John Carver claimed that the atomosphere at the Newcastle v West Ham match was the equivalent of when United beat Barcelona 3-2 in the Champions League with that Tino hat-trick.

Whilst yesterday’s match experience was some way better than most of the tortuous games we’ve experienced at St. James’ Park this season, maybe we need to go one step at a time.

It was actually interesting to hear what John Carver had to say when he expanded on yesterday’s atmosphere…:

“I thought the crowd were magnificent, it was like playing against Barcelona in the Champions League.

“It just shows you what happens when everybody becomes United.”


“I know Mike (Ashley) did say something before the game, saying he wanted to stay and he wants to get behind the football club and wants to win things with this football club. Well that is music to my ears because we all want to win things for this football club.

“If we are going to be United and we are going to win things, it is by being together.”

For once I think John Carver absolutely hits the nail on the head, the only chance any club have of lasting success, even if only relatively speaking, is when everybody is pushing in the same direction.

Both Kevin Keegan and Sir Bobby Robson managed this, with each allowed to speculate on players of their choosing as the Hall/Shepherd administration permitted a realistic transfer spend to back the managers, before it all going pear-shaped with the signings they made when Graeme Souness came along.

Maybe inadvertently, John Carver has spelt out exactly where Mike Ashley has gone so badly wrong.

The club owner has attempted to divide and rule in his running of Newcastle United and allowed no chance of everybody pushing in the same direction.

Even when the breakthrough fifth place season happened of 2011/12 he refused to build on it and only Vurnon Anita came in that summer, with a relegation fight following due to the understrength squad and some key injuries.

The only possible chance whilst Mike Ashley is still here of everybody ‘being together’, is if he appoints a credible manager, then allows him to appoint his own coaching staff and gives him a credible amount of money to spend on players of his own choosing.

Mike Ashley’s words might have been music to John Carver’s ears but as Alan Shearer said last night, actions speak louder than words.

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  • NightmareOnBarrackRoad

    I was at the Barcelona game and at the game yesterday. The atmosphere was not the same. More crap drom Cardew.

  • Oliver Lam

    John Carver is like the best coach in Premier League history.

  • Andgeo

    Why has this idiot not been relieved of his duties yet? Stop wasting our time fatty!!

  • sickchip

    Why is this bell end still being allowed to give press conferences?
    He should have done the decent thing after the game yesterday and said he was stepping down to allow the club to find a proper manager who could take the club forward – if he’d done that he may have retained an ounce of dignity.

    The club can’t seriously be thinking about retaining his services – in any capacity.

  • The Vicar

    sickchip Agree 100%. Carver has to go. This is the guy who had a “training ground bust up” with Jonas a couple of weeks back. I know who I would keep. Notice Jonas kept clear of Carver during his goal celebrations.

  • Michael Teasdale

    JC may say some silly things but is there any need for The Mag to keep posting his comments devoid of context everyday in an attempt to make him seem demented.
    He didnt say he “was” the best coach in the league, he was talking about keeping a high mental appraisal of himself, regardless of the truth. I’m sure he is fully aware he isn’t the actual best.
    This headline also seems designed to mislead. He’s talking about spur of the moment atmosphere, not directly comparing match quality.

  • v0ices

    you are 100% correct the mag should stick to the comments about spaceships and mystery men in lifts to make carver look like a nutcase.

  • Brownale69

    We had a decent team and a good manager against Barcelona

  • RexN

    Allardyce will love hearing that his team has been described as being like Barcelona.

  • TheBoneYard

    everytime he speaks the sirens just keep getting louder and louder

  • TheBoneYard

    The Vicar sickchip most of the players also avoided him at full time, but he still looked so happy……….like he was hugging Bobby

  • Alltomuch

    Start to today and remove carver
    Tell the sacked Derby boss sorry but your not good engough !
    We are now getting in someone proper to do the job and he’ll be here within the week.
    This is because we are now going to do it properly and challenge on all fronts.
    lets see the start of our new dawn
    Please don’t make us yawn

  • That Interview was a farce. It was scripted how come he was asked about money in the bank and selling all the best players in the team anyways same story next year if we dont get him out. He will buy some players from abroad if they are good. They will be sold. Dont listen to him and make a stand for getting him out