It’s the one you have been waiting for, the battle of the heavyweights – John Carver v Steve McClaren.

The contest to become the undisputed (***Limited powers may apply) Newcastle Head Coach of Newcastle United.

In the black and white corner and defending his title, we have John ‘best coach in the Premier League’ Carver

A record of 3 wins in his last 20 bouts, this local lad has just about remained standing despite a standing count over the last five months.

Having just vacated another black and white corner (sacked yesterday) we have his opponent, Steve ‘the wally with the brolly’ McClaren.

Formerly fighting (to get) out of Middlesbrough, McClaren was given a knockout blow on Monday by Derby County after only 2 wins in his last 13 bouts, a three to nothing defeat on home turf on the final day of the season ending their play-off hopes when only a draw was needed.

Who is your money on, in this battle of the losers?

John Carver’s full breakdown was Played 20 Won 3 Drawn 4 Lost 13

Steve McClaren weighed in with Played 13 Won 2 Drawn 6 Lost 5

What a choice…or is that no choice?

Both come without a price on their head, with Derby having terminated the former England manager’s contract.

Mike Ashley talked big on Sunday without really saying anything.

His grand claim is that he intends to win something but will his first move be to appoint one of these serial losers?


  • Sickandtiredstill

    ‘Winning’ includes CL qualification. While I agree that would be nothing short of a miracle given his 8 years of ownership and results so far, it’s hardly reaching for the stars given this Club’s PL history with KK and SBR. leaving Charnley in charge of anything is yet another example of Ashley’s cronyism and prime reason for accepting nothing is really going to change. It can’t, when the choices being made are done so by people who don’t have a scooby.

  • partworntyres

    either would be an embarrassing appointment. – neither would bring anything new to nufc. – keegan changed the way football was played in the premier league. – lets have someone who brings an intelligent, cultured view of contemporary football. – this is shirley’s big cnance.

  • prestondave

    If Mike Ashley was really serious about investing in NUFC then these 2 muppets wouldnt even be in the running. Would you trust these 2 under achievers to take care of your investment ?. Nah, neither would I. So, it tells me that either fatty is bluffing about the funds and winning things or he is looking at a serious contender to take charge. The appointment of whoever will tell you everything you need to know. Just make sure you wait and see who it is before you scuttle off to buy your season ticket.

  • BillytheFish

    I’d take Steve Maclaren in a heartbeat, and leave JC there as his no 2….You can slag Maclaren all you want but ask anyone who has anything in the game and he will be in their top 5 coaches….

  • Polarboy

    BillytheFish Yeah guess who else is supposed to be a great coach according to most.

  • TonnekToon

    I wouldn’t be too happy with Wally , but i suppose he’d be an upgrade on the current incumbent . Then again who wouldn’t be ?

  • kuromori

    BillytheFish Coach, yes. Manager, no.

  • TheBoneYard

    BillytheFish hahahahahahahahahahaha very funny