John Carver has claimed ignorance is bliss when it comes to speculation about the goings on at Newcastle United and in particular, his own job.

The Newcastle head coach claims never to look at social media, read the newspapers, whilst all he watches on TV is golf and cricket – not football.

Carver was reacting to a question about whetehr he found it hard to deal with the endless speculation regarding who would be in charge of team affairs next season.

Pardew’s former assistant also stated that he never regrets anything that he says…

John Carver:

“When I speak I don’t have any regrets in what I say, the problem I do have is that quote (best coach in Premier League) was taken out of context.

‘Has Mike Ashley spoken to you about situation for next season?’

“No, not interested in that at the moment, I’m just focused on these two games.

‘Is it hard though when you see all these people linked with the job?’

“Doesn’t bother me because I don’t read the newspapers, I haven’t got a Twitter account, I don’t go on Facebook and I don’t watch TV sport, other than cricket and golf.”

Considering the trouble he’s caused by slagging off individual players, maybe John Carver should think twice about what he is saying.

For example, after accusing Mike Williamson of basically cheating the club and fans by supposedly getting sent off on purpose, it could be a tricky situation if John Carver then has to potentially rely on Williamson stopping Andy Carroll scoring the goal(s) that might put Newcastle down.

  • Malcolm Robinson

    The mags getting worse Williamson did cheat the club and good for carver speaking out id rather play with 10 men v West Ham than Williamson

  • TonnekToon

    If ignorance is bliss , J C  should be a very happy man then .

  • Toon Magpie


  • snodgrass2

    Once again Carver shows his ignorance by giving quotes that prove………. he is ignorant! How can you be a rounded character Carver if you bury your head in the sand? Perhaps with a little wider experience of life you would be less liable to childish statements and be more able to include others, like your players, in your press conferences instead of focussing on “Me” “I” “Myself” and “Me” constantly. Might I suggest further that you do watch football on television specifically games involving the Spanish league leaders or the Premier League top four which you will find bears no relationship at all to the game you have conceived in your head. No wonder we are where we are! Does he even know what day it is?