John Carver has admitted taking a huge gamble on Saturday.

After only two days training and no warm up matches, Carver introduced Papiss Cisse after 69 minutes with United desperate for the winning goal.

After previously saying he wouldn’t take any risks with players who weren’t properly ready, the fact both Rolando Aarons and Cisse were on the bench, made me wonder whether they were there just for show and to give a bit of hope to the supporters.

If Cisse had suffered any reaction that ended up ruling him out of the final two matches, John Carver would have been in a very difficult position in justifying his inclusion.

On the positive side, great to see players such as Papiss Cisse desperate to be on the pitch, especially when so many players recently have looked as though they’d prefer to be anywhere else!

John Carver talking after the 1-1 draw with West Brom:

“He surprised me and the medical people because he so, so wanting to be involved, it was a huge gamble because of the operation he had on the knee, not because of the suspension.

“It just shows his character and the character we have got in the dressing room.”

Cisse’s offer:

“He came to me at half-time and said ‘I’ll do 30 minutes for you’ and I thought, well maybe that’s just a little bit too long because it is a massive massive gamble.

“But getting him on the pitch was a huge plus and I have to also say Riviere did a great job in that lone striker role, though he is finding it hard to find the back of the net.”

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  • Paul Patterson

    ‘Riviere did a great job’


    That was one of the worst performances from a striker I’ve seen in a Newcastle shirt (And I’ve witnessed Andreas Anderson and Stephan Guivarch)

  • jimblag

    I thought he did well, he’s not a goal scorer but he finds team mates and holds the ball. Personally I think you’re wrong.

  • Jarmin Geordie

    Thought Riviere worked hard for the team but like the previous idiot in charge Carver insists on playing a lone striker, a role not suited to Riviere, Cisse, or Perez

  • Philippines

    I think Riviere played well and will come good. 

    The “WTF” chaps are, IMHO, just itching for any post on this site to enable them to say something negative or vitriolic. 

    I think if Pele and Best had come on the field for the toon on Saturday, they would have been given a ‘serve’ on this web site by the small number of toon ‘fans’ for whom nothing is acceptable.

    They got rid of Pardew and then what happened?

  • DownUnderMag

    Paul Patterson  think those who appreciate the whole game rather than focusing on what he isn’t doing are more appreciative of his efforts. He worked hard for the team and showed some good touches and linked up well.  Judging him for lack of goals when the manager past and present won’t play him up front in a proper striker role (or ask him to do a lone striker role) is harsh.

    I didn’t think Cisse offered much.  Riviere is crying out for a goal, but the rest of his game is actually surprisingly decent but is sadly overlooked by people who focus too much on his lack of goals.  Yes he should be scoring, but he isn’t given the chance.

    But having said that, people thought Obafemi Martins was top drawer because he was capable of a wonder goal now and again, totally overlooking how much of a liability he was the rest of the time.

  • NottsToon

    Philippines I’m sorry, who got rid of Pardew? Talk me through your logic there please.

  • Philippines

    NottsToon Philippines

    Mate, are you that “Mr Logic” that used to be in VIz magazine? I am sure you know exactly what I am saying. I can only repeat that great quotation that “An idiot can ask more questions than a wise man can answer”. If I tried to argue this, it would never end.

  • NottsToon

    So basically you can’t. Well done.

  • Paul Patterson

    Oh I fully agree.
    However, if you accept that perormance week in week out, it’ll get you nowhere other than where we are now.
    It was a BETER performance, so I suppose me saying it was one of the worst performances I’d ever seen was a tad harsh. However, if that was one of his better days then he is STILL not good enough.

  • Nicolaus Copernicus

    Huge gamble or not, Carver had little choice but to put Cisse on the bench. Talking himself up on that particular decision fools nobody …

  • NatTurner

    DownUnderMag Paul Patterson  It isn’t only that Riviere has scored zero goals, but even if it was that would be enough.  An entire season without one goal isn’t acceptable for any striker.  But the rest of his game is also poor.  He has massive trouble retaining passes.  They bounce right off him.  He has a terrible first touch.  And that penalty was embarrassing.  He had a chance Williamson could score and opted to fall on his arse.