John Carver has came up with excuse No.9738 for the latest abject failure against QPR.

Speaking after the 2-1 loss, The Newcastle Head coach pointed to the ‘Hot and warm climate’ at Loftus Road as a factor in the defeat.

Yes it might have been sunny but this wasn’t the equivalent of that 1994 World Cup in the USA or the upcoming mad one in Qatar.

This was a sunny day in West London and after checking the Weather Channel, the highest the temperature reached was a seltering…17 degrees celsius.

John Carver is also once again relying on the fans to be the main factor in survival and talked about the supporter recreating the ‘electric’ atmosphere from the West Brom game.

Sadly, the life has been so sucked out of the fans by Mike Ashley and his lackeys that the atmosphere at that West Brom match was little more than average when compared to times gone by.

It will be with heavy hearts we trudge up to St. James’ Park next Sunday, wondering just what humiliation will be visited on us this time.

Time for John Carver to forget about the weather and the fans and just ask himself what he and his players should be doing.

John Carver:

“The crazy thing about this game is that you can be in total control, which I thought we were in the first half. Then you have a mad spell…it just show you get punished.

“But we didn’t give in and we had a go, I cannot fault the lads for their effort again in a hot and warm climate, hot conditions. We kept going and going and going but it wasn’t good enough.”

Post-Mortem ahead:

“Next week is a huge game for this football club and I know when we get to St. James’ next week the atmosphere will be electric, it will be like it was against West Brom and we need that. It might just be the fact that gets us over that line, the fact that the guys (fans) are behind us.

“I have already said it, we will get to the summer and have a post-mortem, then see where we go from there.”

  • Tony Bryant

    Used to feel sorry for him, but now I have to accept he is deluded.

  • Stephen Walton

    Straight out of the bumper book of Pardew excuses!

  • Stephen Richards

    Strange because we all blame carver Ashley and the players he’s obviously totally lost the plot

  • Michael Maximus Moose


  • Prateek Thammineni

    Ruthwik Bhupatiraju It was 17 degrees Celsius. 17.

  • Albert27

    I hate to slag off a fellow geordie and someone the great sir bobby valued but this man is a cretin.

  • eamonn81

    I used to respect John Carver under SBR, he does come across as a genuine football man but this is just unbelievable to be blaiming the climate on yesterdays pathetic performance. It’s clear the players just do not have the belief in them as a group to dig deep when the chips are down. Before JC comes out with this garbage, he should watch this clip of genuine fight under extreme temperature from Ireland v Mexico World Cup 94, some of the Ireland players passed out from heat exhaustion after the game, Big Jack’s game was all about running around and “putting them under pressure” our lads would have ran through wall for him back then, a 2-1 defeat same result , different attitude.

  • Davidelder888

    Carver may well be a bellend but he’s not the problem. Anyone of us would take that job if offered in a heartbeat. Don’t let his ramblings take away from the fact that Ashley is the problem.
    If we don’t get relegated next weekend it will be next season or the one after that. If we where a dog we’d be put down.

  • Tom Graham

    This bloke needs medical help

  • Peaco

    Needs to be sectioned more like.

  • LeazesEnder

    Most of our players come from countries where there is sunshine…. sunshine!

  • A post morten takes place after a death, so it’s nice to see Carver being honest for once and admitting that the club we used to love is now officially dead.

  • A lex

    Guess the mid-season break won’t be in Dubai next year, then.

  • Mister Tee

    I dont think anyone of us would take that job and that is where the whole problem lies.
    You are putting your reputation on the line by being asked to be in charge of something without full control of it.
    You are being tasked with taking the blame for things out of your control and covering for a lot of mistakes being made by the people who employ you.
    Let us be clear on this point; Newcastle United, under Mike Ashley, is not an attractive option for a football manager or a head coach.
    Carver knew full well the situation. He knew it better than most people considering how long he has been at the club yet he took it on and comed out with the most ridiculous statements week after week after week.
    Before the Leicester game he had an interview with BT where they asked him how supportive Mike Ashley was to which he replied “very supportive” and then in the next breath told the interviewer that he had never even spoken to Ashley lately but that Lee Charnley had relayed the comments to him.
    Ashley and the club will get everything they deserve should things go Hulls way next week. The short sightedness at NUFC is nothing short of scandalous and not one of them have got the first clue on how to run a football club.
    They know how to save money, that is a given

  • Andgeo


  • PhilYare

    ahhhh of course….

    maybe we should play in the antarctic winter league? excuse number 972 from cardew, not even the puppet used this excuse of attributing fine seasonal weather to the equivalent to wading through molten lava and raining vindaloo

  • mrkgw

    Carver is an embarassment. End of.

  • MarkKilmister

    Carver was obviously listening to his B*Witched Playlist this weekend to come up with that pitiful excuse. 

  • terriertwo

    If he thinks its hot at QPR just wait until this Sunday when we turn the heat up on him and the other incompetents ruining our club. Pity its not televised but the highlights should show the rest of the country what we think of Ashley and his muppets.

  • Demented_Man

    Carver’s got it right.  It was just the wrong type of heat.

  • jimblag

    perez – spanish
    riv – just came from Monaco
    colo & jonas – argentinian
    Cabella – french
    Sissoko – french and obviuosly from AFRICAN dissent 

    I think they can handle a slightly warm day in london.


  • Alsteads


  • Corkyjohn

    Starved of oxygen at some point….I hope SJP is empty for the last game

  • ilullissat

    I bet we get beat on Sunday because its “cloudy”

  • TonnekToon

    Poor Lambs ! It must be awful having to run around playing football in all that horrible sunshine . when will it ever end for them !

  • jimblag

    If he was still with us I bet Bobby would have advised him to step aside a while ago.
    Carver has fooked his career, he will not get another job anywhere near the top divisions ever again after such a high profile flop. Having said that his job here is probably safe so it’s irrelevent.

  • DownUnderMag

    Wow this guy really has been to the Pardew school of excuses hasn’t he, is he trying for co-authorship on volume two?  The guy is so far out of his depth it is scary, he may love the club but the fact is we are fairly reliant on other clubs losing to keep us up….the last time this happened we know how it ended…

  • JoeWriteson

    Correct me if I am wrong John, but I assume BOTH teams played in the same ‘conditions’ … or is there some dastardly concealed aircon system that follows the QPR players around the pitch? I think we should be told!

  • jarra lad

    Look, I don’t know what everybody is worried about.
    Villa have got to the FA Cup Final but that cup run has endangered their Premier League survival, especially as they haven’t got anyone who can score goals (that Benteke is rubbish).
    What do you mean, Villa are now safe?
    Well, anyway, Leicester will surely go down, what with their awful results in the first part of the season (that cup run didn’t do them any favours either), plus they are foolishly relying on an experienced manager and fantastic commitment and team spirit from a squad of very average players. Oh, they’re safe as well, are they?
    Well, at least we can rely on our old friends the Mackems to keep us up. Did you see those two embarrassing home defeats against Villa and Palace when most of their fans walked out? I don’t know how they managed to beat that other team at home in between those two disasters. And what have they done? Employed some vastly experienced foreign manager with a funny name who claims he’s never been relegated (these Mackems will believe anything!) to get them out of trouble. It’ll never work.
    Oh, I see they’re a point ahead of us now, with a game in hand.
    Gawd, who can save us now?
    Howay Mrs Doubtfire! You can do it!

  • Brownale69

    Next it will be too cold at St James, as the players are packed and ready for their hols

  • snodgrass2

    Davidelder888 I’m sorry he accepted a job that he is not qualified to do. Furthermore his deficiencies were found out immediately. That makes him part of the problem

  • jtk2015

    pardew out!

  • lupamac

    So if its a bit humid next week lads we,re fkt  . Fat Sams lot are used to the balmy weather.

  • lupamac

    So if its a bit humid next week lads we,re fkt  . Fat Sams lot are used to the balmy weather.
    have to go to rainy Manchester . which might benefit them if the winds
    blowing in the right direction and the Mackems are definately boll*xed 
    playing in the ultra tropical temperatures of West London.

  • shadsdad

    If you can’t stand the heat get out of the kitchen!