John Carver said that he thought the fans ‘understand’ what his players ‘are having to do for the cause’, having come back to snatch a point against a visiting West Brom.

The Newcastle Head Coach pointing in particular to the settled and experienced back four that the Baggoe have, compare to United once again reshuffling with Anita on the right and Jonas on the left.

However, one thing Carver was sure of was that his team had produced a much better display to the Leicester shambles.

On the face of it, a 1-1 draw was nothing to write home about against a team who realistically have nothing to play for on these remaining games.

However, after eight straight defeats you obviously need some, any, kind of starting point.

Trying to describe exactly how big the difference was, the Head Coach couldn’t find enough similes, metaphors,idioms, whatever….to get across just how large and important the change had been.

John Carver:

“The difference to last week is like chalk and cheese, night and day, the proof was in the pudding today.

“I saw the fight and the desire to keep this club in the Premier League, but it is just the start of it, we got a point and stopped the slide.”

Game plan:

“To be fair though they have done everything I have asked for and stuck to the game plan, we do need to create more chances though, but their back four are a lot more settled and experienced.

“I think our fans understand though what these guys are having to do for the cause.”



  • CladderJack

    Yes we do understand john what the players are having to do, they’re having to start to do what they’re paid to do for a change.

  • terriertwo

    The bloke should think Caerphilly before he speaks. We haven’t forgotten the Leicester result yet.  We need something to put us in a feta mood like a new owner chairman and coaching staff.

  • Polarboy

    terriertwo Have you gone crackers, I suppose it would help.

  • TonnekToon

    He forgot horse before the cart and shutting the gate after the Horse has bolted , amongst other metaphors.

  • Brownale69

    Did we win?

  • A lex

    terriertwo With all this cheese, we have every right to whine.

  • terriertwo

    A lex terriertwo The proof is in the pudding. Over to you Ashley

  • A lex

    terriertwo A lex Ashley’s pudding is the same as Christmas Pudding – all you find are a few sixpences.

  • prestondave

    Thought he was going to keep his big gob shut? U0001f616

  • Nicolaus Copernicus

    He probably speaks in mixed metaphors to the players too; it’s little wonder they look so lost at set plays …

  • terriertwo

    A lex terriertwo Fatty only does things when it suets him