John Carver has said that he will ‘fight to the death’ as Newcastle are now most definitely deep in a relegation fight.

A 3-1 defeat for Hull on Monday night at home to Arsenal gave a little respite, keeping Steve Bruce’s team a point behind.

However, with five clubs only separated by two points as they compete for that relegation spot, there is no room for complacency, especially as United have the worst goal difference of the five.

What Carver has also said though, is that if any Newcastle players aren’t prepared to accept responsibility and the challenge of fighting relegation, should just ‘stay at home’.

John Carver:

“What I have said to the players is what I have said to them, I will keep some of that stuff to myself, but I will also tell you some things.

“We need to grow up and accept it, the ones who don’t want to be there and accept can stay at home.”

Fight to the death:

“I am not at the end of my tether, let me tell you that, but I am annoyed and angry and since I have been in this position I’ve always tried to be honest and straight with everybody.

“I am really, really angry, more than you can think. I’m not at the end of my tether yet and so I will keep going, keep fighting, I am going to fight for this until the death.”


  • LeazesEnder

    A lot of the damage that we see now was done behind the scenes by Ashley’s Minions!  When Ashley played the financial ‘Debt’ card….. those inside the club were compelled to run the club on the basis of frugality and they did so without question!

    The construction of the ‘debt’ was in the minds of those who wanted to believe it, the local press were very enthusiastic, notably Luke Edwards and Lee Ryder of NCJ.   This stance acted as a support mechanism for the gang of ‘club insiders’…..  the ability to let this happen was born not out of truth but a lie of gigantic proportions.

    People such as Moncur, Carver, Carr, Stone and Beardsley who should have raised questions not eyebrows showed no love of the club, their acceptance of some of Ashley’s bizarre ‘teases’, that would have others bombarding social media ….but that gang stayed unwavering, as did the media boys, despite being bombarded with a fuller version of what was going on they lazily stayed loyal to the Lies.

    The seeds of self-destruction are sown by Ashley but watered and fed by those minions around him…

    ….shame on the lot of them!

  • Lawrence Cant

    Can’t he stay at home?

  • Porciestreet

    LeazesEnderSo right.

  • Hughie

    Demonstrating his inadequacy again. No rationale, no answers, no calming influence. The players do not want to play for this amateurish club with it’s second rate managerial and coaching staff. The appointment of Charnley as MD was the first horrendous error this season. Charnley’s decisions not to replace Pardew  and to promote Carver the next two. Nero fiddles while Rome burned. The club has an appalling reputation in the real outside world as a cash cow for SD, and is a joke on and off the pitch. In short it is a sleazy disgrace to the name and reputation of our fantastic city. These people are sleepwalking into the Championship, and I am sure that the owner will sell up if that happens and call in the 129 million loan it owes him– partly offset by the 21 million parachute payment, 34million cash, and 18 million profit., with the remainder in player sales. That will leave an even more threadbare squad and no money in the bank.

  • scotty63

    Tuesday Morning Registration could be a bit sparse with that offer on the table.

  • Paul Patterson

    Where’s Santon?
    Where’s Mbiwa?
    Why is Williamson STILL at the club 5 years after promotion?
    Why is Collocini STILL at the club 2 years after stating he wanted out?
    Why wasn’t a deal done so that Lascalles could play if Nottingham Forest finished the season early?


  • Andgeo

    Think you have hit the nail on the head there hughie! He told us the earliest he would sell is next season, what he didn’t tell us was he was going to put us down this season, many of us have seen this coming. Once he has sold up he will leave us with nothing.

  • Margaret Grieve Carlsen

    He should be careful what he wishes for.

  • northender

    Hughie I couldn’t agree more Hughie on your ‘appalling a cash cow for SD’. I wrote a couple of posts under other threads with what I and many others perceive as being the problems with NUFC ‘from the outside’ and which have IMO being boiling up since the days of John Hall. 

    OK I wasn’t subtle, I’ll admit that, and lots of your people jumped on me because I had the effrontery to give some opinions on the situation you were in. But its a blog about NUFC and I have views. 

    I am a football man and I tell it as I see, pretty or not. I see over 50 games a season watching Premiership and non-league and in my time [over 55 years] have seen some incredibly poor management of clubs at both levels, most centring around the egos and financial ambitions of the owners/chairpersons.I have seen clubs brought to their knees, relegated,  in administration and go out of business. 

    Your fans should be very afraid, not only of Ashley but of whoever he sells you on to. It certainly won’t be a local consortium with your interests at heart, I can tell you that. And the Jack Walker days are over for good.

  • Toon Magpie

    Carver should stay at home. I know he wants to be there but for the whole teams benefit stay at home Carver. Quit now.