After accusing Mike Williamson of getting sent off on purpose at Leicester, John Carver has been trying a bit of damage limitation.

Speaking on Thursday afternoon, the Newcastle Head Coach says that they have had a good chat, looked each other in the eye, shook hands and got on with it.


Then asked whether he’d changed his mind about his belief that Williamson had got himself deliberately sent off…Carver refused to comment!

Yes I can see why Mike Williamson would now be best mates with him, not.

John Carver:

“Me and Mike have had a good discussion and that is staying private, maybe I have learnt my lesson, but that is going to stay private.

“Mike has been fantastic in training this week…alright, he’s not available for the next two games, but he certainly will be for the last one.”

“There’s no hard feelings and every morning we’ve come in we have shaken hands, looked each other in the eye and just got on with it, because we are professional.

John Carver asked if he still thought Mike Williamson had got sent off on purpose against Leicester:

“I would rather not comment on that.”

A few things I have a problem with here, in terms of John Carver’s patter.

John Carver and Mike Williamson both professional?

Mike Williamson brilliant in training…?

John Carver learning his lesson? Just like he didn’t do after swearing at and offering to fight fans at Southampton, or slagging off individual players after the Sunderland defeat last month.

  • TonnekToon

    I don’t know about  a williamson test , But the with all drivel he spouts he’d definitely fail a breath test . Perhaps the gendarmes could lay in wait for him on this way home.

  • Pedrothegreat

    Well on a good note Mikes doing ok in training, that good old lump it up the field for the opposition one is a corker he uses that tactic every game, come the final game of the season he might be able to actually mark an opponent without pulling their shirt or kicking them off the pitch, nah im getting carried away again that will never happen.

  • Come on be fair to Williamson he didn’t intend to get sent off , he didn’t intend to hurt Vardy either, it was just his way of offering him outside for a cup of tea after the match !