Vurnon Anita has been described as a ‘different animal’ by John Carver.

The Newcastle Head Coach summing up the Dutch midfielder’s display against West Ham as ‘outstanding’ and saying that he is a fantastic professional who will play anywhere for the team.

Carver maybe going a little too far when suggesting Vurnon could even play in goal, a decision that would make the choice of Peter Beardsley being an emergency keeper (check out the video footage from 1986 below) against the Hammers back in the eighties as almost a sensible one.

Luckily there was no repeat of that 8-1 scoreline from back in 1986 and United grasped the safety net on the final day of the season, Hull’s failure having also confirmed Newcastle staying up.

John Carver does make reference to the one blot on Anita’s performance, the midfielder doing everything right apart from that final pass on the breakaway when the score was 1-0.

Many fans believed that Vurnon Anita possibly deserved man of the match but it was handed to Jonas Gutierrez, with the Argentine international even making the official Premier League team of the week.

Pardew’s former assistant also found time when speaking to the official club website, to pay tribute to Mike Williamson for his contribution after suspension and his commitment being called into question:

“Over the period of time of the games I’ve had here, I think it is not that many times I have had a proper back four in.

“Credit to Mike Williamson, I dug him out a few weeks ago and he put in a first class performance.”

A different animal:

“Vurnon Anita is a different animal. He is a fantastic professional: if you ask him to play left-back, right-back, play in goal…he will play anywhere.

“I thought he was outstanding and he worried me when he got through one on one – I thought he was going to go down with cramp actually!

“He got in the box and actually just made the wrong decision at the wrong time – but an outstanding display.”

  • Steven Fox

    And he is usually shite in all those positions.

  • toonterrier

    Well that’s handy. If we sell Tim Krul we have a ready made goalie to take his place. That’ll save Ashley a few quid. Anita had a great game yesterday which makes it his second decent one this year. The lad seems to have the skill so why hasn’t he shown it before. Could it have something to do with the poor coaching or maybe Carver had a quiet word with him during the week in his office and gave his confidence a boost. Cant wait to see who they ship out and which donkeys we get saddled with next season.

  • Brownale69

    he and all the rest are crap

  • Ben Jefferson

    Aye coz he prob wakes up every morning thinking hes dreaming getting paid to play football

  • Michael Maximus Moose


  • amacdee

    You know I just have this nagging feeling that the last two clueless numpties havent had an ounce of tactical nous between them. Could a clever, intuitive, tactically aware manager get the best from wor Vurn ?

  • Simon Sharp

    Carver can get the best out of Anita. Pardew can’t. Interesting.

  • GeoffreyRDixon

    About time,one swallow and all that,next Cabella to perform ???

  • Alltomuch

    It was plain to see the body language of willo, guttez as when celebrating ignored him.
    Just shows the egotistical prate lost the changing room

  • Toon161070

    Anita, and others mind you, have been terrible this season. Carver is blind.

  • Stephen McMenzie

    He was absolutely brilliant yesterday, if it wasn’t for Jonas he would have been MOTM easily.

  • Gordonthetoony

    Isn’t that part of the problem with Anita. They play him everywhere and never give him a run in a settled position. He did have an excellent game and his work rate in chasing and putting opposition under pressure was immense.

  • Mal44

    So John, after his very good game against WBA why did you drop him for the QPR game and play Raylor in midfield who had been well below par for weeks?

  • Sickandtiredstill

    amacdee Ajax Technical Director said he was amazed we signed him and he wouldn’t have gotten a seat on their bench. On his showing here I would have no reason to disagree

  • PhilHill2

    Disagree thought he played the right pass at the right time, it was just outstanding reactions by the keeper. Every time I watch it I still don’t see how the keeper got to it.

  • Kevin Halliday

    Why has it taken “the best coach in the premier league” this long to realise this. Perhaps it is because Vurn aint a six foot english powerhouse of a man. The stupid tw*t that was the boss before him didn’t either mind. Stupid f*ckers the pair of them. Let’s go dutch. Intelligence AND craft.

  • Kevin Halliday

    But not Shteve McLaren though.