´ve put up with the likes of Gordon McKeag as chairman and still “got behind the team” !!

    We´ve suffered managers like Ossie Ardilles and Jackie Charlton, managers with no sense of history for the region and the club.

    The success of the club, not measured in trophies won, has rested on the bond between the fans and the players who wear the Black and White that represents our hopes and aspirations.

    Asking us to get behind the team for the final throw of the dice in what can only be described as a calamitous season, is your way of preparing to shove the blame onto us for wanting more from a club which is at the beating heart of our community !!!

    If, heaven forbid, we should be relegated, I dare you, to put the blame at our door !!!

    If you and the players you select to represent us cannot show us the same sort of commitment you demand of us, then you have no right to call yourself a Geordie and a fan !!!

    Man up and face the music Mr Carver, we´ve done our bit for the club now it´s up to you and the players !!

  • williamjames837

    Well said, wise words Peter, but I’m afraid they fall on deaf ears.

  • Mark Brooker

    The only way toon will stay up is if hull don’t beat Manchester United. The players at Newcastle United don’t like like winning anything for themselves at the minute. They’ve given nothing in the last few months and deserve nothing from the fans.

  • Life long fan

    I have been reading comments on this forum for a long long time just for the record I gave up my season ticket six years ago my first game was in 1969. I can’t understand why the club and in particular carver asking for the fans to get behind the team. The fans have always supported the team through good and bad it’s a pity the owner didn’t follow suit, my question is why does carver not ask Ashley why he does not support the team firstly through investment in the team and secondly coming to matches to show his support. I know Ashley only uses the club to promote his other business interests but to fans this is totally unacceptable it’s not only morally wrong but fans want to see commitment from the club from the top down over.the only way to have any chance what so ever to see change in the running of the club is to vote with your feet and stop going to the match plain and simple demos and every thing else will have no long term impact on the owner. I know you might think the loss of gate revenue will not matter because of the TV money but no business can survive without customers an empty stadium will have such a massive impact not only in the media but it will have a very negative impact on all the owners advertising that will be beamed round the world.

  • BrianPhenny

    A little message for John Carver, you have had the fans behind you for years and what have you given them John, you turned on them to suck up to your boss Pardew, You keep promising better performances that have never come, you are a joke John and so deluded you believe you should be given the job next year, a little insight for you, you poor poor demented soul, if you are given the job next season there will be no fans to get behind you, in a nutshell John YOU YOUR PLAYER YOUR TACTICS YOUR BOSS AND ALL HIS BUM BOYS ARE GARBAGE AND A JOKE

  • Brownale69

    Tell me another club with attendances like ours who would have put up with this shower of owners/managers/coaches/players? and not turned nasty. Carver you are very very lucky chap keep talking tripe and thinking of your 5 year contract £££ quids in mate.

  • Sickandtiredstill

    PeterRobson Here here. I agree with one other poster on a previous page who suggested support next week, demonstrate towards Ashley, and then tearing the [email protected] down of every SD sign we can get our hands on.

  • truemagpie

    No matter what is the result, I think fans should stay in the stadium and chant ” we don’t want Carver!”

  • Pedrothegreat

    The only way this club can move forward is if Ashley goes, Charnley steps down, Carver steps down and 90% of the team is changed, then we can talk about great support. Charnley told us we were aiming for 10 position and happy to finish mid table, now look at us, where all but gone, this is where lack of ambition gets you, this is where taking silly risks selling players and being cheap gets you. Fans who boycott and fans who go to the match can hold their heads high because at least we did something, be it right or wrong, the owner and his minions stood by and watched it happen as we sailed down the league. When the club no longer listens to the fans its over, and that’s what it is for me now as a fan, no ambition, no belief, no respect, im finished with it.

  • grahame49

    You don’t bloody choose to get behind this club we get behind our club Newcastle united and over the last 10 years we’ve gave more than they deserve but that’s love devotion and passion please show that on Sunday. Also our fans showed sir Stevie of Liverpool respect in our Geordie way clapping as he walked to take a corner then boos. Ashley etc respect is losing 6 0 to liverpool at St James park and applauding a rival player when taken off and him applauding in return. His heart was a red in pain and joy for his club mine is black and white. Ashley I will never have respect for you

  • partworntyres

    LATEST – Exclusive from the ‘SH.TSTORM CHRONICLE’.
    CARVER EXPOSED – ‘he’s a mackem! – the only true explanation”

  • Toon Magpie

    NOTHING TO GET BEHIND. It is an empty shell of a club run by idiots.

  • Wallsendstu

    Stupid coach
    Players not interested
    Owner who is a waste of space
    Ridiculous decisions
    Tat shop advertising

    Directors without a clue
    Idiotic managerial and coaching contracts and appointments
    Ritual fight against relegation
    Easily knocked out of cups
    Constantly putting the blame on fans who complain
    Tell lies that we will change as we know we have made mistakes.

    Charnley must go, Carver must go, Ashley must go, if they don’t then the fans should stop going.

  • pinit

    This actually cant be right something is just not right I cant understand why this team is so determined to be relegated. They don’t even look like a team who want to look as if they are trying. You would have thought fighting for their jobs /pay packet would have at least motivated  them. The only thing I can put it down to is the players have just given up on NUFC  all together. It looks as if the players feel so disconnected with the club none of them want to play for the club next season. The player must feel the same way as do the SD counter staff Selling cheap tat week after week. There is just no belief so how can you expect fans to keep on believing, the club has a rotten core. My love for the club is turning to hate and the players are joining in this hate for the club.  If it was really the fans club this would have never happened, its time to stand up like a toon army and fight back or soon we really will be defeated.

  • Jarra MIck

    Yeah Graham everyone was clapping Saint Stevie except that poor bloke his mates held down while he punched him repeatedly in the face. Bloke is scum, great footballer but a bigger Cnut you couldn’t hope to meet.

  • Albert27

    Can the owners please get behind the club in future…….. actually no… can they p’ss off instead.

  • terriertwo

    Any true Newcastle supporter would get behind Ashley and Carver. Preferably on the Tyne Bridge where a little nudge would end eight years of misery. Obviously the council wouldn’t be happy as the pollution would probably kill off a lot of fish and wild life that rely on the river for their existence. Still a donation from the fans would pay for the removal of the waste and make the north a more enjoyable place to visit especially at the weekends.

  • Toonbadger

    Fcuk Off

  • northender

    Yes, if Toon go down next week it will be the fan’s fault. Simples.

  • northender

    Sickandtiredstill PeterRobson Mate, you speak for football followers everywhere.

  • Andrew Johnson

    We are right behind it…. sadly the owner isnt

  • DownUnderMag

    This is one of the things that infuriates me about this club, no matter what dross the players, owner or manager (head-coach) put up and how much they fail to perform, it always end up being put back onto the fans, the one part of this club that has never deserted, never failed to give their all in support of the black n white…

    At some stage, there needs to be something given BACK to the fans!!!  If the players had given their best efforts and worked hard against QPR then we probably wouldn’t have lost, like it or not the PLAYERS were the ones that rolled over and died, the fans were still signing and supporting THEIR club…it’s time the players and management understand this fact and start to give their all back as well!

  • foggy

    PeterRobson  we showed up at Leicester in the cup, 4300 of us and what did you do Carver?
    You, the owner, the management, the coaches, the minions, the players all took the piss out of us and got yourselves knocked out at the first hurdle.
    Do not ask us to get behind you, behind Ashley, behind charnley, behind these yellow livered players,behind the arse licking lickspitals like moncur.
    You are all traitors and deserve absolutely nothing from us fans

  • nufcmag777

    If Ashley was any kind of leader then NUFC would not be in this position and you Carver would be nowhere near this club never mind being in charge.Ashley has allowed this car crash and relegation would be a godsend if it meant Ashley suffering like we have  for 8 years.Well Carver do what your paid for and pick the right team to beat WHFC and try to win the game you moron.You need the fans backing do you-Well fcuk off dimwit.

  • Malcolm Jacques

    We have never been away shame the team can’t say the same.

  • Sickandtiredstill

    Right behind the lot of you – with bayonets fixed.