Looking at his defensive ‘options’ for Saturday, John Carver says that against West Brom he expects to have to find three alternatives in his back four.

The Newcastle Head coach revealing that as well as the suspended Williamson and Janmaat, Paul Dummett is likely to be out with a hamstring injury, after being thrown into the Leicester match without a single appearance for the reserves or behind closed doors friendlies.

Rumours this morning even suggested that Ryan Taylor was being tried out as a possible emergency centre-back to play alongside Fabricio Coloccini.

Other options to play in the back four are Vurnon Anita, Jonas Gutierrez and Jack Colback.

Up until now there has been no apparent desire to feature 19 year olds Lubomir Satka and Jamie Sterry. While the circumstances may not be ideal, other clubs don’t appear to have this overwhelming reluctance to give younger reserve players their chance.

John Carver also gave Mike Williamson what appears to be the most limited vote of confidence you could wish to see:

“I would consider Mike Williamson for the last game of the season because I have to, he is a professional footballer for this club.

“Just look at the situation for next week (West Brom), we have two more players (Janmaat and Williamson) suspended now, while Paul Dummett could also be out with a hamstring problem.

“So there are three of the back four (v Leicester) potentially gone.”

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  • Sean Kelly

    what a time to play hide n seek when the club is in a mess. Tut tut tut

  • King of Zamunda

    I hate to state the obvious JC but why not give actual defenders a chance, Satka and Sterry? where is Curtis Good? is he injured, I would rather any of these as appose to Williamson anyway. Playing Rtaylor because he is a first team reg means nothing if he cant get the job done, not having a defensive mind.
    anita at RB maybe, worse case, play 3 at the back and overload the midfield. PLAY ABEID!!!!
    my team against WB
    Colo Sakta Sterry
    Abeid Colback
    Sissoko Anita Cabella
    Ayoze Armstrong
    yes I agree Jonas and Taylor are more experienced but guess what? that isnt working, at least with the above we have a slight attacking mentallity with the chance to at least score a goal.
    De Jong is still not 100% so use him if we need to in the 2nd half.

  • Brian Standen

    I will have a day off the beer, stick me at centre half, I am rotund enough to ensure any attackers would have to go round the M25 before getting into the penalty area! ,

  • williamjames837

    Ha, carvers quote “I would consider Mike Williamson for the last game of the season because I have to, he is a professional footballer for this club.” and the first game for next season because we all know they won’t/can’t bring anyone else in but cr*p nobody else wants R.I.P N.U.F.C.

  • geordieminer

    Best form of defence. ATTACK ATTACK ATTACK. Just a pity we dont have the skills to ATTACK. So it looks like 3 points for WBA.

  • Heaton Mick

    would consider Mike Williamson for the last game of the season because I
    have to, he is a professional footballer for this club.”
    The clown comes out with this sort of rubbish and then wonders why the players might not want him to be manager.
    Pardew was nearly as bad as tactics, but at least he seemed to have the players on his side!

  • Tony_Slater

    Hey, shall i bring my Shirt on saturday? sounds like i have as much chance of a game!!!!

  • SGM

    Brian Standen   Ill lend you my boots.

  • AndrewCowley1

    Couldn’t agree more the young guys should’ve had a crack months ago

  • magpiefifer

    Not enough defenders – I wonder why!? Oh,we let 3 go in January without replacements – and Carver was happy about that apparently – shambolic!!!

  • Philippines

    Young players coming in…. remember the Busby Babes?

    Anyway, even if we do go down, the two most relaxing and enjoyable seasons I have experienced with the toon were when they were in the second division/Championship.

    Is it only a game, or did Shankly have it right, “Its not a matter of life or death, its much more important than that”. Keep smiling guys hope for the best. No state of misery lasts forever.

  • Big Hairy Man

    Even fatty might get a game

  • Brian Standen

    Size 9 please and XXL Shirt, and very elasticated shorts! Mind unless I get a shirt with a blue star on I will take the huff, can’t be arsed with the Wonga tat

  • Gordonthetoony

    FFS, Tayor as a CB, you’re joking, he’s slower than Willo. Give the younger , fitter players like Satka their chance.  Good enough for their countries but not for us as 5th choice defenders. We have a complete clown now running us, hopefully only for 3 more games.
    My Team would be
    Krul,  Anita,  Satka,  Colo,  Colback,
    Sissoko,  Abeid,  Cabella,  Armstrong
    Perez,  De Jong

  • NotFatFreddy

    Too late this season to sign me for the last 3 games.  I have the pace of a crocked Steve Taylor, a slower and later tacking ability than Williamson, worse positional judgement than Collo,  worse heading ability than Ryan Taylor and the heart and passion and commitment and courage of Marcelino’s finger.  Expect NUFC to still sign me next season for £10 million, as despite all my skills (lack of them) I am still better and more passionate than the current lot!

  • TonnekToon

    Perhaps the fans should bring their boots and 10 mins before Kickoff the Club could hold a raffle ,they may end up with a decent back four…… Just a Thought .

  • Hullmag

    I know I’m probably just being dim but does Lascelles not belong to us?

  • Paul A

    He does but he’s still on loan at forest until after the play off finals.