John Carver has said that he is looking forward to this summer, with the opportunity to bring in his own players.

The Newcastle Head coach admits that there have been some ‘tough times’ this season but that all of his players deserve credit for the final performance of the season against West Ham.

After a 2-0 win confirmed Newcastle’s escape from the clutches of relegation, John Carver obviously thinks at least in his own head that he has a decent chance of the job long-term, despite winning only 3 of the 20 matches since he took over from Alan Pardew.

John Carver speaking to the BBC:

“The whole season has been difficult, when we went to New Zealand we lost the two lads (John Alder and Liam Sweeney in M17 air tragedy) and that was a tragedy. I think they were looking down on us today.

“There have been some tough times but I am stronger for it and I knew when I looked in the players’ eyes they were ready for this. Every player deserves credit. We have not had a good season but I’m going to enjoy this moment.”

Bringing in his own players:

“I still want this job and I love this club, but I know this is a big summer, but we have to invest  – Mike has said that and that is encouraging.

“I want a summer where I can bring in the players I want and today has given me more enthusiasm to do what I want to do.”

  • Oliver Lam

    Still not sacking him yet?

  • Michael Teasdale

    Good luck doing that at whichever club will take you, John…oh right, it’s going to be us because Charnley and the “board” are picking.

  • Andgeo

    For fcuks sake relieve this fool from his duties immediately!!!

  • Toonarden

    Safety sealed. Ashley has spoken at last. Two positives from today. 
    The next one would be to get Carver and his coaching staff totally out of this club and replace him with a successful and ‘proper’ manager and then let him have some quality signings.
    Whoever said that all the negative campaigns, boycotts etc would be pointless were totally wrong as it as brought our corpulent owner out of his bunker. Next step is putting his money where his mouth is.
    Surely being part of that atmosphere and excitement today would want him to do more?

  • Andgeo

    Hopefully! And hopefully he feels humiliated at his treatment of Jonas too.

  • LeazesEnder

    … Nobody’s told him yet…..

  • Barry Goulder

    Please Mike get a proper manager in.

  • PeterRobson

    Dream on pelican head !!!! The only job you´ll be doing will be the one you´re fully qualified for: Village Idiot !

  • PeterRobson
  • Jarmin Geordie

    Whilst Carver is totally deluded the next 48 hours should show if Ashleys amazing appearance in front of the cameras was a PR stunt or he meant what he said (he looked quite involved and enthusiastic during the game and maybe since Rangers deal is blown outta the water he will again try to push Newcastle towards Europe), although he did distance himself from the appointment of our next coach/manager

  • Gordonthetoony

    Carver talking as if he’s got the job already.  If this is the case then expect a summer of discontent.

  • TheBoneYard

    he aint gonna walk so gonna have to sack him……up to Ashley to put action to his words……very noticeable post final whistle with carver on pitch all smiles and arms out stretched with most of the players walking straight past him…….did players play the way they wanted today and ignore any Carver instructions, Janmaat in particular got forward alot more today and Anita was all over the pitch…….pre match Ashley stating he aint going anywhere, so its over to the i guess…….

  • Chemical Dave

    Mike will be so upset if he reads this as he has nothing to do with who harry potter appoints as manager, oh no.

  • GToon

    I thought the manager/coach had no say on player incomings and goings or have the learnt that lesson too? I think the biggest disappointment for me today is Ashley’s voice. I was hoping for one of those ridiculously high pitched ones that lots of fatties have. He will continue to invest in the club? Eh? It’s by not investing that he has generated a profit each year. He. Might think we can punch above our weight financially but what player is going to want to join us? Maybe after we finished 5th top, but not 5th bottom. For me it’s too little too late but whatever happens he has been provoked into this by the demo’s so well done to the fans. Well done to some of the players too and I’d like to thank my parents……sorry I’m losing it, it’s bed time. It’s been a long season you know.

  • GToon

    He probably doesn’t know who Jonas is. He hasn’t been for a while you know. I think he joined the boycot, saving himself travel costs into the bargain. Win win!

  • v0ices

    GToon doesnt cost ashley anything to travel his helicopter costs are paid by the club,.

  • v0ices

    GToon punching above our weight finacially made me laugh being the 18th richest club even with our strangled revenue streams. Wonder how many 10’s of millions a year fatty is costing the club with that. Does this mean we will be slugging it out with the top 10 richest clubs in the world instead of being unable to compete with swansea or stoke.

  • Phildene

    Stupid guy thinks he’ll have say in who comes in-he’s either very deluded (yes) or doesn’t listen to whats been said and agreed on by the so called ‘Board’. Anyone who comes in as Manager/Head Coach won’t have any say in players – in a way its thank God, as if it IS Carver, God know who the hell he’d have coming in.

    The man’s a total deluded fool

  • GToon

    To him it probably just means paying the going rate instead of something with 70 percent off plastered all over it. First thing we need to attract decent players is a decent manager and we haven’t got one of those at the moment. Anyway I wonder how much it would cost to buy the whole of Swansea FC. Might be cheaper than the 7 or 8 players we need. Not joking either!

  • MikeAshleyAteMyHamster

    I’m sorry but that’s me done . This season has been a disgrace, anyone celebrating us staying up today needs to take a long hard look at themselves. The players have been an embarrassment for most of the season, the management and coaching staff have failed miserably and as for the owner, well the less said the better. Hurrah! Newcastle Utd are still in the premier league, roll on next season, more of the same.

  • Toon Magpie

    Took a long hard look at myself and I am happy with staying up. The game was great, we played very well. Looking forward to next season and I have a good feeling about it.

  • tino o

    Using the 2 lads who died flying to nz to watch us rip. As an excuse for a disastrous season doesn’t sit well with me we have been fortunate to survive. Lack of investment in to the team very very poor management from top to bottom has been the problem carver should be [email protected] off now. If Ashley is staying get rid of the knob charnley and get someone who has a clue about football to do his job

  • Alsteads

    Yeah I noticed that. At least 3 players went past him and can’t remember who but he went to high five mid air. Obviously huge issues. We know carver is out his depth and needs put out his misery but every single one of those players needs to have a word if they think it’s ok to ( let’s be honest) just put the effort in today that should be in there every time they pull that shirt on. I saw tackles being made that haven’t been for most the season so this well done for the effort and this congratulations to Newcastle from Pardew more than fxxxing annoys me a bit!

  • Marklp

    Totally agree Toon Magpies, it took five pints to se

  • sickchip

    Can’t believe the town clown Carver talking about still being manager next season and bringing in the players he wants. What a deluded idiot the man is.
    Get rid of the buffoon asap.

    And his crocodile tears, and cheapshot, regarding the two lads who died was a disgrace. A cheap attempt to garner empathy with fans and pretend he’s ‘one of us’. Odious.

  • sickchip

    If NUFC don’t release a statement asap saying they are looking for a new manager, Ashley’s words will ring hollow.

  • stevennodlehs

    High five?
    Epic fail.

  • shadsdad

    Just when I thought it was safe to come out from behind the sofa!

  • cwtoon88

    Yesterday was despite Carver not because of him. Carver is a cancer to the club that needs removing

  • Brownale69

    Toon Magpie
    Give me one reason why you feel that way? Ill give you none

  • Brownale69

    only reason cashley is interested in the golden goose get your Wonga shirts and renew you season tickets more of the same old tripe next season

  • David Laws

    I’d give Ryan Giggs a go at manager. Seen it. Done it. Won everything.

  • Simon Taylor

    Surely they won’t have him next year? 1 win in 10 is it?

  • KevinBrown11

    No No Definitely Not!!! He hasn’t got a clue, it’ll be a waste of half a season before they have to sack him, 3 wins out of 23 doesn’t work, we’ll be stuck at the bottom of the pile, and who will come in and risk there reputation, no this is the best chance to start a fresh, and would prove that ashleys words weren’t just that

  • Brian Standen

    Let us hope he has an x box or play station