John Carver has claimed that it isn’t his fault that Newcastle are fighting relegation, nor is it mismanagement of the club by Mike Ashley.

The Newcastle Head Coach says only bad luck with injuries has been at fault for United only having Hull standing between themselves and relegation.

Carver says the squad is big enough and by implication he clearly is saying that the quality is also there.

John Carver:

“I will say this again – because of the circumstances I would love to see how anyone else would have reacted.

“I spoke to Tony Pulis after the (West Brom) game and he said it was quite incredible what I’d had to put up with regarding injuries and suspensions.”

Squad is big enough:

“That is bad luck and it is not mismanagement by the club, at one stage I had a full team missing.

“Our squad of 26 is not a bad size, not many people have 11 players missing at one time.”

Injuries are obviously a problem, nobody denies that.

However, the vast majority of supporters don’t accept that this totally answers why Newcastle find themselves yet again in danger of the drop, just as was the case two years ago and four years before that when it actually happened.

Firstly, the squad is not big enough in terms of quantity or quality.

Results and form have been consistently shocking even when the team has only been missing one or two first teamers.

At the end of January Newcastle could only name 23 players when it came to naming their 25 man senior squad for the second half of the season. The five players went on loan to Rangers, Santon was loaned to Inter and Mapou’s transfer to Roma went through, yet Ashley allowed nobody to be brought in, even on loan.

That 23 man squad included Steven Taylor who we already knew was ruled out for the season and Facundo Ferreyra who clearly they have no intention of ever playing.

Carver’s words are simply covering up the shocking risk Mike Ashley took because he thought United were already safe, penny pinching in the extreme.

The other big problem fans have with the situation, is that yes injuries make it more difficult but not that difficult that it makes John Carver’s 2 wins in 18 matches acceptable.

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  • And to think he promised to keep his gob shut. Bless.

  • Jonathan Wildey

    Bad luck doesn’t cover the poor quality in the squad, the lack of spending or individuals getting pointless suspensions.

  • Sean Kelly

    So I take it Chelsea were just lucky winning the league and therefore has nowt to do with mourinio either then?

  • Stemcoman

    It’s a shame he can’t think about what he’s saying, it’s the biggest load of *rap we’ve heard yet.

  • Dubaiexpat

    For a man who’s credibilty is at sub zero levels, comments like this aren’t going to help his cause. Even Charnley admits midtakes have been made.

  • Paul Patterson

    Who sold Santon?
    Who sold Mbiwa?
    Who thought it was clever to persist with a Championship defence FIVE years after promotion?
    Who criticised his own player for getting sent off?
    Who didn’t sign a proven goalscorer in four transfer windows?

    The physio?

  • f f s !

  • BillytheFish

    Didn’t he say just yesterday he was gonna shut up…
    We need a stronger coach who will not stand any crap from either the players or owners, but have they the balls to appoint him…………………….Interesting couple of weeks coming up.

  • magpiefifer

    Honesty and integrity – two qualities missing from owner to coach,and in many cases players.
    It only seems to be ex-players (apart from Moncur) who give honest appraisals of the situation.

  • Alan Richardson

    It was terrible luck for the club the day that idiot was put in charge.

  • Bishbosh11

    He didn’t really say that did he? Really?
    I’ve felt sorry for JC up until now but the drivel is starting to get to me.
    Please don’t try to defend the indefensible! We’ve been crying out for at least 1 more decent centre half for about 5 years now – not to mention another striker. How can no-one at the club recognize where our weaknesses are? How can he sit there and say that after Santon and Mbiwa were allowed to leave in January when we were already so thin on the ground?
    Absolutely shocking! Does he not know ANY fans? Can he not see that these comments only alienate him further from the fans? He’s a bigger brown-noser than Pardew and that’s saying something!!!

  • scotty63

    Utter tosh from the fool

  • Peter Lamb


  • King of Zamunda

    Get your massive nose out of MA’s arse you absolute weasel

  • scotstoon

    He is a tool. You could have a squad of 50 players, but if they are all rank rotten it makes no difference. I am sick of everyone defending Ashley. He runs the club 100%, everyone else is his puppet. The blame lies with him.Regardless of where we are after Saturday,where MUST let ashley know at the West Ham game we will not tolerate mediocrity any longer. I don’t think we will be relegated, but with Carver in charge anything is possible. If he is made full time manager, i will not go back.

  • MarkKilmister

    If the daft sod could count Carver would realise he’s only had 23 registered first team players to pick from……idiot….!!!!

    Now he’s putting the blame on Lady Lucky……who’s next, The Tooth Fairy & Father Christmas….?!?!?!?

  • Stephen Barr

    Delusional He actually needs professional help.

  • Jim Holliday

    Total dillusional idiot. He is in desperate need of medical assistance!

  • Mal44

    Despite the injuries he’s never had to resort to playing a load of untried kids from the academy. Every week he’s been able to put out a team of mainly experienced players, some of them internationals. The reality is that he has been unable to motivate them and, without a shadow of doubt, we are the worst organised team in the PL. When Pardew left he simply carried on with the same woeful tactics; in fact it looked like pardew was continuing to pick the team and decide the tactics. Sorry John, any decent coach would have done better with what was available and no way should we be in the position we are in; it has been a complete shambles since you took over. And, as others have mentioned – thought you were going to keep your gob shut. You do like to keep putting your foot in it.

  • ilullissat

    MarkKilmister Don’t forget the tea lady.It’s all her fault

  • Lenny Harbottle

    Any body listening to this shite. Why doesn’t he just shut the fook up⚽️

  • TheBoneYard

    and now he lies to himself !

  • DZA187

    I don’t know how JC can stay at the club after this season, he needs to get out of town and never to return!

  • TonnekToon

    Its our “bad luck” Fatty deems him to be an acceptable Head Coach . And I struggle to say Head Coach without laughing .

  • Sickandtiredstill

    Bad luck that we signed a player who had been injured for 6 months prior, following a lung collapse? That we took Ayoze as a youngster with a view to loan him out as they all said he ‘wasn’t ready’? Everything else about this article is spot on.

  • Corkyjohn

    Not even a decent one….most coaches could’ve strung together a couple more wins. Carver is tactically inept…,

  • Giimps

    It’s a numbers game with the slug, he sees 23 pay packets, has removed the highest of these to minimise the outlay, he sees academy players not getting a game but he’s paying their wages too, he sees nearly half the team injured at one time or another but still nobody coming through the academy……yet still he hasn’t realised that would all change with a decent management setup ,and he would recoup more cash from player sales to more than make up for the extra expenditure on a decent set of coaches rather than the dinosaurs and Neanderthal we have in now.
    The club have made mistakes……we have made mistakes by allowing he slug to live so freely ……this needs to change, either he dose or we step it up and make an example of him and his tat store,

  • BrianKD

    Reading this I’m not sure whether to laugh or cry, he obviously has his poor head in a very dark place. It screams that not only the loan back 2 of the bought players who take up 2 of the 25. we then sell another 2 defenders and have a further 2 out for the season. In my book that makes a squad available of 19, or have i missed basic maths in my education. They are incapable of bringing through any of the youngster. useless set of idiots.

  • newcastlefan1984

    I cannot believe what I just read. He has got to take responsibility for picking the team, what tactics he uses and how he trains the players. Ashley did too much penny pinching and did not spend enough money to ensure we had strength in depth like at right back and up front.

  • Milo79

    Is this the ‘don’t expect significant transfer activity this summer’ statement that we’ve been waiting for?

  • magpie9

    This must be a wind up, nobody can be that stupid

  • Mandy Mills

    Stupid decisions by u snd Cashley have put the squad in relagation… own it!!

  • David Carruthers

    Is he a politician ? ..pants on fire there matey

  • Sickandtiredstill

    1957 It is bad luck that we have him in charge. Bad luck we had Pardew. Bad luck we sign so many no hopers and sell talent. Bad luck we have Charnley. Bad luck we had Llambias, JK, Wise, Jimenez.
    Funny, all this bad luck started when a certain Mr MJW Ashley bought the Club!

  • patricia4206

    This club is the laughing stock of the premiership with JC dribble all the time shut up you fool and does anyone really know if he really is a coach I don’t.  He has no direction other than up fatties backside.  PROTEST PLEASE GET THEM OUT

  • jimblag

    Sounds like Pulis was just being polite John.

  • SDmag

    Get used to it lads n lasses he will be here all next season as well.

  • Jimmy McClarence

    Our only saving grace is I don’t think hull will pick up any points
    Plus Livermore is suspended for testing positive for toot!!!!
    Naughty boy!!!

  • Alan Bull

    He is manager has to take responsibility for the team’s actions. Sure he would if they had been winning

  • Mal44

    I’m hoping the bookies know better. Last time I looked he was 14/1 to manage the first game of next season. I wouldn’t put it past Ashley though.