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It is always darkest before the dawn

6 years ago

We are doomed. Let’s get that one sure fact out of the way early in this piece.

Whether doomed to relegation or to spend another year hopeless, ambitionless and serving only to advertise a discount goods retailer, make no mistake Newcastle United are doomed and there is nothing that any of us can do about it.

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By one path or another next season is already over for us before it has begun, either in the time out of the limelight playing in England’s second flight, or by a continuation of what has brought us to where we are today.

We have nothing to look forward to next year at this point, however, this does not tell the whole story.

We should not feel powerless, on the contrary it should serve to spur us on, we who now have nothing to lose should also be acutely aware that we have absolutely everything to gain.

We need to understand that whilst this may be the toughest time that Newcastle United has faced in almost 30 years (I would argue that this is much worse than when we were actually relegated), it is also the weakest point in the reign of Mike Ashley, and we have to force this issue right now if we are to win.

No more excuses, no more in-fighting, now is the time to show him the contempt which he so richly deserves:

By refusing to bow to the meaningless PR.

By not attending HIS stadium.

By not supporting HIS staff.

By showing him that we want OUR club back and not this watered down, self-serving version which masquerades as a football club.

The Ashley Out campaign has given the fans a focal point and organisation, but this statement (read HERE) prior to the West Brom match is weak, at a time when we should all be focussing our efforts on sticking the boot into the regime whilst they’re down.

It is ill advised to release a statement of inaction, leave that to the club.

We are now in the darkness before the dawn, and if that dawn is Newcastle United playing in a lower league, then I would welcome that rather than S***** D*****United failing to compete in the Premier League.

It’s a very simple issue. If you don’t like what is happening, and what has happened at the club, then now is the time to change it.

If you want your hope restored then now is the time to act.

If you want a football club rather than an advertising board then do something about it.

If you still need further convincing then you just need to realise that, despite what they say, the club does not care about the current situation.

If they did then would it have been allowed to go on for so long? Would they really have left Carver in charge?

Look at the PR offensive this week, with “offensive” being the key word…

–          A letter from a captain who no one has ever heard speak, is a liability on the pitch, and has never organised a teammate or shown leadership in all his time at the club. Hardly inspiring.

–          A plea from the self-proclaimed “best coach in the Premier League”, on the back of an eight game losing streak. Borderline insanity.

–          A club statement without apology or empathy claiming that the people who dug the hole should be the ones to fill it in, just with more ‘focus’. Ridiculous.

These are desperate acts from a desperate regime, the urgent pleas of a spiteful billionaire who has become aware of potential damage to his balance sheet and company profile, but what it should tell us above all else is that this is working.

The incompetence of his appointments, the penny pinching ways, the careless disregard of history and heritage, the transparency of his asset stripping ways have all come home to roost in the form of a company which is damaged by its very association with him.

What is more worrying for the walrus of tat though, is that this damage is spreading to his other interest, into places where he can be held accountable by shareholders and legal bodies; and in this way Newcastle United is becoming a negative publicity producing albatross around his neck.

The stench from the corpse of the club he killed is clogging his lungs, making it hard for him to breath and tainting everything else he touches, and it is our duty to make the stink so unpleasant, so noticeable, so public, that he has no choice but to cleanse himself by disassociating himself from the club by moving it on.

If you love the club, if you want your hope back, if you are sick of being lied to, now is the time.


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