I know John Carver is trying all of these clever mind games to try and get something out of this Newcastle team but surely he has to keep some kind of a grip on reality.

Last weekend he admitted maybe being too aggressive in the Leicester dressing room as he tried to get a reaction from his players.

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After giving them plenty of stick after making it eight defeats in a row, John Carver has now gone to teh other extreme with his carrots after the 1-1 draw against a poor and negative West Brom prevented it being nine in a row.

If I shut my eyes, this could have been  back to Sir Bobby Robson or Kevin Keegan waxing lyrical about the teams that they built, who finished top three and competed for the title.

I know Carver has to try and accentuate the positives but surely there are limits…:

“I have to give special praise to Manu (Riviere), I thought he was excellent, he’s just finding it hard finding the back of the net at the moment.

“I think the whole team did their talking on the pitch but particularly Coloccini and that’s what we want to see, hopefully it is not too little too late. The response was fantastic from everybody on the pitch.

“Vurnon Anita playing right-back now and Jonas Gutierrez left-back, they’ve shown determination to play in a position that was uncomfortable.

“Paul Dummett hadn’t all trained all week and I thought he was outstanding alongside Colo but right throughout the team…

“Tim Krul – made a couple of great saves, Jack Colback’s tireless energy, Ryan Taylor sitting in the hole and protecting (the back forur), Moussa Sissoko’s driving runs forward, Perez cutting in from one side and Cabella having that spell in the second half where he was just driving at the full-back.

“I think I’ve mentioned everybody there…and the guys who came on, because they’re important and they have to understand what we’re trying to do.

“So I think the whole squad deserve credit, though I know it is not a win and I’m not getting carried away…”

To see how the Newcastle fans rated each player on Saturday’s display go HERE.

  • A lex

    Nope, I think Carver has called this correctly.

    He totally buried the players last week, and apart from the Williamson incident, they probably deserved all that was said.

    They’ve now all had their hush-hush meetings, and we grabbed a point at the weekend. He’s right to boost them as much as possible now.

    Yes, in reality, we know the praise is a bit over the top, but they need to hear such right now. That’s management. JC isn’t our future, but he’s got this right for the QPR match.

  • Philippines

    A lex Agree. Well said.

  • LeazesEnder

    A lex I thought you were a bloke …. blimey!

  • A lex

    LeazesEnder A lex I am – that’s wor lass.

  • LeazesEnder

    A lex LeazesEnder Lucky blighter

  • A lex

    LeazesEnder A lex Haha – thanks. I know I am. But, as I tell her, she’s lucky too!

  • blond

    Nah… that’s the truth…


  • DZA187

    blond Hmmm… it’s not in english!

  • Andgeo

    Taylor and rivière should not be on the pitch, get arma and abeid in there!

  • NottsToon

    A lex Agree A lex, Carver is a world class tool but he called it right for once in giving the players a confidence boost.

  • GToon

    A lex LeazesEnder Aye i call my wife “the lucky lady” – i got it from the descriptions in the Viz profanisaurus. Have a read!

  • GToon

    LeazesEnder A lex I thought you were an alien!!

  • GToon

    NottsToon A lex Notts, he’s just managing like you and me would – screaming and shouting when things go wrong and not quite knowing how to talk the media talk when he’s still bubbling from the game. He is a fan and for that reason i feel genuinely sorry for him. He’s just not the right man for the job at this club at this time, but in his defence – who the hell is!!!!

  • GToon

    A lex QPR could go either way though – they could just give up and we get a win or they relax and play without pressure and they beat us. Wonder how Joey will see the game. I know he wont want us to go down but he will want to beat Ashleys team.

  • GToon

    Andgeo Aye but only when we are out of trouble. They are too young to have the burden of these games thrust upon them. I would have put Abeid on for the last 10 on Saturday though as we looked tired in the middle towards the end but WBA had 6 at the back so stop us so couldnt capitalise on it.

  • A lex

    GToon A lex Two games, two people who Ashley has pissed off – Barton and Allardyce. Mind you, Ashley did end up paying for Sam’s seaside villa, so maybe he’s not that pissed off.