I have seen some cynical and cowardly things carried out in the name of our club but John Carver’s character assassination of Mike Williamson takes some beating.

I don’t rate Williamson as a player whatsoever, he has never been good enough to play in the Premier League EVER, and certainly isn’t good enough to play now, but that doesn’t equate to Carver’s completely unjustifiable accusations.

Today against Leicester he got sent off for two yellow cards, the second a ridiculously stupidly tackle on Vardy when Newcastle were already 3-0 down.

Carver after the match accused Mike Williamson of getting sent off on purpose so he would get out of the firing line in the next couple of games.

John Carver:

“I thought to myself, he (Williamson) has done that on purpose.

“There was no need to make the tackle, he has now got a two match ban with three games left.

“I don’t know…is it an easy way out?”

Instantly I thought back to yesterday and John Carver’s even more ridiculous PR stunt when he met two of the supporters who gave him stick during the Swansea defeat.

Instead of concentrating on preparing for today’s vital match, Carver took time out to meet the two fans and I wondered why at the time.

Afterwards, as the two fans promised, they gave a blow by blow account of the meeting (read it HERE).

Carver knew that this would happen, so when he spoke he knew whatever he said would go out into the public domain.

Amongst other things he told the two fans that Gouffran wouldn’t be involved today, despite saying nothing to the press pre-match.

Plus the fans reported this regarding Williamson:

‘He also insisted that he tells Williamson not to play the long ball but he just keeps doing it’.

Why would you do that other than to undermine a player? Especially on the eve of such an important match today?

Then we had this shocking after match attack by Carver on Williamson, a player that he knows most fans see as hopeless and somebody he hope she can use as a scapegoat. Why not point the finger at Daryl Janmaat whose Sending off was just as stupid? The reason being of course that Janmaat is popular with fans and so no mileage in blaming him.

Absolutely disgraceful and a blatant attempt to shift blame away from his useless management of the team, clueless tactics and team selection.

Williamson has more guts than Carver and most of the rest of them put together, regularly he has been the one to come out and face the cameras whilst as usual Captain Coloccini cowardly hides in the dressing room, such as the 4-0 defeat at Southampton earlier this season.

John Carver is trying to turn the post-match post-mortem into a conversation about Mike Williamson, instead it should be a conversation about Mike Ashley’s disgraceful running of the club and the abysmal handing of the job to John Carver, somebody who is way out of his depth and clueless as to what to do.

Another shameful episode in the story of Newcastle United under Mike Ashley.

  • jahnnaman

    Janmaats sending off was in no way as stupid as Williamsons.

  • SGM

    Carvers comments are nothing compared to the crap he gets on here, from both contributors and commentators.

  • Andgeo

    Absolutely pathetic! Fat ashley hasn’t got a [email protected]@cking clue, penfold is a gimp and cardew is just a total idiot. This is my last season for good…or at least until that fat useless [email protected] has gone. Although my feeling is that he will leave the club in a far worse state than he found it!

  • SGM

    Sunderland get three, this has to be a conspiracy.

  • potts1_m

    NUFCTheMag Mike_Ashley_Out TaylorandBesty NUFCTips when he took over I felt a bit sorry for him for being out of depth. He is a coward

  • Andgeo

    We are down!

  • Andgeo

    And villa.

  • geordiefaidy74

    NUFCTheMag Mike_Ashley_Out TaylorandBesty NUFCTips he was gagging for the job was telling anyone and everyone how he could do the job

  • tino o

    He has to be removed now! As for Williamson he should never play for us again not because of the sending off because he is sh*t

  • Ashleyout

    Where the HELL did we get Carver from?… I wouldn’t give him a job pushing a barrow for the groundsman… What are his credentials as a coach? His tactics and team selection leave me gobsmacked… Anyone with half a brain knows Newcastle United players cant jump more than an inch from the ground. How many headers have we scored from corners and free kicks in the last 3 years? How many goals have we conceded from corners and free kicks at the other end? Why do we still flight the ball into the the opposing penalty area every chance and corner we get? WYN DAVIES doesn’t play for us anymore Mr Carver…Andy Carroll doesn’t play for us anymore Mr Carver….. Wake up man!!! We cant head the ball to save our lives…

  • toon tony

    He worked for Sir Bobby. ..you know. !!!!!

  • A lex

    Amazing outburst. You just don’t say stuff like that.

    Carver must now realise that he’s had it with the fans, the players and Ashley. He’s finished.

  • toon tony


  • partworntyres

    ‘ ashleycarver’  = ‘very real cash’ – had enough – supporting hartlepool next year.
    can’t even find humour after that!

  • mrlizard603

    I liked Janmaat. But after today he should not play the remaining games. If he’s in such a hurry to get the shirt off, he can leave it off.

  • Andgeo

    The only good thing to come out of today’s game is williamsons suspension. Shame they couldn’t make it 3 games!!! Can we appeal??

  • Jamiekgordon

    A bit like sissoko the other week…

  • Laughlaugh

    We deserve to be relegated. Easily one of the three worst teams in the league. Thanks Again Mike for yet another cr5p season under your ownership. One season in nine where we have finished higher than tenth!

  • steven_fawkes

    NUFCTheMag Mike_Ashley_Out TaylorandBesty NUFCTips the most unprofessional manager witnessed on live TV.

  • The Mag

    SGM If anybody doubts the cynical way Carver and the club have tried to make Williamson the fall guy and topic of discussion, instead of the disgraceful contributions of Carver and Ashley…
    Just look at NewsNow or search on the net for headlines from today’s match.
    Up to 80% are about Williamson allegedly getting sent off on purpose.
    Shameful behaviour and scapegoating at its worst.

  • Double Carpet

    Yes it was. It was nearer the end, we we’re 3 dn, there was no way back, and he knew he’d be suspended for a vital match. He’s a stupid [email protected], just as much as Williamson. If we go down, which is now looking likely, flog them all. Every single one of them. Spineless, cowardly, stupid, shameless [email protected]@rds.
    And as for the, ‘if we go down it will hurt Ashley more’ argument – no it won’t , utter nonsense. He doesn’t give a toss and has about £3.5 billion in the bank. How will it hurt him? His tat shop sold millions of pounds worth of stuff to charvers all over the UK before he was ever involved with us. How will us going down hurt him in the slightest?

  • GordonWallace6

    NUFCTheMag Mike_Ashley_Out TaylorandBesty NUFCTips absolutely spot on,Williamson not good enough but he gets hung out to dry by Colo

  • steram81

    NUFCTheMag Mike_Ashley_Out TaylorandBesty NUFCTips him and lee_ryder did the same with jonas last week. Scumbags

  • Davidelder888

    A statement of how our club intends to get out of this mess is long overdue. If we get relegated we will not come straight back up our squad haven’t a backbone between them… This is a lot worse than most people think, we will not get another point this season and Sunderland have a game in hand. The future of our club as a whole depends on these f#cking tw#ts!

  • robbalucky84

    steram81 NUFCTheMag Mike_Ashley_Out TaylorandBesty NUFCTips any chance of blaming anyone but Carver you can bet lee_ryder is on it

  • geordie4567

    Wow, unbelievable stuff from Carver, if it’s true, it’s obvious that he’s lost the dressing room. If it’s not true and he hadn’t lost the players trust already he definitely has now!
    Relegation is just a formaility now, Williamson will be back at his level but Carver would still be way out of his depth.

  • whickhamrobbie

    two more defenders out .we are down . yes Williamson is rubbish but who else would you play ?its the squad as a whole that are poor and no one is playing for Carver as they just don’t like or respect him ,Not getting a manager after Pardew walking was criminal but just another laughable mismanagement decision by Ashley and co .And as for JFK being better than Carver Comment well that just sums up the Sh”t were in.
    I wonder what the Mackems banner will say this week ?

  • Polarboy

    SGM You are an absolute tw*t and you richly deserve this comment.

  • stepaylor

    Williamson is not a premier league player but has shown that he does have fight in him. Carver i know means well but hasn’t lost the dressing room. He never really had it to start with. 

    The worst thing is when the fans and club need a lift and Ashley has the chance to make a statement he looks like appointing Steve Mclaren. Really stokes the excitement with a manager unable to get Derby (highest wage bill in the championship) even to the playoffs. If he appoints him as our new head coach im done with it.

  • stepaylor

    partworntyres will be hartlepool for me too if Ashley appoints Mclaren

  • NottsToon

    Double Carpet Lack of Premier League advertising for the aforementioned tat shop.

  • langbenton

    This isn’t going to be popular, but I think Carver was spot on. I  haven’t had a lot of time for him, but I think he was honestly speaking for all of us today. Every web-site I’ve visited wonders what Williamson was doing. And Janmaat? Plus the not so veiled criticism of the way the club’s being run. Didn’t he say he’d like 11 Jack Colbacks? I’m not saying we should play 11 Geordies, but some commitment would be nice. And to be honest, there’s no such thing as ‘losing the dressing room’. You’re on thousands a week. Your manager tells you to paint your toe-nails pink. If you’ve got any sense of gratitude you do it, or,  if you genuinely feel you can’t, you go somewhere else. But in the meantime, you put in a shift.

  • tino o

    Could be coincidence but we didn’t concede after he was sent off. Or maybe they got bored of battering us

  • Double Carpet

    He’ll still sell lorry loads of tat. People without much money see value, they quite rightly don’t care about NUFC. Even people in the town still shop there in their thousands. I walked past the sh!thole in Eldon Square at about half 3 today. It was heaving.

  • NottsToon

    langbenton Honestly, I think he did take the cowards way out. More worryingly I also believe that so did Sissoko, Colcinni and Cisse with their suspensions.

    Whether I’m (and you) right or not is irrelevant, as a manager of a football club you don’t say it to the press if you want to install any fight into your players. Which is also irrelevant as Carver isn’t capable of that and the players have totally given up.

  • NottsToon

    Double Carpet As relegation is almost a formality now I take some small comfort from the lost revenue and advertising for the fat prick. Small comfort, but it’s all that is left.

  • TradgeJ

    Pretty sure Dummett is going to miss the next game because of receiving a 5th yellow, we’re beyond screwed right now!

  • Wallsendstu

    Who will they drag out this week to tell us how much the team needs the fans. Perhaps if the fans showed the same level of commitment that the players do only one or two would show up, Carver would have no one to pick a fight with and Ashley would save money on the cleaning crew.

  • Morpeth mag

    Notts toon, @langbenton, I also agree with this,, I said it a couple of weeks ago,
    someone who knows carver, said last month ” they don’t take notice of him” I don’t know if this come from carvers mouth, as I heard it second hand,,,,but it looks about on the money.

  • Morpeth mag

    SGM, The people on here arnt getting paid thousands, he should be more proffesional,, that’s one of his problems, another one he picked up of pardew, is passing the buck,
    He might have worked under Sir Bobby, but Bobby had a bit of class about him,,,,

  • LeazesEnder

    Wallsendstu Bob Moncur

  • Falmouthdukes

    NUFCTheMag NUFCThreatLevel shiteseats NUFC_Stats id be very careful putting that in the public domain,lot of hearsay and not much fact

  • peterharper

    What utter drivel……a pre match plan!!
    Carver may be a nice bloke,,….but clever enough to make a cunning plan?
    You’ve got to be joking!!

  • SGM

    Ashleyout We got Carver because the fans hounded Pardew out.

  • dude 1

    stop trying to divert the blame away from yourself we know these players aren’t playing for you there is no discipline running though the club

  • mrkgw

    Carver HAS to go. Quite clearly, he has lost the dressing room and players aren’t playing for him. How out of touch are Ashley and Charnley in not seeing this?

  • Polarboy

    TradgeJ Nah,he only has two since February. As far as I’m aware the two in December don’t carry over.

  • Consett Mag

    SGM Ashleyout  We got the head coach we’ve got purely on the grounds of the ultra cheap option said yes..

  • langbenton

    Morpeth mag Mebbe. I just wonder whether ‘they don’t take much notice of him’ because he’s passionate and they aren’t. I was against his appointment.  But other professionals seem to rate him. I would hate to admit I was wrong, but, to be honest, he seemed genuinely upset today.

  • geordie4567

    Yawn, troll

  • Consett Mag

    Double Carpet  I think that as the club have gone all out to make as much profit as possible, including the Santon and MWB sale plus the Pardew millions, the loss of £100m+ will hurt him on an emotional level only (as he’s wealthy), but he’ll be well miffed at that.

  • NotFatFreddy

    According to a Leicester fan on 606 Vardy (?) up front is a handful and niggles all match so it looks like Williamson tried to take him out in revenge and Janmaat was all worked up and hot headed also.  As another fan said:  Williamson might not be a great player but he is not a bottler having been with us in the championship.  Also Janmaat just happens to be the best Toon player this season not Colback.

    Carver should have kept quiet as he is hardly a motivator is he?  The French players are the bottlers, the one who gave away the penalty especially.

  • Toon Magpie

    #Carver out.
    He has lost the dressing room and is totally out of his depth.

  • mackeminsortofpeace

    carver may be out of his depth etc. but wasn’t he the only one who was ready willing and well..
    Newcastle should have had a queue of internationally renowned managers and young guns wanting to prove themselves ready to take on the task, fab city centre ground, massive fan base, rich history and at least a handful of decent players why was the reserve team coach the only one up for the challenge answers on a postcard please and it aint  Mike Ashley

  • langbenton

    NotFatFreddy How much is WIlliamson on a week? For that money, wouldn’t you put up with somebody who’s ‘a handful and niggles’? My wife’s like that, for goodness’ sake and I get nowt for putting up with it. As you say, he’s not a great player, but even if he were, he’s let the team down. Big time.

  • MartinJW

    It is an extraordinary allegation and will end Carver’s reign at Newcastle.You simply cannot have a manger accusing one of his players of getting sent off on purpose so that he doesn’t have to play the final few games. I cannot ever remember a similar allegation being made by a manager against his own player.  Carver has made his position untenable. If I were Williamson I would demand an apology or sue Carver for slander, presuming that the allegation is untrue (and only Williamson knows that).

  • Toon Magpie

    How much he is on is irrelevant. I support Williamson over Carver on this one. Carver should not publicly come out and accuse Williamson like that. That shows no respect, he should have dealt with it internally if he thinks Williamson got sent off on purpose. Carver is using him as a scapegoat.

  • Gillingham87

    Just when it seems our head coach/half wit Carver can’t get any lower, he spouts this dribble. Granted Williamson may or may not be any fans favourite, but what did he do different to Janmat today. Can Carver get any desperate. Will that mean Williamson is now making the tea, after the previous char woman was peddled for inciting the team to lose at sunderland. White nannies for west brom!!!

  • Phildene

    mrkgw think they can see, they just don’t want to know

  • ilullissat

    LeazesEnder Wallsendstu Yeh spot on.Bob Moncur.If the Chronicle didn’t have access at SJP he wouldn’t have a column to write.It’s all about vested interests to keep the gravy train rolling.Never mind the fans

  • Peaco

    Club gets relegated, Ashley sells and gets his money back, Ashley calls in loan, club defaults and goes into admin, club forced to sell St James’ to Ashley to redevelop (he is doing this elsewhere) Paranoid? Possibly. But why has he not paid off the debt, and why is he not acting to ensure our PL survival?

  • patricia4206

    well thank god season is nearly over, the whole bunch should be sent to nepal to dig the rubble to save lives of those poor people instead of stealing from the good people of the north rather donate my money for the needy not the greedy fat man and his under achieving over rated croonies

  • ilullissat

    I bet if an independent assessor went into SJP his toes would curl at the working practices there.I used to work for Sodexo,their inhouse caterers and I can tell you from personal experience that everything is about cost cutting to the detriment of the staff.He runs the club the same way as his shops.Pile them high and sell it cheap.,For Gods sake he’s a fucxing billionaire.How much money do you need

  • ilullissat

    Peaco I doesn’t matter how rich you are if enough people are against you,you will be beaten and the entire population of Newcastle would oppose you

  • NufcToon

    Toon Magpie

    Don’t waste your energy on the symptoms.

  • NME85

    Peaco I reckon that’s EXACTLY what he’s had planned for a long time.

  • Peaco

    Let’s pray that I’m wrong. Scary thought but wouldn’t put it past our resident parasite.

  • NME85

    Peaco And I bet he’ll pocket the parachute payment too.

  • Baldwin69er

    Carver is awful yes, but Ashley deserves this, his absolute greed has created this situation, you can’t stay in this league by selling your top players, never mind not replacing them. It’s looking like he mite get what he deserves! I just feel for the supporters, though something has to change, sad day in the history of NUFC.

  • baty1963

    I had just about calmed down after watching that inept display  ,only to find myself getting even angrier than I was earlier the reason for this was the sheer audacity of a caretaker manager with his post match comments , I know  a lot of the current squad  of players  aren’t good enough for this great club but to single one out for criticism just shows bad things are being run at NUFC ,i have never been so upset ,hurt and  disappointed  at the way this club is being used, John Carver  shouldn’t be  in a job and the powers that be  at the top  need hounding out of the club. Even Lord Westwood  and the Mckeags’ were  slightly  better than the current  regime  so my plea is to the Owner,if you are bored please just sell up and give the fans our dignity ,passion ,faith and above all HOPE  so that we might see a future  for this great club. As we can see from the events  over the past few years if the people  at the top running the club don’t  care about things why should the coaches  and the playing staff  so  please Mr Ashley  just GO find some more toys  to play with but give  us back our club

  • GToon

    Williamson looked to take Vardy out rather than get sent off. If you see his face it had anger written all over it. I dont think he had a game plan about getting a red rather than clattering Vardy. That happens in games and if we werent so poor or going down JC wouldnt have mentioned it or thought like that. The much more pressing point is the lack of effort from a few of the players. In the second half there was a moment in play where Janmaat brought the ball infield gesturing for movement as he moved towards Sissoko. Sissoko made no effort to show for the ball and when it was played to him he was beaten to it by two Leicester players. If ever there was a player who optimised NUFC at the moment it is Sissoko. The player who has just returned from a rest but just couldnt be bothered today. Wiiliamson is poor and stands out as such but Sissoko’s performance today was what stuck in my throat rather than a couple of bad tempered players losing it. I’d much rather have Janmaat and Williamson playing next week than Sissoko. What a mess. What a totally and utterly avoidable mess. Should us fans be dedicating this game to “Mike”. After all if it wasnt for him things would be totally different…….

  • Jamiekgordon

    You probably said Pardew out not so long ago!!!
    How do all the “Pardew out” gang fill now!
    good luck to Pardew I bet he sleeps well now whilst our club will be playing in the championship. I’m a happy Newcastle United fan because I got so much abuse for saying it’s not Pardews fault.

  • Jamiekgordon

    Sack pardew
    Sack carver
    Sack Souness
    Sack Allardyce
    Sack Roeder
    Sack gullit
    Sack me
    Sack you
    Kill Ashley
    Sack him
    Sack her
    But yet you still go!!!!!!
    Surely your life is not so bad the only thing you can do is watch a rotting football club!

  • LeazesEnder

    baty1963 Ashley has taken this club backwards by decades…..

  • LeazesEnder

    Baldwin69er Looks like his penny pinching gamble has failed.

  • LeazesEnder

    ilullissat Their pies are tiny…. and contain very little but gravy

  • LeazesEnder

    patricia4206 You won’t be buying the seasons DVD then?

  • Jarmin Geordie

    I was sat in pub and as soon as red cards came I said that Carver would use them to take away the fact that he can’t coach a team to defend set plays (regarless of injuries or suspensions teams must have a plan) but I didn’t foresee this character assasination of a centre half who whilst not good enough for the prem at least tries, managers/coaches don’t do that, there was no mention of the Janmaat red and he was as stupid as Williamson with his challenge Carver has lost the plot and must go

  • GToon

    On the plus side Carver has said he has lost over a stone in weight. I think he looks a lot trimmer for the summer. Well done John, you are an inspiration to us all……

  • baty1963

    Peaco he cannot redevelop SJP as Newcastle city council own the land SJP stands on

  • Rowla

    Jamiekgordon Moron. Who ever asked for Charva as a replacement?

  • NotFatFreddy

    Sack pardew Sack carver Sack Souness Sack Allardyce Sack Roeder Sack gullit –

    Yea, the fans are always right!  I remember Hammers fans mocking us for being against Big Sam’s football, then they have him!  Ha! Ha!  Souness went onto manage Liverpool and win the Champions League.  Roeder was manager of England and head hunted by Real Madrid.  Gullit won the world cup with Holland and then Northern Island.  Or did they all go into obscurity?  The saddest failure was King Kenny, as he was the right appointment at the time according to his record with Liverpool and Blackburn.

    If only we had Mr Robson after Keegan and even McClaren before Big Sam.  The first we would have won something, the second we would be in the top 8 playing reasonable football and watching some decent players, but never uprooting any tress, (unlike Mr Williamson).

  • Corkyjohn

    Gullit won the world cup with northern ‘island’? Thats gotta be a first….

  • NotFatFreddy


    If I put ‘IRELAND’ then some daft lad would think I was serious and think nice man Glen was manager of England, too :>)

  • Toon Magpie

    NufcToon every brick in Ashley’s wall has to be kicked out  before Humpty comes tumberling down.

  • Pulse33

    We are going down at this rate. I am very nervous…

  • DownUnderMag

    Carver is dead on about Willo, but the way he went about it shows he is really struggling to cope.  Carver, as much as he loves the club, just isn’t good enough and his latest outburst, no matter how accurate, is just him showing he doesn’t know what to do to put it right and is fast losing control over the players that are left here.  Ashley, hang your head in shame.

  • Double Carpet

    Made me laugh, which was the only time yesterday. Also liked the Souness and Champions Lge bit – he’d hate to be thought of as a fat Spanish waiter.

  • dav_art

    I’m not one to have a go at the manager, but John Carver should never have singled out Mike Williamson.  That should have stayed in house. 

    It’s a sign that he’s under pressure and that he can’t handle it.

  • MyDustyBin

    brian7263 jimlad666 not really, he’s just stating the truth, these players are a disgrace to football never mind Newcastle

  • MikeNE3

    SGM Ashleyout No, we got Carver because Pardew opted to leave for more money and Carver was the ultra cheap option.
    Yes the fans were sick of Pardew’s negative tactics and inability accept the responsibility for his failings. Yes they gave voice to their frustrations and made things uncomfortable for Pardew, however he’d still be taking the fat man’s shilling if Crystal Palace hadn’t needed a new manager and offered to treble his salary (as widely reported in the media)!

  • jimlad666

    brian7263 NUFCTheMag load of shite

  • frogsbody

    NUFCTheMag MikeAshleyLies AshleyOutdotcom couldn’t agree more, very well said !!!