The misguided and cynical short-term penny pinching running of Newcastle by Mike Ashley, is summed up by the appointment of John Carver.

Rather than appointing a credible replacement for Alan Pardew back in January, either short or long-term, instead the role was handed to the departing manager’s assistant.

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The obvious reasons being of course that he would be grateful, go along with Mike Ashley’s appalling way of running the club, not protest at selling more players in January and not buying any, but most of all, because John Carver was cheap.

Obviously the club owner thought with the number of points accumulated by the end of December that he had safely banked another year of TV cash and free advertising (as well as a few million buyout from Palace for Pardew), so what could possibly go wrong with handing the job to somebody completely out of his depth…

The ironic thing is, by appointing John Carver the NUFC owner has already lost money, to the tune of over £320,000 per week.

After 19 games Newcastle were in 10th place and after 16 Premier League matches they are now 15th in the table.

With the TV deal giving clubs approximately another £1.2m for every league placing, that represents a loss of around £6m over the course of the last 18 weeks, or just over £320,000 a week.

There looks every chance of that getting even worse over these remaining three matches, if United finish 17th at the end of the season then that would equate to around £8.4m of league placing money lost while Carver was in charge of team affairs (not that I miss him from the moment he left but in Crystal Palace’s case, Pardew has taken them up six places and as well as safety from relegation they are currently in line to bank around £7.2m extra due to league placings, leaving them well in front with their managerial appointment).

All Newcastle needed was a safe pair of hands, somebody who knew what they were doing, somebody who could have picked up the mess that Alan Pardew had left and safely delivered it through to the end of the season.

Just as well that no doubt Mike Ashley has John Carver as the lowest paid manager in the Premier League to offset some of that leaking money.

Throughout the club, not investing properly means that Newcastle United constantly lose out on the pitch. Whether it is not brining in an experienced Managing Director/CEO to run the club properly, or buying ‘bargain’ players such as Obertan, Riviere, Marveaux and many others, who they then can’t sell and end up having to pay them for years whilst they aren’t good enough for the team.

Of course falling below that 17th place would then cost Newcastle United/Mike Ashley untold tens of millions of pounds.

Something that would make the decision to ‘save’ money by appointing Carver, as arguably the worst ever decision in the history of the football club….a bit like that bloke who turned down The Beatles.

  • RexN

    A nice piece of analysis.

    Either Ashley hasn’t learned from previous sales, such as Cabaye or he intentionally uses trading people as his main earner.

  • Paul Patterson

    You can’t keep penny pinching and expect to get away with it. The whole structure of the club is rotten to the core.

    Be it hiring people who haven’t a clue about football administration, Mort, Wise, Llambias, Charnley as MD, or hiring Managers that aren’t good at their jobs, Hughton, Kinnear, Pardew, Carver. The only reason they get the jobs are that they are cheap.

    Filter down, persist with a Gouffran, an Obertan or a Cabella, instead of a Nolan, a Cabaye or a Ba and you see the decline. All in the interests of cheapness.

    You get players in that couldn’t care less. You shaft the Jonas’, the Perch’s, the Bests, the Guthries and the Forsters, but you stick with the Williamsons, the Anitas, the Rivieres, the Cabellas and the Elliots.

    Perch, Best, Guthrie and Forster were let go to make a fast buck, trim the squad down and cut costs. Now you could say they were nothing special at the time, but they wanted to play, FOR Newcastle. Forster was a local lad and has gone on to better things, another outrageous piece of business. He’d have been a great replacement for Krul and he’s in a different league to Elliot.

    But hey, never let football get in the way of making money Mr Ashley . .

  • Porciestreet

    Lets not forget here, ike Ashley is the supreme business model. Just look at his ballances, they glow in the dark for all to see.
    Now lets not get too carried away here, he’s an unmittigated disaster of a football club chairman and must be the most hated man the North East has ever known. Shame on you Mike Ashley for destroying the thing we love that took 120 odd years to create. I didn’t think it was possible to detest a person more than I did with Margaret Thatcher but you got there you Ba****d. You vile waste of fresh air.    
    May God forgive me.

  • Mark Wallace

    I’m absolutely devastated for fat boy how’s he going to cope losing that money. Never mind mike least you still have yr 3500,000000 to fall back on!!!!

  • Steven Robson

    We could off spent that cash mate and done a better job xxxx

  • nicolperryman

    djyfw TheFBAs NUFCTheMag haha it’s hilarious! The whole situation is totally laughable… Only Newcastle!