Mike Williamson and Daryl Janmaat earned ridiculous red cards at the King Power stadium and now John Carver has revealed that what he said at half-time was probably the cause.

The Newcastle Head Coach said that he gave players some ‘home truths’ and that wound some of them up.

The suggestion being that Janmaat and Williamson were clearly two of the players getting stick for their first half performances…

“We prepare them all week on how they are going to play; all about the fast start, all about the crowd and the atmosphere, we have the kick-off and it ends up in the back of our net from a set play…again!

“We come in at two nil down and it is a very animated dressing room, certainly from my point of view.”

Home truths:

“There’s a few home truths spoken and maybe I wound a few players up too much, hence losing Mike Williamson and Daryl Janmaat.

“But the third goal comes as a result of me talking about not getting close enough to players, letting players run. The guy runs off Manu (Riviere) and he nudges him in the back, but I have no complaints about the decision (penalty).

  • Polarboy

    Somebody please take this tw*t to the glue factory.

  • Gordonthetoony

    Man has absolutely no man management skills at all. He currently has the worst record in any major league in Europe.
    As the Moody Blues once sang ” Go Now “

  • dude 1

    Could well believe it as professional footballers don’t like being told the truth

  • amacdee

    Just as his predecessor would do, Pinocchio lays the blame anywhere and everywhere but at his door. His “diamond” formation midfield was completely overrun by Leicester’s five man set up. What the clueless [email protected] has to learn is to give his “woefully short on confidence” squad the right tools to do the job. Matching them up would have been a start !

  • toonmad1956

    Nudged him in the back! You’ve got to be kidding – I’ve never seen a more blatant pelanty all season (sorry Chris Waddle)

  • NottsToon

    Something which has gone mostly unmentioned from yesterday is the Jonas half time team talk. If Carver allegedly revved the players up so much that they got sent off then what the flying fvck was Jonas up to? Damage limitation after a lambasting from a cretin? Actually trying to employ some tactics? Answers on a post card….

  • jarra lad

    Carver must be removed from his post NOW, otherwise we are doomed! He has clearly lost the dressing room and we will lose our final three games and be relegated unless someone else is brought in immediately. Mike Ashley should get down on his knees and beg Alan Shearer and Rob Lee to come in and take charge for the remaining games. Not only would they have the respect of the players but they would get the fans onside straight away. It’s vital we get behind the team for the last three matches – look at the difference the Leicester crowd made for their team on Saturday.

  • alywarren7

    1957 His motivation skills are questionable!

  • pot

    NO NO NO and NO.

    What we all want to hear is, I’ve tried my best but I’m not good enough, I love this club and this is the hardest decision I’ve ever had to make, but in the club’s best interests I’ve decided to resign with immediate effect from my position as head coach, taking my backroom staff with me. 

    I genuinely hope and pray that the club that I love will get the points to ensure their PL status next season. I’ve achieved a lifelong dream of managing this club and I will never forget my time as NUFC’s Head Coach………….thank you and good night.

  • pot

    NottsToon Why Jonas and not Colo, is he not the captain and alleged chief motivator???

  • garry68

    jarra lad alan got us relegated

  • SGM

    jarra lad Shearer!!! For fuc$ sake

  • howaymebonnylads

    Carver is clearly showing he is not a motivator, rather he is a BULLY.  The thing about bullies is they don’t earn respect and that is quite clear also.

  • Lestersmith

    I am a Leicester City fan and although your team were woeful I do not think Sunderland can amass the points to overtake you. I hope your club can return to the club it used to be. We have been lucky to have owners that run our club the right way. If we go down I will be proud of our efforts. The only people at Newcastle who seem interested are you the fans. Good Luck in your quest in removing Mr Ashley and becoming a real club again.

  • jarra lad

    garry68  No he didn’t. Ashley and Joe Kinnear got us relegated. Alan nearly saved us. He would give us more chance this time than Carver or Steve flaming McLaren!

  • jarra lad

    SGM jarra lad  Got a better idea? Steve McLaren? Shearer and Rob Lee would immediately get the fans behind them and give everyone a lift.

  • scotty63

    pot NottsToon enough of colo – head and heart in Argentina – coward of the highest order

  • mrkgw

    John Carver – you deserve the sack. End of. Completely out of your depth, Newcastle is most definitely a job too big.

  • NotFatFreddy

    Kamikaze Carver….what do they put in his morning coffee?