I certainly can’t disagree with one thing John Carver had to say yesterday, the Newcastle Head Coach saying that at a normal club he’d have been sacked after five or six defeats in a row.

Of course the problem isn’t even just these eight defeats in a row, Carver’s over all record in charge shows just two wins in seventeen games.

His belief is that Mike Ashley has stuck with him because the owner understands the problems facing Pardew’s former assistant.

Well the truth of the matter of course is that Ashley has tried to replace him this past weekend with Steve McClaren, but even an average Championship manager didn’t want to touch our toxic Mike Ashley run club with a bargepole.

John Carver says that Mike Ashley and Lee Charnley have seen what he is trying to do and what the Head coach ‘has got’.

I wish they’d share it with the rest of us.

John Carver:

“It’s not a normal situation, I’ll tell you what a normal situation is….after five or six games, they would have said ‘There’s your P45, you’re fired’.

“In Premier League management, that is what happens, but with all the circumstances going on here, that’s not happened because they know the situation. That is why they are backing me.”

Curse of the Black Cat(s):

“They have seen me working and what I’m trying to do, what I have got.

“The amount of people who’ve said I must have run over a black cat…well something is not right, I must just be one of those unlucky people but I’m not going to walk away.”

  • Barry Goulder


  • John Olsen

    Yet he thinks he’s the best coach in the league???

  • A lex

    Of course they “know the situation” – no other poor sod wants to work under Ashley and his barmy business model.

  • magpiefifer

    Two words that say it all – ‘normal club’ !!
    Ashley’s ownership has never been normal!!

  • David Brown

    That’s because this is not a normal club its run by idiots

  • terriertwo

    The main reason why the incompetent is still here is because of the fat mans eight year contract he dished out to a team of losers and now he doesn’t want to fork out the money to pay them off. Completely clueless the lot of them. We need change. Turn the sound up. Ashley out.

  • shadsdad

    At a normal club he wouldn’t have been appointed!

  • TheBoneYard

    Carver statements are like reading the diary of a man slowly being consumed by a world of fantasy and dilusion, floating around in a vacuous space with voices echoing in the darkness, then a bright light, then darkness again……….thw men in white coats are not too far away now !

  • Brownale69

    hees got a 5 year contract….

  • Toon Magpie

    We are a abnormal club.