John Carver believes that one of his big problems is that some of the Newcastle players ‘are not having’ him for some reason, the Newcastle Head Coach saying it could be because certain members of the squad think he is too aggressive.

Carver also bemoans the fact that his players are incapable of handling set-plays at both ends of the pitch, saying there is nothing he can do once the team crosses the ‘white line’.

The Head Coach also identifies a serious lack of desire to go in where it hurts and players to put their bodies on teh line.

John Carver:

“You feel like you are getting somewhere, get a bit stability, and then I get kicked in the teeth again.

“Maybe one or two of the players are not having me for whatever reason, because I am too strong and I am quite aggressive with them and I do care. Maybe people don’t like that.”

Nothing to do with systems:

“This game has got nothing to do with systems, it is eleven v eleven and it is whoever wins it is the best team. Whoever defends set-pieces in your box and in the other box, we don’t score enough and we concede too many.

“Once we cross the white line and we have to defend set plays, there is not a thing I can do about it. To concede after 30 seconds, just like at Man City, you have no chance.”


“You have to have a bit of desire, where you want to get on the end of it and get a broken nose or a cut eye. I aint seen any of that in a long time, I think that the last person was Steven Taylor and unfortunately he’s not with us now.

“We need more people at this football club who have got the desire I have got to be successful.”

john carver

All that the supporters want…:

“As we saw with the banner beforehand, all they (fans) want is people giving everything. Those supporters will come and watch a team who is giving everything.

“They would give a standing ovation to a player who puts his neck on the line and gets a cut head, but we don’t see that.”


  • whyayeman1955

    TeamToon NUFCTheMag can safely say that if it wasn’t before, after that rant yesterday its now a lot more than one or two. #nufc

  • Ian Waugh

    Is this where we tell him the reasons? Could take a while.

  • To be fair to Carver that is the first bit of sense he has spoken in a long time. I think the man is an idiot but he is right to a degree when he says he can’t do anything about some stuff happening on the pitch. These players need to stand up and be counted.

  • If he hadn’t lost the dressing room before, he’s thrown it away now. The rants are from Gus Poyet’s pamphlet on “man management” not Sir Bobby’s book…….

  • Andgeo

    The players have had enough….blimey even the players are boycotting matches now!!! Players have had enough, supporters have had enough. Will cardew resigning save us?? Doubt it, carver needs to have a good look at himself, he is the only one who can turn this around. He needs to clear the air with the players, settle differences and get everyone pulling together. And this needs boing now!!! Time has run out. Then he needs to publicly apologise to players and supporters, with a commitment that everyone is onside and committed to giving absolutely everything in the west brom match.

  • Sean Kelly

    52,000+ are not having him either.

  • Ian Ross

    Out of his depth

  • Anthony Darling

    How can he only just realise that he’s lost the dressing room!!! U0001f514U0001f51a

  • centrepaddock

    The shitest bit of man management ever.

  • RexN

    Simple solution, John, prepare them properly. The team that started yesterday had 6 full internationals on the pitch with 2 on the bench. There were also others who have represented their country at junior level.

    Having said that, Ashley and Charnley are responsible for appointing a coach with a history of, what might be interpreted as, aggression towards players.

  • Mike Dukes

    only one or two of them????

  • Chemical Dave

    From what I’ve been told, one or two players definitely had him yesterday…. on the bus home after the game.

  • tino o

    Don’t normally agree with him but this group of players are gutless! ! They show no respect for the club or supporters. Nobody at the club should be paid again this season until they have earned a wage. Local charity should get their money. It has come to the point when it should be asked who wants to play on Saturday and name and shame who doesn’t. Anyone who paid for a ticket yesterday should be refunded. I have never seen a less professional playing staff!

  • scotty63

    Chemical Dave Oh do tell more!

  • NottsToon

    Heard a rumble this morning that apparently Willo had to be restrained from chinning Carver before they got on the bus yesterday. Nice to hear of a bit of passion, if not ability.

  • NottsToon

    scotty63 Chemical Dave Willo having to be held back from chinning Carver is the twitter rumour.

  • scotty63

    NottsToon scotty63 Chemical Dave should of let him go!

  • NottsToon

    scotty63 NottsToon Chemical Dave Also a few fans hung around to shout “cowards” at the players as they boarded the bus, which is where the rumour started.

  • NottsToon

    scotty63 NottsToon Chemical Dave Rumoured that John Carver started a fight with an unnamed player on the coach home from Newcastle’s match.
    The action cost him his job.

  • scotty63

    NottsToon scotty63 Chemical Dave that would be convenient – no pay off gross misconduct

  • toon tony

    After reading John Dunn in the S. Mirror that’s exactly what we need todo, shame this club for everything they stand for. Ashley your time is up. We are coming to get you. …..ASHLEY OUT.

  • edjbell

    NUFCTheMag the man has completely lost the plot… should be relieved of his duties for the sake of his sanity…

  • Ollie Burtons Grandad

    The players “arnt having him” simply because he is a hopeless coach who would be hard pressed to pick a Subbuteo Team.
    Championship here we come.

  • Peaco

    John Carver it’s never your fault.

  • “We need more people at this football club who have got the desire I have got to be successful.” –
    If Carver has genuinely got that desire then he needs to stop being a coward and give it to Ashley straight, and tell him, “Either show a bit of ambition or get out of our club.”
    But of course, Carver would never tell Ashley the truth because he’a a coward, a sell out and a Yes-Man.

  • GToon

    The biggest problem is players like Sissoko. He was the one who didnt put his head in, allowing them to go 1 up. He then spent the game hardly breaking into a jog. Abeid is a much more energetic player based on recent performances. WBA will be interesting. My mate normally asks me for win, lose or draw on the Toon. I’ll suggest to him that he includes mass brawl too, either on or off the pitch. It could even end up like Blackpool.

  • Pedrothegreat

    I cannot believe we haven’t had a club statement yet, you would expect contemptuous silence from Ashley the reclusive billionaire skin flint, but what about Charnley? our very own MD. Carver takes all the flack, but Charnleys decisions have to be accounted for too, isn’t he the man who appointed Carver and keeps him in charge as we glide down the table from 10th to bottom? how handy would Santon, Mbiwa, Vukic, and all the others be now before we gave them away? Imagine if we had made a few signings in January, if we had invested that 18 mill on players instead of losing 50 million getting relegated, now we have barely enough to put on the pitch because of him, total amateur.

  • tino o

    Don’t think they work on Sunday no match report over a day later maybe c4 should put on a repeat of midweek doc about sports erect. !

  • Pedrothegreat

    Sissoko is simply counting the days down until the end of the season and he can leave us for next to nothing for Arsenal or PSG, they should question his character, he is a gutless wonder.

  • Pedrothegreat

    Maybe Ashley has them on a zero hour contracts, or something.

  • Chemical Dave

    My information is that it was janmat who give him a dig.

  • mentalman

    Reports are saying a number of nufc bigwigs and the pr guru arrived at St james’ this morning to discuss the incident on the bus, apparently a number of players and coaches were involved in a bust up but it hasn’t been made clear if it was players fighting each other or players fighting coaches etc.
    This is why there has been no statement from the club regarding the rumours.

  • NottsToon

    It could well be, I’ve just read the Twitter rumours.

  • Jimmywayhay

    Carver is bound to get a good pay off with a gagging order attached , because I don’t think he will go quietly and expose Newcastle for what they are !

  • northender

    Sorry you guys but this has been brewing for a few years, Carver is just picking up the sh*** that has been festering for ages. You have had a succession of Chairmen/owners who take you for mugs. They know you would buy *** if it came wrapped in black and white. And you have, in buckets.There was certainly plenty on display yesterday.

    Also you need to question this thing about only wanting people to run your club who were born on the banks of the Tyne. You hounded Pardew out and wanted a ‘club man’ to take over. So Ashley gave you what you wanted and look at where its left you.

    You need to come into the real world and accept that a big stadium full of ‘passion’ does not make you a big club. Won nothing domestically since 1954. Get real.

  • NottsToon

    northender As you felt the need to regurgitate your ill informed claptrap here, I will repeat my response…

    Congrats on your superficial, media learned text and total lack of understanding of events. Do you also wander into lectures on Particle Physics and start shouting “well it’s not rocket science is it!”

  • Toon Magpie

    Carver is suffering from the Dunning-Kruger effect, in his head be believes himself to be a great head coach, the bias is caused by the inability to recognise his ineptitude.

  • tino o

    [email protected] off Idiot you haven’t got a clue!

  • tino o

    And it was 1955 [email protected]

  • northender

    tino o Sorry, I take everything back your successes are more recent than I thought.

  • northender

    tino o I stand corrected by your eloquence. There is nothing at all wrong with the state your club is in.It has not been building up for years, nor have any of your owners ever taken financial advantage of your good natures, all of your transfer buys have been totally committed to serving your community by earning every penny of their wages, you have never ever turned on non-Geordies in positions of authority, Pardew was not subject to sustained campaigns of vile filth, and the history books have inexplicably left out all your many championships and cup wins over the past 60 years.

    On the other hand you could stop deluding yourselves.

  • northender

    NottsToon Yeah nothing wrong at your place, pal.

  • northender

    tino o It wouldn’t occur to you to criticise other people who hold similar views, would it?

  • NottsToon

    northender NottsToon I could carry on replying to you, I could try to educate you on the situation outside of what reading the Sun and listening in Jamie Redknap on Sky tells you, but honestly I would have to type monosyllabically and it would give me a head ache.

  • NottsToon

    northender tino o Go away and Google “straw man argument”, that is what you are doing and it’s extremely boring.

  • northender

    NottsToon northender What is there about rumours of your coach and his players coming to blows that is not to understand? The club is in a mess. Everyone on this blog says it , they can’t all be Sun readers, surely?

  • Jamie Thompson

    cos hes pissed all the time, ive been told of various people in the know that hes an alcoholic

  • GToon

    northender tino o hahaha. thats quite funny.

  • Geordie Zebra

    Having the ability to type eloquently doesn’t make you knowledgeable mate.
    ‘Banks of the Tyne owner’ and ‘club man gaffer’ are not pre-requisites at all. Ashley was welcomed at the start until his numerous misdemeanours started. Nobody wanted hughton gone either – not a local boy!
    Reinvesting the cash, giving us a reason to believe again, competing in the cups, having a capable squad, employing a manager who isn’t a patsy, not getting tonked 3+ every 3rd week, etc etc etc – simple and non-ambitious requests.

  • John Hyde

    He can’t see past a pie

  • tino o

    Read my first reply

  • stevennufc

    like you gave everything in the cup!….when all them players were injured but played next game!….your a disgrace carver!….yes man pure and simple!…..absolute joke!……

  • northender

    Geordie Zebra Hi GeordieZ,

    Agree entirely with your second paragraph-you could be speaking for every football fan.

    Regarding the other stuff, I don’t doubt you are a reasonable man and there are doubtless many like you but rightly or wrongly that is not how your fans are perceived by the rest of the world. To outsiders whenever things are going wrong for your club [and that you must admit has been pattern for a long, long time with the arguable exception of the few years of hope when KK was manager] then the call for local men in seems to be very strong. Maybe the press misrepresent you? But you should ask the question ‘why?’. I would say that not everyone is as balanced as you and that is the view that is heard. All those protests at the ground…..

    My central point remains, however, that John Hall knew a gravy train when he saw it and tapped into it big time. He raised your expectations to beyond a point where you could reasonably meet them. He got you back watching the club and laughed all the way to the bank. Via Shepherd your supporters willingness to spend money in blind faith made you fair game for the carpet baggers and that is exactly what you ended up with.  I don’t blame your people for ‘wanting your club back’ [and there are plenty of others like you -Blackburn and Leeds being the examples to fear] but to the wider watching public it seems this is confused with the notion that only a Geordie can do it. That pot is rather empty and I’m afraid that when Ashley sells on it won’t be to a consortium of local men prepared to spend their hard-earned  fortunes massaging your ambitions. It will be to other like-minded businessmen who see easy pickings from a fanbase who will carry on paying silly money to watch the black and white shirts dry on the line.

  • Stephen Sheppard

    Ky jelly too expensive for them?

  • cwtoon88

    There is nothing you can do as a coach about set pieces John? Seriously think about it

    And screaming and shouting doesn’t motivate the majority of people