John Carver has said that he might turn off his phone because he is getting so many positive messages sent to him, it is wearing him down.

The Newcastle Head Coach’s latest statement followed an earlier one where he advised his players not to watch football on TV ahead of Sunday’s match, due to the risk of that tiring them out.

Carver though says that the most important thing is that both he and the players have to stay composed, and he is ‘fairly’ confident that if his team can play without fear, they should be ok against West Ham.

Having looked like rabbits in the headlights for some months now, hopes of the players playing without fear are a little optimistic.

John Carver has also once again spoke about his ‘big’ players putting in big performances on Sunday. If the likes of Coloccini, Krul, Sissoko and others don’t do the business against West Ham then they will deserve every bit of criticism coming their way.

John Carver:

“I’ve actually thought about turning my phone off because you get so many messages, good messages, but it can wear you down the amount of messages you get. They’re all good but mentally you have to be bright and ready for the game.

“The most important thing is they have to stay composed, as I have to do. They have to not fear getting on the ball and playing, if we get that reaction and get on the ball and play, then I’m fairly confident.”

Plenty time for sleep afterwards:

“We can take care of our own business, that’s the important thing. Hull would love to be in our shoes.

“I’m getting about four and a half hours sleep a night at the minute but there will be plenty of time for sleep afterwards.!


  • prestondave

    Stupid, ignorant,useless, classless,bullying, egotistical, deluded,lying,hypocritical, thick cnut. Need to be careful in case I break my new keyboard. Please Carver, here is my positive message to you. Go and [email protected] off.

  • Wallsendstu

    Calls for ppi, pensions, solar panels, home improvements, and other sales calls are not people phoning to tell you how good you are and to wish you good luck. You really need to keep it on as how will all the recruitment agencies contact you as no doubt with you being the best coach in the league there will be loads of clubs contacting you to join them after your incredible display this season.
    1957 you beat me to the punch. Great minds think alike.

  • Corkyjohn

    Looks like we’ll get McLaren after all, we have no ambition so little chance of anyone else. I hope if we do he refuses to work with Carver & we sack him. Last thing we need is him coaching anywhere near Newcastle….

  • toon tony

    Now there’s a phone worth hacking. !!!!!

  • crediblejustin736

    This manager is just like us, saying what should happen. But he can’t make it happen though. He should be writing mag articles next season

  • John Watson

    Tell him to give me a ring, I’ll help to balance things out….

  • Wallsendstu

    Do you think he was given Joke Kinnears works mobile after all he could phone any manager in the world. Mind if Kinnear was one of them who have phoned Carver this week it was probably to wish him a happy christmas.

  • TonnekToon

    Its all probably ‘Text 2345 ‘ to Top up .

  • Kelbel Forster

    Think he’s been taking tips on giving statements from Joe fekkin Kinnear.

  • sickchip

    No wonder Pardew struggled a little when you consider he was forced to work with the idiot Carver. Imagine having to contend with managing the team with that lame brained fool sticking his oar in….Pardew did pretty well when you consider he had Carver, the whale sandwich…..a grade 1 idiot, on board.