Speaking after the final whistle at Loftus Road, John Carver has yet again appealed to Newcastle fans to turn up next Sunday and get the players ‘across the line’.

Playing against a team on its knees, United were gifted a lead when Riviere misshit the ball past Robert Green, yet still Newcastle couldn’t even hold on for a point, never mind a win.

Carver’s words are sure to wind up supporters even further who feel that the appeals for fans to get behind the team are an attempt to deflect attention away from his and his team’s shortcomings.

The fans have continued to turn up week after week, home and away, it is the players that John Craver should be telling to turn up and do their bit.

“I’m really disappointed about it because in the first half I thought we were in control.

“We weren’t under any threat and then that 10 minutes after half-time we shot ourselves in the foot again – we could have avoided that.”

It was in our hands…

“It was in our hands and we could have put it to bed, we haven’t, so now it is definitely the biggest game and the biggest we have had for a long, long time.

“What I will say is, I want the same atmosphere as we had against West Brom a fortnight ago because it could be the fans who actually get us across the line and keep our Premier League status.”

With both Newcastle and Hull winning, it means that if Stev Bruce’s team beat Manchester United then Newcastle HAVE to beat West Ham to stay up.


  • Steve Cross

    Seriously, is he taking the piss?

  • Steve Cross

    As Oz would say John, go and boil yer head.

  • terriertwo

    The only thing that will get us over the line is for Manu to beat Hull. Then Sunday night get a couple of coaches in to clear out the dross that NUFC has become starting with Charva , Chumpley and the rest of the clueless clowns messing up our club. We’ve had some bad seasons since the fat man took us over but this has to be the worst of the lot. Get the black ties out for the West Ham game and give the owner hell.

  • Tony Gill

    Is that the same line they have been unable to get transfers over for the last 8 years?

  • Drumbo

    It would be more effective to go to the Hull game and support Man U, because NUFC have mentally gone.

  • alreet

    What a total shower. Been complete dross for at least 3 seasons and now the short comings are that evident that we are relying on other teams to perform worse than us and that is hard considering qpr are relegated. They can score more than us with a second choice keeper.
    I dont really know wat to say anymore. We deserve to go down. Where will that leave ash and his profits. Almost no tv money and a limited squad with a huge amount of money to spend on all the players who want to play for us anymore. Wonder how many of our new crop have relegation clauses in their contracts.
    Sad day for our beloved club. We are pretty much on the bones of our knees now.

  • Stephen Barr

    He’s beyond deluded and needs professional help

  • Shell Rafferty

    Looking like it’s gonna b a wear/tees derby nxt season grrrr Ashley OUT!

  • toon tony

    Carver it’s your job to get them “over the line “.so don’t go telling us fans. Get your fxxking fingers out you shower of s#!te.

  • magpiefifer

    I said last week that the only thing that will keep us up is Hull gifting us the place in the PL.
    I’m not ruling out Hull beating Man U and us going down.
    Carver needs more than appealing for fans support to get a result – what a cheek asking that!
    The whole situation is a joke!!!

  • Andgeo

    Ok then, how much is the fat Cuhnt gonna give us all to get the club over the line on Sunday? The annual club bonus divided between 50,000 should be at least a grand each. Is fat ashley gonna give us all a free season ticket for the next 3 seasons? Might as well as we can’t give tickets away these days.

  • GToon

    I’ll do that as long as he promises to @&$) off at the end of that game and never ever try and influence anything to do with my club ever again. Seems reasonable to me.

  • cwtoon88

    Our game is irrelevant, we need Man Utd to win.We got behind them against West brom and were rewarded with a poor performance against a negative side where we were lucky to get a point and this shambles today.

    If people are to go to this game they should use the opportunity to get at Carver and give him hell and make sure there is no doubt we know he is the cause of our on field problems and being a geordie isn’t a get out and the last thing we want is him in charge full time.

    We need to fight this rather than just walking back to an abusive partner who will just hurt us again

  • Mark Sheehan

    I think I’m about finished with this team

  • Toon Magpie

    Come on West Ham and Hull.  Ashley out

  • Toon Magpie

    cwtoon88 it is paramount we are relegated. Survival means Ashley continues to take the piss out of the club and fans.

  • Toon Magpie

    Drumbo support Hull and West Ham or you support Ashley continued reign against the club and fans.

  • Toon Magpie

    Relegation to the third tier of football is our only hope. Good luck Hull and West Ham. We need all the help we can to get Ashley out of our club and with Carver as head coach in the championship we will fall further down into the third tier and be finally rid of the fat leech,.

  • Toon Magpie

    toon tony I’ll bee cheering West Ham and Hull on. Ashley out

  • Toon Magpie

    cwtoon88 Hull wins and we don’t beat West Ham then the fans will come together against Ashley. If we stay up it is just more of the same.

  • stevennufc

    come on hull!…..do us a favour!!!

  • GToon

    And what win? How about hull win, we win and mackems get hammered twice and go down!

  • Drumbo

    Good point, well made. I think I will support Bournemouth in the Premier League from now on, they might get beat every week, but I bet they will try.

  • alreet

    Correct. Does he tell the players “just win” now. Coz he must be out of options with wat can be said to a totally demoralised set of players that havnt a clue wat they are meant to be doing.
    Everyone said it was relegation form and look where we are a hull win away from the drop.
    If we do get anything out of west ham ash really has to go and let a new owner let us be a monster again. Never ever seen the club so badly down as this.

  • Kev82

    Concentrate on your job John, the fans owe you nothing. Produce the goods on the pitch next week and the fans will be behind you, for 90 minutes anyway, then please collect your bags and go.

  • dude 1

    Get stuffed carver why should us fans turn up and help you lot get over the line, for gods sake you lot have had all season to get us over the line prick sort it out and get into them so called footballers that’ll pull the shirt on on a match day if they don’t perform make them stay next season and get us back into the premier league as unfortunately I think we will go down but don’t you dare keep asking us for help numb nuts it’s as muck your fault, not us as supporters of Newcastle United

  • Deltic13

    I genuinely deep down don’t want them to go down.but It pains me to say what other way would help get MY/YOUR club back?

  • MikeAshleyAteMyHamster

    After we went 1-0 up today I did, for a brief moment want us to beat the drop but then I thought; who for? The players definitely don’t deserve it, Mike Ashley? I’d love it, just love it if he lost out on his TV money next year,The fans? Surely staying up would just mean more of the same and which fan honestly wants that? Relegation is the only route that will lead to change, sad but true.

  • jimblag

    For flipping hellsake, it’s the same old stuff every interview. It doesn’t matter if you say it’s a big game, every game for the past few months has been a big game and nothing has changed. Just be quiet now please, the damage has been done by you not quitting. Shameless man!!

  • jimblag

    MikeAshleyAteMyHamster While i agree, Ashley will be annoyed for about 20 minutes if he loses out on dozens of millions, but the fans will suffer for longer if we’re relegated and he still doesn’t leave.
    I actually think parliament should get involved when such an important institution to a major city is being run so irresponsibly. Have I gone too far?

  • jimblag

    That bloody elusive line.

  • MilitantGeordie

    jimblag MikeAshleyAteMyHamster No doubt the Tories in Parliament will love Mike Ashley since he avoids… err…. pays so much corporation tax. Actually they probably quite admire the way he can squeeze every penny from the ordinary folk and keep coming back for more. No point looking to rich people for help, they are too busy adding zero’s in their bank accounts  to be concerned about us. Even the F.A aren’t fussed since their all rolling in it whatever happens. Shame that money dominates everything isn’t it… what ever happened to passion and community?

  • Andgeo

    Interesting observation militant! Unfortunately the only way we are going to get our football club back is a communist revolution or if an even richer person comes along. Which one would you favour??

  • Andgeo

    As for that elusive ‘over the line’ which is a phrase introduced during the Ashley era. Maybe if the fat Cuhnt actually tried to win for once we wouldn’t be in last place with barely ‘enough in the tank’ to get us there.
    No investment in the team
    No investment in the club
    No manager
    No leadership
    No communication with supporters

  • tino o

    He went as far to blame the heat ha ha! The buffoon. There is only one team going to keep us up and it’s not us. In fairness we deserve to go down

  • grahame49

    Please just shut up Mr carver craps crap even in a gold box,

  • Dubaiexpat

    Wonder if our owner will show his face to “support the team”?

  • Joe Woodcock

    Not that old chestnut again

  • TonnekToon

    Its always reliant on the fans isn’t it numnuts. Fek knows what the players have to do about it eh’ John . OR the Head Coach !

  • Toon Magpie

    I hope you are providing free straws for home fans so we can blow the ball over the line.