Mike Ashley runs Newcastle United on a divide and rule basis and John Carver has once again gone down that route.

After the (latest) embarrassing Sunderland defeat the Newcastle Head coach named five players who he said were the only ones above criticism.

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However, later on John Carver admitted that he was wrong to name and shame the rest as to blame for the defeat.

It has taken less than a month for him to repeat his own divide and rule policy.

After the final whistle at Leicester, John Carver has came out and said only one player can be totally excluded from the ‘spineless and gutless’ accusations from supporters.

Newcastle United’s players were described as  ‘spineless and gutless’ by Newcastle fans and after the match John Carver said:

 “I can’t disagree with them.

“If I was sitting in the stadium I would have agreed with them. What I will say is I have to exclude one player in particular.”

11 Jack Colbacks:

“If I had 11 Jack Colbacks in that dressing room working as hard as he does for the team we would be heroes.

“That is what the fans want, people who are prepared to work hard and give everything with determination and desire. If you’re in the box and you get a cut on the head then the fans love that, you will get freedom of the city.”

For my money Jack Colback wasn’t one of the worst today but I didn’t see anything at all that deserved particular credit.

He was second best but tried, just like a number of his teammates.

He is what he is, an average player in a very poor team.

If we had 11 Jack Colbacks Newcastle would be relegated and Carver and the rest of them are doing that quite nicely with the help of only one Jack Colback.


  • lupamac

    a bad workman blaming his tool

  • essexMag

    And his tools are all a bit rubbish.

  • Dave Groves

    Desperately trying to hold onto him for the championship next year?

  • Andgeo

    This is the worst performance as a manager in premier league history. When is he going to realise that it is John Cardew that is the problem?? He actually makes pardew look brilliant he is that bad. No wonder the players don’t want to play for him, he blames everyone except himself. Pathetic…

  • NotFatFreddy

    Seems that he is responsible for the tools as they have all come to the club or through the youth system with his input as coach to Mr Pardew.  A bad tool is chosen by amateurs not professionals.  Some of the players are tools from the poundshop, ….useless.

    If we go down then Ashley will have badly miscalculated losing the premiership big money, but no one will ever buy our club as it is too expensive, so we are a Blackpool and Leeds in the making as Ashley winds us up and the club down?  We have no Barton or Nolan or Caroll.  No character at the club. 

    Go down then appoint a winning Championship manager (not McClaren) and buy British championship style players.  Two proven goalscorers and fast attacking play.  A David Batty type in the middle.  A Killer Kilcline type at the back.  Motivated, proud to wear the shirt.  I would rather have that than another season in the premiership like the last couple.

  • Polarboy

    Speaking of tools I hear Carver has a micro penis.

  • jimblag

    We’re going down. Simple fact, I’ve seen it coming for moths but finally believe it today.

  • lelliott

    I know Carver is totally out of his depth -no doubt about that however again the only person the newcastle fans should blame is the FCB. The investment he has made is only to sell on to make more money. If he spends 30 million in summer ( no chance I know ) he will want his money doubled back at least on that so we will back into this position again !!!!!
    If fans think Mclaren is the answer well we are in even more trouble another yes man unfortunately with a constant stupid grin on his face.

  • David Grey

    Its always colback, an average player who did nowt today and offers very little in other games.

  • gmtoon

    I blame the fatman.  Carver took the opportunity given to him, like any coach would.  He probably couldn’t believe his luck, a manager at last. The bloke has been a good coach with us for years and I remember being happy at his return to the club but he’s not a manager and that is Lard Arse’s fault.
    The shite investment and recruitment policy of the club isn’t Carver’s fault, we’ve been short of good players in key positions (CF, CH springs to mind) for what seems like an eternity and that responsibility has been taken away from the manager or should I say head coach, and falls into Ashley’s stupid remit.  Everything is on the cheap.  He thinks he’ll find a Cabaye every time to sell on but 90% are less than average.
      I started attending games in 1976 and haven’t felt as miserable about the club in that time as I do now and that includes some fairly shite times.
     The running of the club falls to Ashley, end of.

  • David Bell

    Having said all that he’s still better than Delph.

  • Jimmywayhay

    The biggest disgrace of all ,is that the owner has not learn from last seasons close escape and repeated the gamble of flirting with relegation for a few extra quid on the balance sheet ,or should I say his back pocket !

  • dav_art

    SaveNUFC  I hate your wrinkles!  ha-ha!

  • RitchieForster

    All I can say is …. “be careful what you wish for ….”