Despite claiming that he was taking over a good squad from boss Alan Pardew back in January, John Carver is now keen to stress the weaknesses of what he inherited.

The Newcastle Head Coach believes that he has done as well as anybody else could have done, despite losing the last 7 matches.

Carver says any other manager would have struggled to improve on his 9 points from 45, plus a cup exit at the hands of today’s opponents Leicester.

John Carver:

“I genuinely feel that any manager would have struggled to get a better points tally in the circumstances.

“Let’s be honest, we did not get off to a great start at the start of the season and that was with the better players in the team.”

Now we’ve had a dip…:

“Then we had the great run and now we have had this dip.

“As far as I’m concerned, I want the opportunity to be able to bring in players I will have an influence on and be part of the process. If I did not think that way, I would be wasting my time.”


“As it stands at the moment I am giving it everything and working within the constraints that I have got, that is the most frustration I have got within myself.

“If I’m not successful after having my opportunity to have an influence on who comes in and do it my way, then I’ll say ‘You know what, this isn’t for me, I’m not up to it, I am not good enough to do the job’.”

Match Betting: NUFC to win 3/1Perez to score first goal 8/1Siem de Jong to score last goal 8/1

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  • Tom Graham


  • Wez_Doc

    TeamToon so full of crap!! wish he would piss off

  • Stephen Walton

    God help us one way ticket to oblivion if this idiot is appointed full time

  • partworntyres

    NUTTER ALERT – there is a misunderstanding – its not ‘head coach’ jc wants to be, he wants to be a mini-bus so he and the white van can drive off into the sunset and live happily ever after!.

  • BartonoftheBrow

    The blokes head is full of magic,he’s a complete spoof,a total embarrassment to all us fans……Er he a Geordie yer na,once shared a bathroom with Sir Bobby.he a total fool.

  • NotFatFreddy

    Even the ‘tea lady’ could have had more points without even leaving her knitting and she’s probably in forced labour anyway knitting socks for Sports Direct.

  • NotFatFreddy

    “Before the Sunderland game, we brought in the basketball coach Fab (Flournoy) to talk about his life and when he was brought up in the States and lost his brother when he was 19 and how he had to deal with adversity. We talked about how everybody has a time in their life when they can seize the moment. We tried to do the motivational thing then.” from the chron.

    JC had the chance to seize his own moment, he tried…..but he failed miserably, just like the motivational thing before the sun’lan game. Players are now dealing with adversity as they face relegation, but still the motivation isn’t in evidence.

  • Sean Kelly

    Give him the job. cos it’s another nail into the coffin that is nufc. it may be a blessing in disguise to get the fat man out finally.

  • Polarboy

    The fact that he seemingly can’t see, or doesn’t care as long as he gets the job,  how counterproductive these comments are to the team is frightening. The smartest thing Fatley could do PR wise is to not only not hire him full time but send him on his way. Of course until Fatley’s gone most, myself included. rightly won’t be happy but it would certainly dampen down some of the fires.

  • Simon Sharp

    Bet this gobshite has had all the mirrors in his house removed for fear that he’d have to look himself in one of them.

  • Jon Goodall


  • toon tony

    He makes Harry Bassett England manager sound good .

  • David Stapylton

    That’s a St Cuthberts boy you’re slagging off, Simon

  • David Grey

    the tea lady could have John, you knob

  • Simon Sharp

    I’m sorry that it is. For me his continued involvement with the club robs him of all credibility.

  • Ritchie Forster

    He is so much out of his depth as both a coach and manager of a premiership club, shame really. He might be okay next year after they get relegated. the players, good or bad, need motivation he should refrain from negative comments.

  • toon tony

    REALLY !!!!! This idiot makes me envious of the good old days under Souness, Dalglish and Allardyce.

  • magpie9

    Carvers idea of coaching is letting his players watch opponents take corners and set pieces to score goals. He reckons if Williamson& co stand around & watch enough they might get the idea

  • Alsteads

    John your an absolute fuxxing waxxer

  • Laughlaugh

    Now we will see if fatty does actually care if we stay in the prem league! Keeping carver in charge would for the final games would tell me not!

  • Alexander Fleck

    John Carver is a great manager apart from having no relevant tactical and strategic ability, no ability to inspire his players, no ability to generate a sense of unity and no ability to create a winning mentality. This leaves his marked ability to brown nose his employers.

  • Stevie Aces Renforth

    He has

  • Toon Magpie

    What about Alan Pardew ?

  • Toon Magpie

    Or recently the good old days of Pardew.

  • 33333333

    ‘You know what, this isn’t for me, I’m not up to it, I am not good enough to do the job’.”

    I know.  Pride before a fall.  Coward.  Leave now.  Redeem yourself.

  • Tony Bryant

    Bring back Chris Hughton!

  • mactoon

    You know what John? YOURE NOT!

  • David Bell

    I wish Bobby was alive. He’d slap him.

  • Antóin Mac Cathail Riabhaigh

    Is he having a laugh?

  • Bob Eke

    Not working on my phone