Our players don’t care and our head coach is way out of his depth, and the only man in the world who can’t see it is the man at the top solely responsible for the appointment of the position in the first place.

Forget all of that though, none of the above counts toward the situation we’re in.

The one thing that strikes an image of just how much of a shambles the club is, it’s us, the fans.

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The fans have been battered from pillar to post by simply doing what they’ve done best for so long, supporting their team.

We no longer have any choice but to turn our backs on the club.

The club’s treatment of almost every remotely critical issue in the running of a football club has left us in ruins.

There is no heart, no hope, and no point in Newcastle United anymore.

Mike Ashley’s continuation to overlook and aggravate the club’s greatest assets, the fans, has turned our once-great club from the heartbeat of a city into an empty shell.

What annoys me most about our situation is that the rest of the Premier League seem to think we deserve it.

The amount of times I’ve seen Tweets or Facebook posts on a Match of the Day or Sky Sports thread containing ‘be careful what you wish for’ followed by a link to sackpardew.com has been sickening.

Now and then you see the sympathy of neutrals, that Pardew leaving was the right thing, but Carver coming in was not.

Not one Newcastle fan wanted Carver to have that head coach job.

Many claim we’re spitting our dummies out at the fact we’re down near the bottom.

Many are always so eager to point out that we aren’t a big club, that this is our level.

It’s all infuriating.

We’ve been down this road before, in 2008/09, and the road ended with relegation.

Back then we still offered the best support we could.

My first proper home game was at the back end of that season at home to Middlesbrough. The match was of monumental importance.

We went 1-0 down, and seconds after Tuncay’s goal, all you could hear was the roar of the crowd to get us back in the match.

We won the game 3-1 in the end and the atmosphere was indescribable.

The moment Oba Martins put us into a 2-1 lead, well quite frankly,  I’ve never known a feeling nor heard a noise like it.

The stadium was awash with black and white. Flags, scarves, shirts. The club handed them out to reignite a flickering St. James’ Park into the inferno of old.

And boy, did it work!

Would Ashley ever do anything like that for us now? Not a chance.

And even if he did, we wouldn’t cooperate. Why should we?

Opposition fans can shove their accusations at Newcastle supporters.

He’s ripped out the heart of this club, to the point where the drained fans don’t want to support the team.

To those of you who are still attending, fair enough to you, but this sorry excuse of a football club doesn’t deserve your dedication.

We’re seeing more and more heartfelt message from fans, who’ve supported the side twice as long as I’ve even existed, saying they are cancelling their season tickets.

Not a soul can blame them.

This club is no longer our club. This club is no longer Newcastle United.

And it never will be until the fans can believe again and that cannot happen under Mike Ashley.

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  • A lex

    Can’t add any comment to what you’ve said – you just called it superbly correct.

  • Mag Fan

    I would like to hope, that one day, I can proudly declare that I’m a Newcastle fan again, without the embarrassment. I attended until the end of the second Keegan era. Prior to that I had been attending since the McFaul days. Ashley has destroyed our club and I won’t go back until he has gone.

  • GToon

    Rhys, as you point out that not one fan wanted Carver to get the managers job unfortunately not one manager wanted the job either. JC is well out of his depth but i wonder if he was approached or he approached them. Wasn’t there a couple of weeks of “really hard searching” to unearth the next Cloughie or Fergie and then as per usual……nothing – just like our transfer searches. I think Carver has gone about it in the wrong way. If he wanted to play hard ball with them he should have done it straight away not at the end of the season when dummies might get thrown out and games lost before order is restored and they play for the shirt again. Who knows. Two games left and lets face it those SMB’s have two potential goal difference calamities waiting for them so they arent out of the woods either. Yesterday i saw that the players did care. There was an improvement and our reaction at the end showed them what they could leave the pitch to – even after a draw. I like your comments about the game v the smoggies. I went to several of those last games and you are right the atmosphere was amazing. For the Pompey game i had an interview on the same day in Uttoxeter. I phoned the people up beforehand and told them if i made it to the afternoon round of interviews could i be first as i had the game to get to. Unsurprisingly i was let go at dinner and ran out of the place laughing, got in my mates car and then raced up the M1 for the game!! I still laugh about it now and recounted the story as we drove past it yesterday. Happy days.
    I predict – QPR 0 Toon 1
    mackems 0 Leicester 1
    Arsenal 4 mackems 0
    Chelsea 3 mackems 1

    down – “Bunleh”, QPR and the mackems.

  • Dubaiexpat

    GToon Hull?

  • Jarra MIck

    Match of the day showed a graphic which said we had spent £37.5 million on players, Hull a bit less and 5under1and 12 million. Is that right? They didn’t give a time frame but I imagine it was the season.

  • pinit

    we wont get relegated this season we will invest heavily in the players and a head coach and have a long cup run next season. other than that we drop out of the league fan base disappears and we fall into financial ruin Ashley loses interest sells the club losing millions. all in good time

  • Hetton Mag

    Good article. Same view could be applied to the country now the vile greedy heartless Tories have been reflected.

  • magpiefifer

    Good article,but Ashley CAN see it – but doesn’t give a damn as long as he pockets loadsamoney!!

  • terriertwo

    GToon Like to see the mackems and us stay up especially after their backing for the two lads we lost in the plane crash. But if its between them and us then goodbye you scumbags.

  • ilullissat

    In any other walk of life the fans/customers would have been long gone.I cant for the life of me understand why anyone would put up with it.This is from someone who witnessed the Fairs and FA cup and the Entertainers days

  • GToon

    Dubaiexpat GToon bet they win at spurs.

  • GToon

    terriertwo GToon the backing as you said was first class but it would be funny if that plane they hired could fly over them with a little message about what league they are in….. just hoping!!! i just think they might ease off a bit after the everton win like they did after beating us and then lose to palace. lets see.