Reflecting on five months in the Newcastle hotseat, John Carver says that if he turned the clock back he would still take the job.

The Newcastle Head Coach also claimed that what he’s had to deal with in those five months, no other manager would have to deal with in a lifetime.

Carver says that despite the stick he’s taken (and only 2 wins in 19 games!) he has ‘thoroughly’ enjoyed the experience….I wish we could say the same!

John Carver:

“It is about five months now and in that time I don’t think any other manager would have had to deal with everything I’ve had to deal with in their whole career.

“In a really strange way I have thoroughly enjoyed it, I really have, I think I got softened up a little bit when Alan was here as he took a bit of abuse. I got used to it.”

Do exactly the same if had chance again:

“It’s not a nice thing to happen but I am definitely a stronger person and whatever happens after Sunday, I will be better for it, one way or another.

“If I had the chance again I would do exactly the same and say, ‘Yes, I want this job’ – I would just like to think I would have the rub of the green a little bit more, a little bit more luck.”

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  • Gavin Walker

    What a dunderpate

  • Andgeo

    What a total noddy this guy is. Pure and simple John, you think you can manage a football team but clearly havnt got the foggiest!!! You have had nowt to deal with you muppet, you have overseen a fall from mid table to relegation. A complete capitulation. MUPPET!!!!!!?

  • David Bell

    I don’t think I’ve seen a public display of self delusion like this before. Utterly stunned by him.

  • toonmad1956

    Well I’m pleased you’ve enjoyed it John because I certainly haven’t and I’m going to enjoy this afternoon even less

  • Malcolm Bell

    A think he needs locking up in a small room with a straight jacket on…he just does not know when to shut up…..and when he does talk it is utter nonsensical…..#gone mental#

  • Mark Wallace

    Yr the only one who has prick!!

  • Pete Snowdon

    we are hoping that all his fine efforts will ensure that he gets thejob full time, quite easily the best coach in the premier league…..not sure if he meant the Indian Premier League though……………..

  • Graeme Ramsay

    This bell end is using the media to try and get the job on a full time basis.
    Jog on back to Canada….

  • Malcolm Bell

    Have ya nerves kicked in yet !!

  • Petri Mäkäläinen

    Must admit that the feeling is not mutual Carver

  • Malcolm Bell

    Dont be like that…ya just need the skunks to win to give Carver a chance to keep his job!!

  • GToon

    This is the biggest worry for me, after the FCB of course, that somehow Carver doesn’t know when to step back and let a grown up do the job. Exactly when will he think he isn’t good enough? When the football is [email protected]? When the team records its worst ever sequence of results? When the team get relegated? Or when somebody In a white coat puts their arm round him and tells him it’s time for bed? Can you imagine the abuse he will get next year if he insists on having the job (because Ashley will give him it if we stay up). Coming from the region will be a negative not a positive because he should know how much a failing football team affects us. The phrase “do the right thing” springs to mind. Let’s see.

  • David Williams


  • TonnekToon

    WE Fekin haven’t !!!

  • Phildene

    Wonder what the Coaching Badges took to get because it’s looking like the certificates not worth the paper its printed on judging by Carvers job! Unless he’s lied his way through his jobs. He’s THE worst coach in the profession never mind the Prem League.
    We certainly haven’t enjoyed watching our team/club losing as many matches and plummeting down the league John! And just hope to God you don’t get the job permanently

  • tyne toon T

    If carver was employed in any other industry he would have been sacked long time ago.. he needs to take a long hard look at himself. Fall on your sword carver admit you are sub starndard go find a pub team to run. You are an embarassment sonner jog on..

  • sickchip

    Well that’s odd John – you grade one moron, because I’m sure the fans haven’t enjoyed it at all.

    You really are a muppet Carver and an embarrassment, not only to the club, but to the north-east.

    And why can’t anyone at the club tell Carver the chump – the jelly brained idiot, to shut his mouth……he’s a laughing stock.

    He should never get a job, in any capacity, in football again after he’s finally kicked out of Newcastle.

    Makes you realise what a good job Pardew was doing when you realise he was up against dealing with this idiot as well as managing the team.

  • sickchip

    He’s a seriously deluded man, and should probably seek professional help.

  • Jim Holliday

    The man needs urgent medical assistance

  • Petri Mäkäläinen

    Agreed totally Jim mate!

  • KevinBrown11

    You selfish shyte, it’s been a nightmare for us fans, I’m living my dream bully for you, what about all the fans who have travelled all around the country paying a lot of money to see this shower of a team, and you say you’ve enjoyed it, wish I could be in same room as you I’d tell you how I feel about you you deluded wally,